Swara Ragini Asha episode 1


1. Asha
2. Swara – Asha’s sister
3. Ragini – Asha’s sister
4. Nirmala – Asha’s mom
5. Ram – Asha’s dad
6. Manav – Nirmala ‘s brother
7. Archana – Manav’s first wife and ram’s sister
8. Ankita – Manav’s second wife
9. Karthik – Archana’s son
10. Kabir – Ankita ‘s son
11. Shanaya – Ankita ‘s younger daughter.
Actually, Manav had to marry Ankita under some circumstances because of marrying her Archana leaves him and ram doesn’t talk to Manav… Asha Swara and Ragini are triplets… Karthik wants to take revenge from his father Manav… But the three girls want to join the broken family…
The story starts…
Asha Swara and Ragini after 10 years come back to Delhi… Their parents put them in hostel because ram doesn’t want the girls to know about Manav… Asha, a tomboyish girl. Swara, a chatterbox. Ragini, a silent girl… They three with Nirmala go to a college for their admission… Ragini and Swara while coming back to their mom bumps into the MLA Manav Deshmukh, who turns out to be their uncle and they bring him to Nirmala who is really happy to see her brother…. And …
Manav: where is my other girl???
Swara: there she is mama ji!!
Asha: mom! My bike got punctured yaar!!!
Swara: wow!!! How nice!!!
Ragini: shhh Swara!!! Fights later…
Just then two guys come…
Manav: aahhu here you are… Nirmala this is Kabir! My son… Kabir, this is Nirmala mami, Swara, Ragini and Asha…
Kabir: hi, hi, hi…
Swara: hello!
Ragini: hi!!!
Asha: hey!!
Manav: Kabir! You have to look after my daughters well ok???
Kabir: ji OK…
They all go home…

In Deshmukh mansion:-
Ankita: oh you came! What do you want Manav ji?
Manav: no nothing…
Kabir: ma we saw Nirmala mami and her daughters today…
Manav gets a call and goes from there…
Ankita: what??? Them???
Kabir: hmm
Shanaya: bhaiya? How were there looking???
Kabir: all cute… Swara, such a chatterbox… Asha, cool and tomboyish… Ragini, silent…
Shanaya: ok ok??
Scene shifts to chennai:-
Archana: Karthik! Did u pack your bags???
Karthik: yeah mom almost done!!
Archana: ok!!! The flight is in 5 hours beta!
Karthik: I’ll be ready mom!
+*********end of episode 1*******
This is a kind of love story… Which joins the broken family.. It has many twists…

Credit to: Princess

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