Some love stories start with hate , some with misunderstanding but this one started with an accidental meet of two hearts , two souls who became each others from the time they met but if life was so simple that love birds meet then it would not be called a life an thats why they separated only to meet again , only to start their love story again , they both didn’t recognized each other but their love made accidental coincidence to make them meet each other from time to time and then became each other’s forever . this is the story of swara , a chirpy girl who can even be recognized in a crowd of lakhs by her sweet actions , this is the story of sanskar who wants to establish his identity and when he does that he is left with nothing to celebrate , this is the story of ragini , a girl who is gem but what is her roll with sanskar and swara , to know that you will have to watch my story :

Guys i am the one writing swaragini(dil ki dor) and i guess those who have read it would be thinking that this is a ragsan story but guys this is totally different , actually its a ragsan cum swasan story. How?? You’ll get to know as the story passes , this was just an intro , hopefully you like it , i will post it from 18 march , sorry no laksh , no character for him , i chose swaragini for this due to a reason which you ‘ll know later .

Guys i want to know if you want me to add laksh but i can do it only as a villain , if you agree only then , this will be decided as per the votes ….

Credit to: Piyali

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  1. cool waiting for first episode………..good luck

    1. thanks naiama and dear i will upload it today itself as i got some time so do read and tell how it was…

  2. Waiting fr ur first update

    1. hey bisha , will upload it today itself …

  3. So it’s Swasan right

    1. hey bresh dear its swasan as well as ragsan , how you’ll get to know as the story progresses…

  4. A single girl name swara n after some incident her name will change into ragini..or vice versa..

    1. kiara dear , maybe you are right maybe not….

  5. I’m waiting for the next part. To be honest I don’t really care about Lakshya anymore but I like namish

    1. dear , will upload it today itself , now i also don’t care much about serials lucky but yaa i do care about laksh in other ffs and namish too but dear i didn’t get it should i include him or not , please do tell…

  6. i have read ur ff it was nice i want ragsan

    1. hey janebetty dear actually i was waiting for your comment there maybe you left reading due to my late uploads sorry dear and dear it will be ragsan as well as swasan , sorrry for that dear

  7. Finally is it ragsan r swasan plz tell
    post dil ki dor nxt epi plz

    1. hey vinni dear i already told na its swasan as well as ragsan , dear i am dveloping that episode only , maybe i’ll post it today or by tomorrow for sure…

  8. Niceeee

    1. thanks yaar hayathi and dear you know you are a great friend you always read every new try to everyone yaar thank you…

  9. no laksh yr

    1. hey dear i didn’t get it , you don’t want laksh or are you sad by him not being there in the ff , please do tell and thanks for you comment…

  10. Yes u can add laksh a fanfiction widout laksh is not intresting

    1. hey angel dear should i make him villiam , you know no other role left???

  11. Nice plzz update dill ki dore

    1. hey aarti will surely upload by today or tomorrow so don’t worry

  12. please tell when you update dil ki dor.

    1. hey dear i have already uploaded , i don’t know when tu team will upload it….

  13. Wen will u update dil ki dor

    1. hey sara dear i already posted , don’t know when tu team will post it…

  14. Waiting 4 next part

    1. hey ammu dear i have already uploaded it now it depends on tu team…

  15. pls update dil ki dor

  16. no plzz dont add laksh as villain

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