Swara n Sanskar – journey to Swasan with destiny…Episode 8 (“SwaSan nd RagLak in Jungle”)…. part 2


Thanks guys for reading my ff…. Today, it’s time for SwaSan bonding nd Laksh’s shocking confession to Ragini….
It’s Super Long episode so enjoy….
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SawSan…. side

Sanskar – (lowered voice) He’s my dad….
Swara – (shocked) What MR.DPM IS UR DAD… n u calls him by his name….
Sanskar – (in anger) I hate him from my bottom of the heart…. That’s why….

Swara can see his hearted toward his dad in his eyes, it’s full with anger….

Swara – (in hesitating tone) But why Sanskar….I mean children’s may get angry at their parents but can’t hate them….
Sanskar – ( in anger, but with teary eyes) But I do hate him because they never care for Me and My….(he stops and thinks)
Swara – ur what Sanskar….
Sanskar – my dream to become a Football player…. They only care for their so called reputation and of course their business….
Swara – so you think he is the hurdle between, you and your dream….
Sanskar – ha Swara he is…. They want me to join there so called business, but I’m not at all interested… I’ve told them many times but he never heard me for once….

Swara hold his hand with full of care in her touch…. Sanskar also feels good and hold her hand too they’re still walking in the jungle…

Swara – I can understand Sanskar but there may be some reason behind it… can you ask your dad for once….
Sanskar – 100 of times, but of no use he only avoid me….
Swara – I can just suggest you that don’t hate your dad, you can’t imagine how painful, for parents when their child hate them….(while saying this tears fall from Swara’s eyes)

Sanskar sees the tears in her eyes and stops for a while…. Swara was still walking, but Sanskar stops her….
He cups her face with full of love and care…

He wipes her tears….

Sanskar – what happen Swara why are you crying….
Swara – (teary voice) Nothing it just I’m missing my mom and dad….
Sanskar – what are you waiting for, just call them and talk to them….
Swara – no necessary to call I can talk with them directly right now….
Sanskar – (confused) What you mean right now and no need to call…

Swara points towards the sky….

Swara – (tears are rolling down on her cheeks) They are there and they are watching us so I can directly talk to them from here….
Sanskar – (shocked) I’m sorry Swara…. I didn’t mean that….
Swara – it’s k… Sanskar…. Why are you saying sorry you doesn’t know this so please don’t feel sorry….
Sanskar – (by holding her hands) Plz Swara don’t cry if your mom, dad sees you in tears they will also get sad…

Sanskar again wipes her tears gently….

Swara – you know what Sanskar I’m also like you, when my mom-dad was with me… I also have dream which I wanted to full fill, but my parents never allowed me so I always hurt them by my rude words and behavior towards them….
But when I realized the reason why they had not allowed me …. It was too late….
They left me forever…. I Even can’t get the chance to say sorry to them….

Saying this much Swara fall on her knees nd cry badly…..
Sanskar was in hell shock and hugs her tightly nd consoles her….

RagLak…. Side

Laksh – I met Kavya 3 years ago in our college in Dehradun…. When I saw her for the first time I thought she was too innocent and adorable girl actually she was…. We were strangers to each other for 1 year…. Even we stay in the same area like neighbors but never talked….
It’s my daily routine to see her in the evening where she used to come out for walk with her cute dog ?…. But one evening change everything between us….
That day she won’t come to the college I thought maybe she don’t want to come because of a reason so I don’t bother that much….
In the evening I came home nd see towards her house nd thought to ask her is she fine…. I knock the door, but she’s not giving any response…. I thought maybe she falls asleep so I started going towards my house but suddenly I heard noises of glass breaking…. So I rush to her house nd start knocking….

******Fb starts******

Laksh outside the Kavya’s house….
Laksh – (shouting) Kavya open the door, it’s Laksh…. Are you fine please open the door….
What the hell…Something is going fishy inside…. I’ve to break the door….

Laksh starts kicking the door…. After some kicks door opens…. He goes inside, but it’s too dark, so he switched the lights…. He was in shock seeing the condition of her living room…It’s all a mess everything is spread on the floor like someone tries to find something….

Laksh – (shouts) Kavya where are you….

He again heard the noise from her bedroom side, he rushes to her bedroom and opens it…. It’s a hell shock for him….
Some goons are holding Kavya….

Laksh – (shouts) Who the hell are you….. Just leave her….
Goons – (they point guns towards Kavya) Look, don’t move else we shoot her…
Laksh – no no plz don’t anduth, or…. just take what u want and leave her….
Kavya – Laksh plz u go from here they are dangerous people plz don’t worry about me u just go….
Laksh – no i won’t….
Goons – just enough, you both…. nd u bl**dy girl just tell us where u hide that pen drive, we want it at any cost….
Kavya – plz trust me I don’t have any pen drive…. u must be mistaken….
Goons – u will not easily accept ur defeat so now see what we do….

They hold Laksh and points the gun towards his head….

Kavya – please don’t harm him…. I’m telling u truth just believe me I don’t have any pen drive…. if u don’t trust me then u can search mine whole house….

Goons start finding the pen drive desperately….
Suddenly they get disturbed by police siren ?
Goons – police are here we have to leave now…. but don’t think that we spare u we will come back again….

The goons left the house from back door….

After few minutes loud sound of siren stops…. nd both Laksh nd Kavya compose themselves….

Laksh – (shocked) who the hell are they nd what are they doing here nd which pen drive they talking about….
What’s the matter plz tell me….
Kavya – I can’t tell u nd just forget everything happen…. nd plz don’t tell this to anyone nd not to the police also….
Laksh – (shout at her) have u losted…. goons want to kill u nd ur saying not to inform police…. They are already here so after seeing ur house condition they definitely inquire…. then what will u say to them….
Kavya – who said u that police are here….
Laksh – don’t u heard the siren….
Kavya – that’s not real it’s created by me to scared those bl**dy goons….
Laksh – (shocked) what…. but how….
Kavya – (in attitude) it’s 21st century nd we have smart phones right so I played the ringtone of siren….
Laksh – ohh… too smart move but you have to tell me the truth or else I’ve my way to know it….
Kavya – (confused) which way….
Laksh – this pen drive….
Kavya – (shocked) how do u get this….
Laksh – (in dwvilishv smile) I saw u when ur throwing it down the bed…..
Kavya – (pleading) give it to me it’s very important….
Laksh – first tell me the truth I’ll give it to u….
Kavya – (pleading) plz try to understand Laksh it contain very important information plz don’t take it as fun….
Laksh – even I’m also serious so tell me or I won’t give it to u….
Kavya – k…. fine listen to me carefully nd plz don’t shout after listening the truth nd u have to promise me that u won’t tell this to anyone….
Laksh – k…. I’ll not….
Kavya – (lower voice) this pen drive contain some secret information of terrorists nd their plans….

Laksh was in hell shock after hearing the word terrorist….

Laksh – what nonsense are u serious…. I Mean just how can u have this…. who are u…. have u connected with them…
Kavya – of course not idiot…. I’m helping the police nd I’ve got this info after so many struggle so plz now give it to me….

Laksh gave her that pen drive….

Kavya – I know u must be thinking how it can be possible but it’s true…. u have to be careful now as they see u also nd plz keep it secret between us only….
Laksh – of course but who are u I mean why ur helping police….
Kavya – my dad is police officer so I also help them as I’m interested being reporter so I started involving in it…. Yesterday I’m spying same goons nd got this info but unfortunately they saw me while escaping….
Laksh – I can’t believe this…. I thought ur too innocent but ur not….
Kavya – I know but now we have to left this place as they said they will come back….
Laksh – hmm…. now I’m also in this mission….
Kavya – of course not after shifting to another place our ways will separate….
Laksh – wow mis.Kavya I’m not going to live u alone nd as I also know the truth we are going to handle this together after all it’s about our country India’s safety….
Kavya – k…. fine so let’s go we have to leave now….

******Fb ends ******

Laksh – That day we both came to the India nd start our mission against terrorism…. as time passed our friendship grew stronger nd stronger but one day those bl**dy terrorist snatched my besti from me….
u know what Ragini she’s the one with whom I share my all happiness nd also the sadness…. She also share her life with me…. She always used to talk about u only she loves u a lot as a sis…. When she talked about u I’m only imaging u nd I know u won’t trust this but it’s true I’ve not seen u for the first time ….. I know u since 2 years but u don’t know me as Kavya never tell u about me….
I want to punish those terrorist for their doing but for that I need ur help….

To be continued….

Precap – SwaSan friendship nd what will be Ragini’s reaction after hearing the truth….

Thanks for reading….
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Credit to: Bhagyashree

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