Swara Sankar Meant Together Ep 1



Dp Maheswari:elder of maheswari family & laksh’s dad
Rp Maheswari:sanskar’s dad
Ap Maheswari:laksh’s mom
Sujatha Maheswari:sanskar’s mom
Adarsh Maheswari:elder son of maheswari family
Parineeta Maheswari:adarsh’s wife
Sanskar Maheswari:2nd son of maheswari family
Laksh Maheswari:3rd son of maheswari family
Uttara Maheswari:daughter of maheswari family

Deenadayal Gadodia:swaragini’s dada
Parvathi Gadodia:swaragini’s dadimaa
Shekar Gadodia:swaragini’s father
Sharmishtha Gadodia:swaragini’s mother
Swara Gadodia:elder daughter of gadodia family
Ragini Gadodia:younger daughter of gadodia family

The manager speaks with dp “Yes Mr. Maheswari Im really sorry to inform this project is taken by Karma Industry as u know Mr. Maheswari thats company belongs to Mr. Sanskar Maheswari ur cousin son” Dp replies to the manager “No he is not cousin son” Rp shocked with his reply “but bhaisaa” Dp looks at him “I meant he is like my own son.I never had different between my sons but whatever sanskar did was wrong I cant forget it forever” Rp replies “I know bhaisaa but arent u my son’s develop?” Dp replies “no Im proud of our son sanskar”


“Ragini beta arent u getting late to ur college?” Dadimaa asks from ragini “no dadimaa Im ready to go college” sumi comes there “beta here ur bag do u have enough money with u?” Ragini keeps her head on sumi’s shoulder “haa maa but I wil come & take the bag naa?” Sumi replies “no I dont like my daughter is getting late for her college” ragini takes sumi’s & dadimaa’s blessings “but how will swara handle her works alone?” Sumi replies “swara is elder than u but I know u are mature than her but swara loves music so as per her wish she got a seat in musical college in mumbai” ragini replies “& u maa sent her alone to mumbai for 2 years but u wont send me naa?” Sumi smiles & replies “yes I wont cuz u are so innocent & how can I stay away from my ragini?” Sumi hugs ragini


“Maa finally this year my studies will be complete then I will join Maheswari Industry & become good business just like sanskar bhai” by hearing sanskar’s name Ap get teary eyed “No maa I cant become like sanskar bhai cuz he is the best business in mumbai but I can try naa” then laksh notices ap’s tears “Im sorry maa I made u sad by talking about bhai but” ap replies “Naa beta I know my son sanskar is a big businessman now but for me still he is my little son also I know he still loves his maa alot” laksh hugs ap

Laksh & Ragini are classmates also best friends but ragini have a big crush on laksh.

“Hi Ragini!did u finish ur project works? Ragini replies “Haa laksh what about ur project?” Laksh with a requesting voice “No ragini can u do me a help?” Ragini replies “No laksh not this time always u are giving ur projects to me complete it!” Laksh puts his hand ragini’s shoulder “but ragini u are my best friend naa cant u do it for me?” Ragini blushes “oh hoo laksh however u make me to say yes”


Sanskar walking on the park,he thinks in his mind “Its has been 5 years now staying away from my family.I miss maa,mom,papa & badepapa.Lucky must be doing his final year.In this 5 years adarsh bhai got married.uttara my younger sis must be waiting for the results but its all over now.I wont go back to them cuz of badepapa only I lossed my kavitha,my love during college days due to the society bade papa didnt agree to my relationship so kavitha left me.we thought get married so I went to mandhir & waited alot but she didnt come may be badepapa blackmailed her however its my past now Im the best businessman in mumbai” suddenly a music comes from a guitar.that music made my heart feel free from my pain.I walked towards the music “It was a girl but I cant see her face” the music reminds me about kavitha & our past incidents together.”Im fall into her music now I really want to see her face.” I kept walking & she turned “OMG!She is so pretty” sanskar mesmerized with her beauty.”I miss u maa” she murmured “I cant take my eyes from her face” she looked at me “hey Mr!who are u? & why are u staring at me?” I couldnt reply so I walked away.

“Its very strange!” She shakes her head “finally this year my degree will be completed so I can go back to my home.Dadimaa,Baba & Maa will be so happy then my pyaari behen will be extremely happy” she spoke to herself. “Ragini I miss u so much” the girl turned to be swara.

Precap:swasan 2nd meeting

Credit to: Azee

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