Swara Ragini Asha episode 2


Hi guys!!! This is the second episode!!! Ok I’ll end it with 4 or 5 episodes of it is boring guys! Please support me!
Episode 2 of Swara Ragini Asha!
Karthik and Archana come back to Delhi… Archana became a successful businesswoman. She comes out of the airport and finds ram and Nirmala there…
Archana: ram!! Nirmala! How are you???
Ram: we are fine archu! How are you and Karthik?
Archana: we are fine! This is Karthik. Karthik this is ram mama and this is Nirmala mami!
Karthik: Namastey mama mami!
Nirmala: look at you!! All grown up!
They all go home… They enter the home and…

Karthik: nice house mama!
Just then Ragini comes and…
Ragini: Namastey mami! SWARA!! COME SEE MAMI CAME!! ASHA COME FAST!!!
Swara: coming!!
Swara comes down and starts chatting!!!
Then Asha comes with head phones put on and eyes closed… She bumps into Karthik and opens her eyes and…
Asha: sorry sorry! Oh hi mami!!! Hi Karthik! Karthik right?
Karthik: correct! Asha!
Swara: ok Karthik come we’ll go to college. Dad car keys?
Ram: Swara car has gone for service just now..
Asha throws keys and…
Asha: here take my bike.
Karthik: wow! Bike! What bike???
Asha: Ducati!
Karthik: great! Let’s go!

Swara and Karthik go to college to get Karthik’s admission… They chat a lot… They come back home… There are 3 more weeks for college to start… The next day…
Swara: Ragini are there any movies to watch???
Ragini: not really! Everything is old only.
Karthik: what? No movies?
Swara: hmm no movies..
Ragini: Asha!
Karthik: Asha!?!
Swara: oh yeah! She’ll find someway for this.
They go to Asha’s room… She is sleeping…
Swara: Asha! Get up!
Ragini: we need your ideas!!!
Asha: what? ( in a sleepy way)
Karthik: yes!
Asha: ok what??
Swara: it’s boring at home!!!
Asha: what about going for a movie?
Karthik: great!!!

********* end of episode 2*******

Thnx 4 ur support guys!!!

Credit to: Princess

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