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Episode 24:

SM looked at the rabbit and threw it down while Ragini looked at him shocked.
She bend over and held the rabbit in the nick of time before he could fall on the floor , as she did she saw a hand cover her hand from below , she raised her eyelashes angrily to look at the one holding her hand from below , it was SM.
She lifted her hand with the rabbit in it and caressed it , then she looked at SM with tears and anger mixed in her eyes , she was about to burst out on SM when Tina interefered.
“ Sir all the intern’s have come , I think you need to brief them..right?” Tina asked from back trying to stop the outburst of Ragini.
SM nodded and left the place while Ragini stood their with her book , rabbit and tears.

She stamped her foot hard on the floor and went on to sit on her seat.
“ SM thinks na that I can’t do work , complete reading these files , I’ll do it today at any cost…” Ragini said angrily to herself as she opened the file angrily and started reading it keeping the rabbit on the table.
“ So get down to work…” SM said after briefing his new interns about the work they were supposed to do.
As they left the cabin , SM remembered what he did , he closed his eyes and hit his hand hard on the table , “ This girl is making me crazy in a few second , how could I do that to that speechless animal…I am mad…” SM exclaimed angrily to himself , he held his head and sat on the chair.

“ Cool Down Sanskar , Cool Down…” He told himself as he closed his eyes to have some moments of peace with himself , only himself .
He didn’t realize when he fell asleep.
It was 4:00 P.M. , Ragini kept the last file back on table as she completed reading it and making all the necessary notes SM wanted.
She looked towards her bunny and passed him a cute smile , “ You know I want to take revenge from SM for doing that to you so what can be a better revenge than doing that what he never thought I can so I made these notes today itself , SM will be shocked…” Ragini smiled a bit.

“ Thankfully you didn’t got hurt or else I would have hated SM too…the one whom I love so much…” Ragini said as she picked it up.
“ Coffee..” Tina offered her while Ragini nodded in a ‘no’.
“You have been working since morning , drink something…” Tina again offered her the cup.

“ No , Actually I want to sleep going home so won’t drink coffee now or else I won’t get sleep , waise bhi , you know I still have a head ache so will eat something rather than drink coffee…” Ragini exclaimed as she got.
“ I’ll just give it to SM and leave…” Ragini said while Tina smiled.
“ I thought you to be mad but you are responsible too…” Tina smiled.
‘Knock, knock…’ Ragini continued knocking the translucent door of SM’s cabin but she didn’t got a reply.

“ He hasn’t even come out since then , what must have happened?” Ragini thought as again tried knocking the door but the door opened itself and Ragini eyes automatically shifted to Sanskar sleeping on his chair.
“ Mujhe Pareshan Karke Khud So Rahein Hai Sir…(Disturbing me , Sir is Sleeping…)” She said as she entered inside to keep the prepared notes on the table.
As she came to the table she saw SM closely, a smile climbed up her lips , “ He’s looking so cute sleeping..” She thought as she slowly Tip-Toed towards SM.
“ Wish you were so cute while being awake too…why are you so rude while being awake…” She asked SM as she kept a hand on her chin , then she touched his cheeks and smiled , SM got irritated in sleep.

Ragini moved back smiling cutely and biting her tongue , then she touched his nose and SM again got irritated in sleep.
Ragini laughed like anything controlling herself so that her laugh doesn’t create noise and held her mouth.
“ Ragini…” Tina said from back while Ragini suddenly turned shocked.
By continuous disturbance in his sleep and then Tina’s voice ,SM got up and looked at Ragini whose face was turned to Tina.

“ What are you doing here?” Came the quite childlike voice of SM confused at seeing Ragini in his Cabin.
Ragini turned again and biting her tongue replied , “ Sir I completed the notes so kept them here…” She pointed towards the notes while SM looked at them and then at Ragini like an angry child like she entered his zone.
“ Ok Sir , I think My Job is Over…Bye..” Ragini said as she passed a ‘Why You Came’ look to Tina and was about to leave the cabin when she heard something from back.
“ Sorry…” She turned shocked as well as with a slight smile towards SM.
“ Sir , did you say something?” She asked again enjoying SM’s sorry in full mood.
“ Tell My Sorry to that Rabbit…” SM said gritting his teeth while Ragini nodded laughing and then almost jumped out of the cabin in excitement , Tina looked at her going with a ‘You are Impossible’ Look and smiled.

“ Now why are you smiling?” Asked SM from Tina who stopped smiling.
“ Sorry Sir…” She said herself in a teasing.
“ Why you came?” Asked SM knowing that he couldn’t resist this teasing now.
“ Nothing Sir , I just came to give you 4:00 clock coffee…I think you forgot…Sorry , I disturbed you…” She again said stressing ‘Sorry’ once again and then herself running out of the room keeping the Mug there.

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