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Swara n Sanskar – journey to Swasan with destiny…Episode 8 (“SwaSan nd RagLak in Jungle”)…. part 1


Hi friends, thanks for your comments and also to silent readers…. Most of you guessed right… I know my ff is going little boring coz no friendship no romance between couples but now from second part bond between them will be shown nd also friends to love journey…. so keep reading nd tell me it’s interesting or not through ur comments….

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It’s our Swara….
SanLak nd Ragini looks Swara in shock….
Swara realize what she had done….
Swara – (in her mind) Ohhh noooo…. What I had just done now…. They must have doubt on me…. I’ve to mislead them….
She leaves that boy and goes towards Ragini…

Boy was screaming in extreme pain as his right leg fracture as Swara hit it with extreme power….
That boys other friends take him to the hospital…

SanLak nd Ragini both are staring at swara in shock ….
Swara – what…. Guys, why are you staring at me like this….
Ragini – (shocked) How do you know that he’s going to hit Sanskar…. nd the way you handle him what was that….
Swara – (she tries to convince) I had told you earlier that I have a special 6th sense nd the way I react is because I’m Black Belt in karate…. So it’s not that hard for me…
Sanskar n Laksh – (teasing tone) Now we have to be careful… Don’t know when our turn will come….???

Swara feel little tense….

Ragini – (irritated) Shut up guys… we should leave now….
They leave the hall nd goes to their respective cars….
Laksh – I think both of you come with us we’ll drop u you, it’s too late, it’s not safe to leave you alone….
Sanskar – he’s right plz come with us….
Swara – ya Ragini let’s go with them….
Ragini – k… fine lets go…

Swara – (in her mind) Thank god she agreed now I’ve little time to proceed in my plan….

Laksh take driving sit nd Ragini sit in front with him nd swasan sits behind….

Looking Swara tense Sanskar try to change her mood…
Sanskar – (teasing) By the way Swara ur not that innocent as you look…(wink ? at her)

Hearing this Swara get more tense….

Swara – (in her thoughts) Yes Sanskar ur right, I’m not that innocent that you all think I’m….?? But I’ve to pretend as innocent one to complete my plan…. Right now I should change the topic….

Swara – (taunting tone) you know what Ragini few minutes ago I saved someone’s life nd he even don’t say thanks also how mean na…

Sanskar understands what she wants to say….

Sanskar – I’m sorry I forgot actually everything happens suddenly so… let it be by the way thanks for saving me…
But why I’m saying this who told you to save me….
Swara – Sanskar what are you saying are you mad…. You don’t value ur life, it doesn’t mean that other people also… ur very precious for ur mom, dad nd most importantly to ur Sis…. They love you a lot…
Sanskar – yeah ur right…. (Suddenly he realizes) Wait a minute, how do you know that I’ve a Sis….
Swara – (in her mind with regret) Oh god, what is happening with me, how can I used the word Sis….
Sanskar shakes her…
Sanskar – kaha kho gayi… I’m asking you something….
Swara – actually I don’t know, but I guess, but do you really have sis….

Sanskar gets sad remembering his sis….?

Sanskar – I’ve elder sis….
Swara – (curiosly) That’s great…. Where is she now… I mean is she married or still live with you u….
Sanskar – (sad tone) She’s married….
Sanskar – oh… That’s why ur sound low you missed her a lot right…
Sanskar Hmmmmm… let it be…. We met yesterday so I don’t know much about you Swara….

As soon as he completed, they feel jerk….

SwaSan – (worried) What happened Laksh….
Laksh – Don’t know, let’s check…
Sanlak nd swaragini step out of the car nd open the car bonnet….
Laksh – Sorry guys, but it’s too hot engine, we need water and there is no water in the car…
Ragini – (angry and shocked) What… But it’s jungle how can we find water here…
Laksh – we have no choice…
Swara – wait a minute guys just keep silence do you hear something….
Sanskar – what are you saying…
Swara – Shhhh… Just listen the sound, it’s about water…. Like a river or pond is near by us….

Swaragini sanlak hear the sound with concentration…

Ragini – she’s right guys but it’s not clear from which direction it is coming….
Laksh – I’ve one idea…. Let’s make a pair… me nd ragini will go to the right nd Sanskar u nd Swara go to the left… we will meet here in one hour if we get water in one hour it’s good but if not then leave it nd come back here only….

SwaSan nd RagLak goes in search of water….

Sanskar gets AP’s call… he receives it immediately…
Ap – where are u Sanskar raat ke 12 baje hai tum ab tak ghar kyu nahi aaye…. tumhare papa ko bhi tumhari chinta ho rahi hai….
Sanskar – maa…. Mujhe kuch bolne to doo…. wo actually hamari gadi kharab ho gayi hai isliye thodi der hogi…. aap plz tension maat lo nd soo jao mein aa jaunga jaldi…. or mr.DPM ko bhi boliye ki mein thik hu by the way aaj unhe meri yaad kise aa gayi….
Ap – (little shout) Sanskar wo tumhare papa hai ….
Sanskar – (anger tone) Let it be maa… mujhe aapse iss bare mein koi baat nahi karni hai mein aa jaunga jaldi bye…
He cuts the call…

Swara here’s all his conversation….
She broke the silence between them….

Swara – (purposely) What happen Sanskar is everything fine… why are you angry…. nd who is Mr.DPM…
Sanskar – nothing just live it….
Swara – (friendly tone) k… no problem may it’s personal that’s why u don’t want to tell me…. but I feel that if u share ur pain with ur friends then u feel little better…. ha that’s a different thing that we are not friends but u can share it with me it will be between us only….

Laksh – (in devilish smile) so we are friends right…
Ragini – (attitude tone) who told u that we are friends…
Laksh – oh hello miss. Gadodiya I had completed ur challenge successfully so u have to accept my friendship…
Ragini – if u think we are friends, then why are u hiding the truth from me….
Laksh – I know ur very desperate to know the truth nd it’s time to tell u everything…..

To be continued….
Thanks for reading….

Precap – SwaSan friendship nd Kavya’s truth…

Plz guys do comments to tell me if it’s boring or interesting….

Credit to: Bhagyashree

  1. Make it little,large,dear,

  2. I dont understand that if Ragini and Laksh met some days ago how does Laksh know that Kavya is Raginis sister??

    1. Thanks a lot pavani, abi, sindhu rm, ana…. sry for late reply nd Pavani, I’ll make next more longer ? nd Ana ur questions ans is next part where Laksh told Ragini everything about Kavya…?

      1. Ok thank you for your reply all the best with the ff…. 🙂
        The pic is different cause this is my other account…

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