Hey guys , i know i told i will upload it on 18 but got time so i am uploading today.
So guys here begins the first episode of my story.
Mumbai :
A series of houses are shown and the camara stops on one of the houses while we see television switched on and a news on air .
In news:
Reporter : so today , SM launched his fourth book and even the costliest one , it is a thing to be noted that SM’s 1st 2 books were totally flop but his third book “ adhura ishq” turned out to be a hit , not only in india but all over the world , now he’s launching his fourth book “ YEH TERE –MERI KAHANI HAI- adhuri si tere bina meri zindgani hai” which is in markets now so do read it as many predictions are there that it is SM’s true love story.
A boy comes from back wearing a white t-shirt with sandy coloured blazer and blue jeans , he’s wearing goggles as his only accessories and in sunlight his face his shinning .

The reporter tries to reach him from the crowd but his bodyguards stop him.
He passes while a girl turns off the TV and thinks : i don’t know why ragini is mad for this SM , if you wants to like only , then you can like a tv star but no she likes a writer… strange girl.
A girl wearing a beautiful green kurta with black embroidery on it with a black leggings come running in the same series of houses which were shown and reaches the house where that girl was sitting.
He hair are curled, tied into a side pony , her face’s smile is shown while she on the way passes a ball to the children playing in the street and then hitting a ball with full force , she then plays stappo (an Indian game) with the girls playing there while a small girl says : didi, give me that book in your hand , you’ll not be able to jump holding it…
The girl says while still her huge smile is only shown: no sweety… its written by SM , it can’t make me to fall , it can only make me win.
She crosses all those numbers easily and smiles saying : bola tha na(i said na)
She then reaches the house and holds that girl and takes deep breath(she was running from quite some time)

The girl who was watching television: pagal , ragini , aise bhag ke anne ki kya zarrorat this , aaram se nahi aa sakti this kya(mad , ragini, why did you came with running so fast , couldn’t you come while walking)
The girl who came running makes her stand from the sofa on which she was sitting and rotates her happily saying : i bought SM’s fourth book , yee i’ll read it nikita , i just love SM.
Nikita stops her but she doesn’t and keeps rotating herself holding the book and her face is shown , a beautiful face , one in million with those large eyes and not even a single ray of tension on her face.
Nikita eyes her and says angrily : you love a person whom you have just seen in tvs or magazines , how can you???
Ragini stops and says smiling : i don’t love his face , i love his character , a person who understands love so nicely , i just wonder to what an extend would he love a girl in actual ..
She paused for a while, while a sweet serene smile came on her face…
She continued : you know , i really wonder how his first two books were flop , they were amazing , a true value of love , i always get shocked when i read that, his third book , it depicted his happiness in the beginning of the story but ended with a sad message , this tells that something happened that destroyed his life , he became lonely and so does his characters , his life took a u-turn as he became popular , i don’t know but i want to know him, i just don’t know but i love him…

A drop of tear fell from her eyes as she thought about his sadness , this feeling killed her but at the same time gave her a hope to live .
Nikita eyed her and said : you know you have read his first three books almost thousand times , you are mad yaar ragini , you are total mad for him and he doesn’t even know that you exist , you want to know him completely , you already do yaar , see just his name and you told me his life , don’t know how can you understand his pain but always forget about your own pain…
Nikita has tear in her eye while ragini eyes her with a smiling face and removes her tear saying : these are very precious , don’t waste them na yaar…
She then hears the horn from outside and says : papa came , lets go to terrace..
Nikita nods smiling while they both go to terrace.
A beautiful view of all the houses can be seen from terrace and also the children playing down.
Ragini smiles and says : don’t know why , this view is the world’ s best scenario for me…
Nikita smiles and says : because i guess , you are too much interested in things that don’t deserve you attention..
Ragini understands that she’s saying about SM and says (a little sternly): don’t ever say it again nikita , SM deserves a much better girl then me , so if i am paying attention to him then its my pleasure , not his..
Nikita smiles and says : ok sorry , now read this book na for which you saved your pocket money from last one year….
Ragini smiles as she looks towards the poster on the book and thinks : to read SM’s books i can save pocket money whole my life….

Ragini eyes the poster which has a hand of a bride with a hand of a boy on it and they both running , its a sketch .
She then opens the book and she sees the acknowledgement.
She suddenly closes the book and says sadly : yaar nikita , if it would be his real story will he write it in acknowledgement , i want to know if he had ever loved somebody..
Nikita eyes her with a what look and says : oh god , ragini, you know , how can this be his true story na , thats just a publicity stunt dear don’t worry , its nothing like that….
Ragini eyes her angrily and says : SM doesn’t do anything for publicity.
Nikita holds her head with her both hands and says : ok i am sorry but maybe someone else spread this rumour , it can be na….
Ragini is convinced and as she opens the book she starts to read the acknowledgement.
The episode ends on her convinced yet tensed face.

Precap :YEH TERE –MERI KAHANI HAI- adhuri si tere bina meri zindgani hai” ‘s story begins…

So guys how was the episode , hopefully i didn’t waste your precious time , guys still i’ll post my ff on 18 only but if i get time i’ll surely post it earlier.
Hey guys i didn’t get much comments regarding laksh so i’ll not include him if you don’t want him as a villain , if you want to include him (as a villain )then please do comment and tell.
Guys i have replied to your comments , do read:


Credit to: Piyali


    • Lyla

      Yh and I’ll love to see Laksh as a Villian, anyways he’s no less in the actual Swaragini

    • Piya

      thanks lyla and i will see that according to the votes , thanks for your comment and i will upload the next part soon…

    • Piya

      no tooba dear its a swasan cum ragsan ff and i will decide laksh’s character according to the votes and swara is in next part or the next to it , it was just ragini’s introduction…

  1. taiana

    Very intresting plot.. i really luv ur concept… keep it up… when u will upload the next part of swaragini dil ki dor?

    • Piya

      hey taiana , dear thanks and about the episode , i guess its uploaded and you would have read it…

    • Piya

      hey ayesha dear swasan are a pair but ragsan too , sorry for that and dear i replied to your comment in dil ki dor , do read it….

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