Swara n Sanskar – journey to Swasan with destiny…Episode 7 (“1 sec can change everything”) part 2

Hi friends, thanks for your support…. nd also to the silent readers…. I want to clear one thing that the character of Kavya in my ff is positive actually I didn’t know that in current track of serial they are going to use the same name… if u guys want then I’ll change the name of Kavya in my ff…. sry for I’m not focusing on party because I want to give more importance to the Kavya mystery….
Here is next part 2….

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Laksh – thanks for your attention guys….
Everyone claps for him…??
So let’s enjoy the party now…

Music ? ? plays….

Laksh goes to Ragini….
Laksh – (in excitement) So do you like it….
Ragini – (in unsure tone) Who are you…
Laksh – (in shocking tone) What you mean….
Ragini – it’s just simple, we met yesterday and today you asked me for friendship, the most important question is how do you know Kavya….
Laksh – I know you have so many questions about me, but I can’t tell you everything right now…. Have some patience and enjoy the party….
Ragini – fine… but remember one thing clearly after the party you have to tell me the truth…. Don’t try to test my patience…
Laksh – yes I’ll…. Don’t worry enjoy now…

The party is going on nd everyone is enjoying….

SwaRagini are busy in their usual talking nd SanLak also busy with their friends….
One boy in drunken state come towards swaragini…
He asked Ragini to dance with him….
Ragini refuses… now he start forcing her…
He holds Ragini’s hand and try to pull her…
Ragini – (in angry tone) how dare you… leave my hand….
Music stops and everyone looked at them….
Tight punch ? fall on that boys face and he falls on the ground….
Of course, it’s Laksh ..
Laksh – (in extreme anger) How dare you touch her…. If she doesn’t want to dance with you then you have no rights to force her….
Boy gets up…
Boy – (in attitude) You have made a big mistake you don’t know who I’m…. You have to pay for it….
Boy tries to punch Laksh but Sanskar stops it…
Sanskar – (grabbing his collar) Don’t you dare to touch my friend… It’ll not good for you….
Boy – (devil style) So you’re trying to blackmail me….
Sanskar – (in attitude) take it as a warning….
Let’s go guys (looking towards swaragini nd Laksh)

They turned to leave, but that boy pick one glass bottle tries to hit Sanskar from behind, but one hand grabbed his hand and twist it nd hold it back nd kick his leg between the knee joint nd he scream in extreme pain… Everyone look behind….
Each and every person in the party gets shocked to see the face….

Who is it can anyone guess….

To be continued….
Thanks for reading…

Precap – SwaSan nd RagLak in Jungle….

Sry guys for the late update, but as per promise from this week I’ll update regularly…. Please do comments if you like it and also if you get bored and if you have any confusion….

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  1. i think the person is swara

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  4. Nice episode.. It may be any hero who came there for promoting their film…

  5. adarsh may be….

  6. may be the girl is swara…

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  8. May be the girl…..sorry, I mean that person……. Is swara.

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