Swara n Sanskar – journey to SwaSan with destiny…. Episode 3 ( swasan n swaragini’s meeting )


Hi… Guys here is 3rd episode of mine ff i’ve started new so plz guide me if u get bored or liked it. Thanx to all those people who commented n also to silent readers….

Scene 1
At st. Louis clg…
Swara reaches clg nd enters the clg campus… Everyone staring at her as she is looking so cute in her indowestern attire but her spects which she used to wear are hiding her actual beauty……
She is walking ahead looking at her watch nd get dashed with girl both falls down its Ragini…..
Swara stands up….
Swara – (by giving her hand to ragini) i’m so sorry its my fault i’m walking without watching ahead…. Are u alright…???
Ragini is in shock by seeing her she remembers someone from past….
Swara by holding her shoulder shakes her nd asked again is she fine…..
Ragini – ( comes in her sense ) ya i’m fine nd even i’m sry too i also did the same. By the way i’m Ragini Gadodia…. nd u…???
Swara – ( by giving her cute smile ) i’m Swara Khurana nice meeting u….
Can u plz tell me where is princi’s office coz its my 1st day in this clg so i don’t know much about here….
Ragini – sry dear but even mine 1st day also nd i’m also looking for the same so if u don’t mind can we find it together???
Swara – sure why not….
They start walking nd start casual talk about each other… Ragini asked swara about her…. nd swara also….
During their talk only swara is talking continuously n ragini only looking her nd remembers someone by heart….

Suddenly Swara shakes her nd asked is everything is fine with her…
Ragini – ya i’m fine. Lets ask someone for princi’s office….
Ragini tap one boys shoulder…
He turns n gets shock….
SwaSan – ( together in angry tone ) tum yaha???
Ragini asked swara did she know him…
Swara – ( in angry tone ) ya ragini its long story i’ll tell u later lets go from here i don’t want to see his face….
Sanskar – ohh hello miss chashmish even i also don’t want to see ur face nd by the way why are u following me uh…
Swara – 1st i’m not following u don’t think that ur that much charming which makes me to follow u… nd 2nd stop calling me chashmish rather than…
Sanskar – rather than what uh… U will complain to the princi like a little child…
Sanskar laughs loudly looking @ her face…
Swara going to ans his taunt but ragini stopped her nd start scolding sanskar for his misbehavour towards swara…
Swara get shock by this n thoughts in mind that the girl whom she met few mins before is scolding someone for her sake…
Sanskar – ohhhh now i get it u get ur elder sis for scolding me for that accident right…
Ragini – its non of ur business that i’m her sis or not don’t dare to utter a single word to her…
By saying this much she holds swara’s hand n leave from there….
Finally swaragini finds princi’s office nd get their admission conform….
After coming out they look at each other n starts laughing….
Swara – can i ask u something….
Ragini – ya sure ask…
Swara – ( in a hesitating tone ) why u scold that mr. whatever for mine i mean u just met me few mins ago… U don’t know about me much still…
Ragini’s smiling face turns into sadness…..
Swara – if i asked anything wrong then i’m sry but plz don’t become sad i can’t see anyone becomes sad coz of me….

Ragini – no no plz don’t feel sry its just that u reminds me someone who is very close to my heart….its a very long story i’ll tell u about it later…
Swara – ( giving cute smile) its k… then can we become friends from now….
Ragini – smiles looking her cute face n hugs her n says i already accept u as my Best Friend….
Swara hugs her back…. nd broad smile appear on both’s faces…

Scene 2
At football ground….
Sanskar arrive there in frustrated mood…
Laksh – ( in caring tone ) what happen dood why are u so frustrated…
Sanskar narrate everything happen with him to laksh….
Sanskar – ur looking disturbed is everything fine…
Laksh also tell him everything happen at parking spot….
Laksh – any way forget about it we have to focus on our football team selection….
Sanskar – haa ur right its very imp….
They went to the changing room n get changed nd arrive at football ground….
Match starts….
SanLak are playing very well but suddenly get distracted by seeing someone coming toward ground…

To be continued….
Thank u for reading….

Precap – Raglak nd Swasan fight. Ragini told swara about past….

Credit to: Bhagyashree

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  5. Thank u very much jyoti, sana, anna, ani…? i’ll update next soon n there are so many cute fights will be seen….

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    1. Maya, heena, kittuu…. Thank you very much guys l’ll update soon…☺

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