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Episode 18:
Ragini was in tears , and so was SM…
Ragini turned her face , she couldn’t control herself from crying , “ SM didn’t got his love , he didn’t got his swara , i knew it , i damn knew it ………..he loved her immensely but he couldn’t get her….”She cried in tears even by the touch of SM’s pain.
She loves him , loves him more than her life, she cried for him , she smiled for him , her world is SM , her life is SM, each tear that passed her eye was for her SM , each time her lips curved into a smile was for her SM, she just closed her eyelids , detaching herself from the world, thinking about her SM , she never met him yet she knew him , more than he knew himself.
SM stared at her , he had tears remembering his swara , but for ragini , life always played games with him , he hated it , he came here to check a mad fan of his but didn’t got her , instead he got a mad lover of his , he couldn’t tell her what his life was but he couldn’t resist her innocence, the innocence that mingled with every word for SM from her mouth.
He walked away taking his legs that could barely move, he took small steps as he walked out , tina stared at him going, his tears that covered his face completely visible to her, she didn’t knew why he cried for a girl but yet she wanted to know , “ sir…..” she spoke slowly.
SM raised his finger and indicated her to keep quiet , he walked out quietly while ragini who was crying turning her face was totally in her own world.
As soon as SM reached out he saw his car parked there , he took out the beard from his face and threw it down angrily, ‘ why i even planned this…??” he thought angrily as he walked up to his car.
He took out his keys and started driving his car mindlessly , his heart was stopped at ragini and his mind was stopped at his heart .
He moved in no search of destination , ragini’s words, “then i am also nothing Mr because THE MAN I LOVED DIDN’T GOT HIS LOVE………….” echoed in his ears , he tried his best to resist them but he couldn’t , ragini covered his heart , his mind.
His car could not travel much farther when he stopped it , unable to control himself.
He parked his car in a isolated place and came out, his face was covered with tears , he fell on the floor crying , “ i didn’t got my love , i couldn’t but why….why you made somebody to love me, so that she too doesn’t get her love , i believed you god , even after i lost my swara ,i believed in a hope that wherever she is she is happy but why me…why i always reach on this path of love however hard i try to separate myself from it…………” she shouted in pain looking towards the sky that was a ray of hope for everybody, people looked towards it to pray to god , to bow down for their happiness or thank god for whatever they got , so did sanskar do in his whole life but SM , he never got anything in his life for which he could thank god , he never wished anything in life for which he needed to ask god.
He lost his everything with swara , even his contact with god but today he was again forced to ask god , to ask god that why him , why him everytime , afterall his life was not a toy of god ….
He closed his eyes , words echoing his ears , “ Sanskar , sometimes we need to hide certain things from people for their own benefit..” this was his swara , his swara with many shades , she wasn’t some devi to be always correct yet he didn’t knew why whatever wrong she did too seemed to be perfectly right for him , her lies were for others , her truths were for others ,she dedicated her life for others.
“ Sanskar , sometimes we need to hide certain things from people for their own benefit..” Sanskar repeated her words , “ yes swara , you were right , we need to hide certain things from someone to give her a better life” he thought as he knew what he had to do now.
He stood up again just like a toy , heartless , emotionless, what actually he was , “ you love me today RAGINI but you won’t do it forever…” as he spoke these words her name struck his mind , “ RAGINI , SWARA…….RAGINI , SWARAGINI….” he thought with a little smile, his swara always made him smile, she won’t ever let him get sad.
He didn’t knew why but for the first time in two years he felt sad for some other reason, except for his swara, “ maybe she was lying…” the devil said reurning sitting on one of his shoulders.
Sanskar turned his face to face the devil , in 2 years first time he was having a conflict , conflict between his heart and mind, he smiled never listening what the devil spoke.
“ her eyes couldn’t lie….” the angel said sitting on his other shoulder.
Sanskar remembered ragini , her each and every word, her love for her SM but no, he wasn’t RAGINI’S SM , he was SWARA’S sanskar and would be SWARA’S SANSKAR till the end of his life.
He sat back in his car , “ for now i am SM…” he spoke as tears escaped his eyelids , he wiped them , they again came , maybe it was the power of Ragini’s love that sanskar cried , cried by even the mention of the fact that she loved him.
He drove again not caring about the tears that again started flowing down his eyes.
Pyar hai ya sazaa, Aye mere dil bata,
Toot ta kyon nahi, Dard ka silsila,
Iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan,
Yeh pyar likhe kaisi dastan,
Ragini realized her surroundings by a call of her name , she wiped her tears that filled her red cheeks and turned to find tina , “ Ragini, what happened , are you crying…???” tina asked concerned.
“ no , not at all ..” ragini said blankly as she was still lost in SM’s pain.
Ya rabba, de de koi jaan bhi agar
Dilbar pe ho na, dilbar pe ho na koi asar
Ho ya rabba, de de koi jaan bhi agar
Dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar
She didn’t knew why she felt something different , like she has already met her love , she was close to him , too close but got separated by a cruel play of destiny.
“ actually , something went in my eye , leave it ………who was the one who just came…??” ragini asked as the words themselves slipped out of her mouth.
Tina stared at her blank while ragini waited for a reply , her heart beat increasing with each passing millisecond.
Ho pyar hai ya sazaa,Aye mere dil bata,
Toot ta kyon nahi, Dard ka silsila,
As sanskar drove the car , he remembered something , he stopped the car and picked out his phone and typed , “ Tina tell that girl that the boy who came was a publisher whom SM isn’t giving the right to sell his books and he is trying hard so only he came and spoke bad about SM..” his hands shivered while he typed it , THAT GIRL , he didn’t knew why but he hated himself for saying this , he did send the message and threw his phone on the seat next to him and started driving again trying his best to run away , run away from LOVE.
Kaisa hai safar waffa ki manzil ka,
Na hai koi hal Dillon ki mushkil ka,
Dhadkan dhadkan bikhri ranjishein,
Sansein sansein tooti bandhishein,
Kahin toh har lamha honthon Pe fariyaad hai,
Kissi ki duniya chaahat mein barbaad hai,
As tina was about to speak , her phone rang indicating the message , seeing the name she checked it , the message reached her , she gulped down her tension, her truthfulness and said the lie, “ ragini , he was a publisher , wants to make profit by selling SM’s book but he does business by cheating which SM doesn’t want so…” she couldn’t complete as ragini went and sat at her place , she hit her leg hard on the chair which even resulted in bleeding yet she didn’t pay attention , afterall what her heart thought wasn’t correct , he wasn’t her SM.
Ya rabba, de de koi jaan bhi agar,
Dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar,
Ho ya rabba, de de koi jaan bhi agar,
Dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar,
Ragini sat there for next 10 minutes again lost in her world , lost in SM , lost in SWARA and unknowingly lost in the publisher whom she met a few minutes ago.
Someone’s footsteps swayed her back from her thoughts , she eyed the man ,this time it was SM, her SM, his shades still protecting his eyes , he was in a blue shirt with while coat in his usual jeans, he walked up , “ tina , bring coffee..” tina stared at him out of words , what she witnessed few minutes ago was completely different , different from what she was seeing now yet she spoke up , “ ok sir..”
Ragini saw him , her face started glittering up seeing him , no matter how much she cried few minutes ago but this time it was her SM standing in front of her eyes , she stared at him going past her when she took up enough courage to say , “ good morning sir…i …..” she was stopped by a hand which indicated her to stop , “ no need for introduction , i don’t really need it , just start working…” “ but sir…..” “ just stop it , i don’t care about your but or what so just go…” ragini stared at him , she wanted to tell him about the publisher but she stopped, he eyes now clustered up with tears yet again , “ ok sir ….” she said gaining up much courage, SM left the scene and she kept eyeing him going, he came near her just to go away in a few seconds…???
Koi na sune sisakti aahon ko,
Koi na dharre tadapti baahon ko,
Aadhi aadhi poori khwahishein,
Tooti phooti sab farmaishein,
Kahin shak hai kahin nafrat ki deewar hai,
Kahin jeet mein bhi shaamil pal pal haar hai,
Sanskar went a little ahead and turned , only to find ragini crying , she wasn’t actually crying but yet tears were falling down her eyes continuously which indicated how much pain she had inside her, he took out his shades revealing his moist eyes , he too was crying , infact even before ragini started crying.
Ya rabba, de de koi jaan bhi agar,
Dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar,
Ho ya rabba, de de koi jaan bhi agar,
Dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar,
Ho Pyar hai ya sazaa,Aye mere dil bata,
Toot ta kyon nahi, Dard ka silsila� Ho-o,
Na pooch dard mandon se,
Hansi kaissi khushi kaissi,
Musibat sar pe rehti hai,
Kabhi kaissi kabhi kaissi,
Ho rabba, rabba,
Rabba ho-o-o,
Ho-o-o rabba.
This is their story , the story of swara , sanskar and ragini , who will get his / her love ??? will sanskar get his swara or will ragini get her SM….???
Hope you like it…..

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