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Laksh’s question still remains so do tell me…..
The episode starts with ragini eyeing the book and opens it while nikita gets busy on her phone.(you can imagine nikita to be mihika from yeh hai mohobattain)
Ragini starts reading the acknowledgement(guys i really don’t know what writers write in acknowledgements but still i’ll write it in my own view)
The acknowledgement :

Hi ,guys i am really grateful to all my readers who read my last three books and appreciated them and now i return with a new book “YEH TERE –MERI KAHANI HAI- adhuri si tere bina meri zindgani hai”, as the title suggests this is a sad story like adhura ishq but the difference is that i ‘’l write it in my own point of view…..

Ragini stopped , she was shocked , so many questions in her mind” why would he write this in his point of view , then are the rumours true is it his story???”
Her face was full of questions and she said to nikita tensed: nikita yaa , is it his true story , see he said he’ll write it in his point of view…..

Nikita stared at her and said : oh god , ragini , maybe he would be saying something else , just read it then ask questions , you always reach to conclusions without thinking.
Ragini starts reading it again and continues :i’ll write it in my point of view but don’t think that it is my own story , i will do it just to increase your interest in the story…
Ragini was relieved and thought : oh!!! Thank god… or else how could i read his pain….
She smiled and read further : to increase your interest in the story ….. as most of you know your reader and have read my earlier books you would be knowing that i am a fun loving guy so chill-pill as i know many rumours are already there that it is my true story but nothing like that…
The end

Ragini again got tensed and said to nikita : nikita , see he said that he’s fun loving guy so am i wrong about him????? Listen please don’t lie…..
Nikita again raised her gaze from her phone and eyed ragini and thought : what else i am doing ragini, i never used to lie but from the day uncle –aunty made me to lie to you not even a single day in my life is there in which i don’t lie…. god will surely sent me to hell for these many lies (she smiled ) but i’ll accept every punishment of god for my friend but i can never break your heart ……
She kept her phone aside and holded ragini ‘s shoulder and said : see ragini, why will he tell others that how sad he is …. will he???? No na thats why he is lying in his book but my friend knows him well na ….
Ragini nods her head while nikita says : now smile or i’ll snatch this book , you don’t even let me talk to ishan… (guys yu can imagine him to be abhishekh of yeh hai mohobbatein , nikita’s boyfriend)
Ragini smiles and says : ok , no more questions ….
Nikita : thats like my best friend….
She again gets busy on her mobile while ragini eyes the book smiling and thinks : i don’t care SM if you had a past but if you are in pain please don’t hide it from others or you’’ll live your whole life like this and if i ever see you like this , i’ll break ……..
In a big mansion inside a room :

Sun’s rays are falling from a window on a bed and then the camara rolls to a man sitting the same man who the reporter wanted to interview.
He’s sitting on floor and eyeing the book and thinks : i wish the name of this book didn’t had this subtitle(adhuri si tere bina meri zindgani hai”) and was only mine and your story …..
The scene shifts to ragini who starts reading book.
The story starts :
“hi , i am sanskar … sanskar malhotra(is there any need to tell who is playing this role….) , the son of the mumbai’s biggest business…. oh so where i am ,i am in Amritsar , my favoutite place , my dadi and whole family lives here i love to meet them …..oh so you want to know more about me i am 23 years i, want to become a great writer someday but have written two books both of which were flop , don’t know lets think what i’ll do in future ok so currently at which place of Amritsar…..oh com…on its just a bus stand to go back to my city of dreams where i don’t think my dreams will be ever fulfilled…i am currently drinking the best drink for an Indian “of course tea”……… i am thinking that my dreams will surely be ruined by papa once i reach back… he’ll force me to join his business … but this time i’ll not refuse like before rather i’d join his business because i understand that now i actually don’t have a carrier in writing…..”
“Oh com…..mon try again , haven’t you heard the story of ants who keep trying and finally succeed”

Who said this , tell me who????? I looked here and there but no one was there , i just feel like someone is tickling my shoulder….
Hey its me in white clother ,i am so short …..i am sitting on my own shoulder???? I thought .
Oh ,its my sweet cute angel …nooooooooooooooooooooo………… the devil is on his way…..i again thought.
Yaa you are correct….a voice came from my other shoulder and i in full black was sitting on my own shoulders.
How am i correct???? I asked him.
He smiled and said , you should quit writing….
Before i could reply my angel spoke “ oh shut up you… just listen to your heart sanskar and it will surely tell you to never give up”
I eyed him and thought for a while but the devil spoke : you shut up… sanskar think… again a book again it will be flop and again humiliation…..
I was about to cry even by this thought.

The angel said : sanskar remember what dadi said???
I thought and said : yaa so many things like i should not drink and eat anything on the station….(i saw the cup in my hand )oh shut, i disagreed her i am so bad…i am so bad…
The angel hit my head with his little hands and said : sanskar…remember what she said about heart….
I thought and at last : yee that i should always follow my heart…
The devil disappeared saying : again his dadi came…
I said angrily : no i’ll not write…i said na..
I turned to see angel’s reaction while he just starred in front direction .
The angel then said : ok… don’t write but i promise you’ll surely write further… just see that girl….

I looked in front , a beautiful girl wearing a pink top and blue jeans was coming towards me.
Not bad…. i said to the angel but he disappeared till the time.
I smiled while she too smiled … she came to me and hawwwwwwwwwwwww…she crossed me… i turned… she was with another boy…
I ‘ll kill you angel the thought that came to my mind but suddenly someone hit me hard from my back, a vibration in my whole body as if current passed down me…. i turned to see a girl almost fallen holding my back… i tried to hold her and at last she was in my arms , , her hair came near her face that hid her face from me …. i just took those hairs and tucked them behind her ear……oh the most beautiful face in this world ….atleast for me….. how pretty she was ….. as if her eyes were diamonds and her face was a big LED….. she eyed me almost unconscious and i smiled seeing her…..

So guys , how’s the episode and who’s the girl?????

Credit to: Piya

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  1. superb n i think it’s swara

    1. thanks naimi and lets see if you are right or not….

  2. very nice ….

    1. thanks cute girl….

  3. Nce dea.I thnk tht grl s swara…

    1. thanks faima and lets see if you are correct or not….

  4. Superb u nailed it is she ragini ? nilkita is hiding something may be rags past nd this book is about ragsan love storysomething might have happened that seprated them nd ragini lost her memory plzz update next part soon plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. hey thanks for your lovely comments aarti and maybe you are right maybe not…..and dear as i told my exams are still going , got time today so posted but dear don’t worry regular and long updates from 18th….hopefully you understand….

  5. Plr make the girl as swara and not ragini

    1. hey dear, how can you guess that the girl is ragini???
      dear its our one and only swara , you would have seen my poster na then….
      please its a swasan cum ragsan ff so when ragsan comes don’t get angry on me because the story matters na dear , not the characters…..

  6. Waiting for ragsan meeting

    1. hey dear , it will be after this book so its really very very late but till that enjoy the book…

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