Swara n Sanskar – journey to Swasan with destiny…Episode 6 (“if no one wear red on valentine day”

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Scene 1
Swara – (in strange tone) ragini u told me that I reminds u about kavya but how….
Ragini – (in sad tone) ur faces are different but the way u maintained urself is just similar to her…
Swara – (in hesitating tone) I don’t have any right to interfere in ur personal matters but still I want to know how she died means she’s younger than u so….
Ragini – she’s not died…. she got killed….
Swara – (in shock) what…
Ragini – (in teary eyes) yes…. she got killed nd I’m the only eyewitness of her murder…. that’s why I’ve guilt in my heart that as elder sis I was failed to save her…
Swara – what about her culprits are they get punished….
Ragini – no they are still free as I don’t have any proof that kavya was murdered….(Swara can see the anger in her eyes…) let’s forget it u must be feeling tired so take rest nd I want one promise that whatever I told u about kavya u will keep it in between us only, u will not reveal it to anyone….

Swara – (by giving her smile) I promise u… it will between us only… but just tell me one thing why u trusted me so much….
Ragini – (by giving her cute smile) coz i know that u will never breake my trust… nd whenever I talked to u i feel like I’m talking to my kavya…. nd hugs her…
Swara hugs her back nd say good night… nd leave to her bedroom…

At midway to bedroom
One unknown no. calls Swara, when she sees the no. she goes to her bedroom fast nd closed the doors packed… she picks the call….
Unknown – hello… shona….
Swara – hello…. why u called me at this time….
Unknown – sry to disturb u but we want to know is everything fine….
Swara – ya everything is going as per our plan….
Unknown – k… keep updating us….
Swara – sure but u don’t call me, I’ll call u whenever i get time…
Call cuts nd she goes to sleep….

Scene 2
In morning…
Swaragini gets ready for clg…
Dadi – good morning Swara….
Swara – good morning dadi…
Ragini – (in teasing tone) aapko Swara mil gai ab aapko apni lado kyu yaad aayegi… nd makes puppy face….
Swara nd dadi starts laughing looking her face….
Dadi – aisa kuch nahi hai meri lado… ye sab chhodo tum dono ne breakfast kiya ki nahi…
Ragini – nahi dadi hume late ho raha hai clg ke liye…. let’s go Swara…
Swara – actually ragini I’ve some imp work to do today itself so I’ll join u after some time in clg…
Ragini – k… then see u at clg….
Swaragini leaves to their resp places….

Scene 3
Ragini enters in clg on her bike with full speed but suddenly Laksh comes infront of her nd she apply breaks… everyone gets shock….
Ragini remove her helmate….
Ragini – are u mad if u want to die then go infront of others car…. why only u find mine…
Laksh is fully mesmerized by her beauty… so he doesn’t reply….
Ragini shake him…
Ragini – hello mr. Akdu I’m talking to u are u listening me….
Laksh – yes mis. Akdu I’m listening u actually I want to talk to u right now so shall we….
Ragini – but i don’t want to talk to u so plz leave…
Laksh – it’s about Kavya….

Ragini get shocked by hearing the word kavya….
Ragini – how do u know about kavya….
Laksh – I’ll tell u only at one condition….
Ragini – what condition…
Laksh – u have to accept me as ur friend….
Ragini – what nonsense nd why u think that I’ll accept this proposal…
Laksh – ( giving devilish smile) u know it very well dear….
Ragini – ( in frustrated tone nd showing him attitude) fine but it’s not that easy to become friend of mine u have to do something special….
Laksh – (in excitement) anything for u just tell me what I’ve to do to become ur friend….
Ragini – it’s so simple u have to make sure that no one will be in red clothes in today’s valentine party….
Laksh – (in shocking tone) what it’s valentine day nd no one wear red it’s impossible….
Ragini – ( giving him devilish smile) ya but u have to make it possible if u want to become friend of mine… nd remember u can’t tell this to anyone…
Laksh – then how will i convince everyone….

Ragini – it’s ur problem none of mine… so think nd if u get failed then forget about our friendship….
Laksh – k… fine but if i won then u will accept my proposal….
Ragini – we will see….
She leaves from there….
Laksh – (to himself) ye ladki itni easily nahi patne waali laksh kuch to special karana hi padega….???

Precap – SwaSan nd raglak in JUNGLE…

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