Swara Sankar Meant Together Ep 10

Aman drops swara at blue lagoon hotel. “All the best swara” the he left. Swara walks inside to the hotel. She asks from the receptionist “Mr Sanskar Maheswari???” The receptionist asks “yes maam are u Miss Swara?” Then swara nobes “yes” the receptionist says “sir is waiting for u at sky lounge” then she goes towards the sky lounge. Its was dark but once she goes there automatically lights switched on.

“Sanskar” she whispered then sees the whole place is decorated with red roses & red ballons also lots lights was there. She is very happy. Sanskar comes towards her from darkness to light. “So my lady came to celebrate my bday with me” she blushes then she runs towards to him & hugged him. “Sanskar” she rests her face on his chest “haa swara” she looks at his face. They both share a eye lock.

Kabira song plays on back ground.

(Kaisee teri khudgarzee
Na dhoop chune na chhaanv
Kaisee teri khudgarzee
Kisi thaur tike na paanv)

“So my lady will dance with me?” He asks from her by his knees down “yes” she gives her hand to him. He pulls her closer & whispers on her ears “u are very beautiful today my lady” she blushes “u are very handsome today on ur white & white suit” he smiles.

(Ban liyaa apnaa paighambar
Tar liyaa tu saat samandar
Phir bhee sookhaa mann ke andar
Kyoon reh gaya)

He keeps his right hand on her waist. She keeps her right hand on his shoulder. Their left hands are holded together. “Can u remember when we first met?” He asked then she remembers their accident on the road & their jinny “haa on the road” she said “no swara i met u first at the park u was playing ur guitar. That day itself i fallen to ur music i forget myself in ur music” she remembers at the park then a guy was staring at her. “Its was u” she said.

(Re Kabeera maan jaa
Re Fakeera maan jaa
Aa jaa tujh ko pukaaray teri parchhaaiyaan
Re Kabira maan jaa
Re Fakeera maan jaa
Kaisa tu hai nirmohee kaisaa harjaaiyaa)

“Haa its me but not only for ur music but for u also” she blushes then she hides her face on his chest. “When again i met u at the road thats my destiny brings u to me so i was very happy. Ur jinny made me a friend of u but now” he continued “but what sanskar” still she is hiding her face “swara” he smiles.

( Tooti chaarpaai wo hi
Thandi purvaai rastaa dekhe
Doodhon ki malaayi wohi
Mitti ki suraahee rastaa dekhe..)

“Sanskar i wanna know that u do feel same way i feel for u? I feel that u are just mine. That u are soulmate. That u are my fate. That u are my happines & my life. I feel i cant live without u.” She looked at his face then her tears rolled down her face. He wipes her tears “when i saw ur & kavitha’s pic. I thought i lost u. It hurted me badly. I know thats was 2nd or 3rd meeting. But i saw ur eyes first i fallen into u. I decided to spend my whole life with u sanskar but after knowing about kavitha” she looks dowm

( Kaisi teri khudgarzi
Lab namak rame naa misree
Kaisi teri khudgarzi
Tujhe preet purani bisri..
Mast Maula, mast Kalandar
Tu hawa kaa ek bavandar
Bujh ke yoon andar hi andar
Kyun reh gaya..)

He pulls her more closer. He puts his both hands on her waist. She puts her arms arounds his neck. He keeps his forehead on her forehead. “Untill i met u kavitha was there in my mind even though she left me i kept thinking about her i was in pain” he kisses on her nose “then u came to my life. That day on the park i saw u all of my pain vanished away. I didnt know who are u i kept thinking about u. Then we became friends. U was there in my mind 24/7. I couldnt stop my feelings towards to u swara. Now u are like my oxygen. I dont know how i will live without u but i know if u leave i will be dead” she keeps her hand on his mouth & nobes by saying no.

( Re Kabira maan jaa
Re Faqeera maan jaa
Aa jaa tujh ko pukaaray teri parchhaaiyaan
Re Kabeera maan jaa
Re Fakeera maan jaa
Kaisa tu hai nirmohi kaisa harjaiyaa…)

“Sanskar pls dont say like that. I wanna live with u my whole life. Feel ur presence near me. See u always infront me. Listen to u inside of me. Touch ur heart from me. Never let u go away from me. For 7 births i wanna be urs sanskar” she said. “Kavitha is my past but u are my present & my future. U are my heart beat. It wont stop beating for u untill u are next to me. all the time just yu are mine nothing is mine without you swara.we are two bodies and one life that never can be separated from me. howmuch I have to live,I will live with u only whatever the way we live” they both hugged each other tightly.

Sanskar cuts a cake & feeds to his swara “seriously still u are kid. U made me to cut cake anyhow” he said “ssshhh” she keeps her finger on his mouth “happy birthday sanskar” she kisses on his left cheek. he is shell shocked. “& one more thing i was scared but now i have gut feeling that i wont be reject” she kisses on his left cheek the closes her eyes “I LOVE U SANSKAR” she looks down. He is very happy “swara” she blushes. He lifts her chin up. She shivers. He smlies on leans towards her. She closes her eyes & she holds her saree tightly . He kisses on her lips. He puts his hand on her waist. She caresses his hair.


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