Swara n Sanskar – journey to Swasan with destiny…Episode 12


Guys I need your help…. will you please suggest me different tasks for our SWARA to prove her the most eligible DAUGHTER IN LAW for Maheshwari’s….

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Sanskar – (smiling devilishly) so tell me Mr. DPM what’s going in your mind…. Are you ready to take on our relationship or should I leave the MM….

Finding out this AP feels totally broken….

Ap goes towards Dp….

Ap – (with teary eyes) I know it’s difficult for you to go for this, but please think for once…. We’ve already loose a lot in our life and now I don’t hold that much courage to loose Sanskar…. This time I’ll perish if he left us like them…..

Deep – (looks at ap’s condition and holding in his anger) I’m ready to take on your relationship, but on one condition….

Sanskar – (furious) which condition….

Dp – (in strict voice) This girl Swara have to prove herself for becoming Maheshwari’s daughter in law in the next 7 days only…. If she failed to prove in next 7 days then you have to DIVORCE her…..

Both SwaSan are shocked after listening his condition…. Sanskar get more furious on Dp….

Sanskar – (more furious) she will not…. She’s my wife not your employee to prove herself eligibility to take the job of daughter in law in MM….

Dp – she’s your choice not ours, so if you desire to live with her in MM then she has to pass my tasks…. 7 days 7 tasks….

Sanskar was about to shout on Dp but Swara cut him….

Finally swara broke her silence….

Swara – (smiling) your all conditions are accepted uncle…. I’ll make out whatever your tasks are but you have to promise me something….

Dp – (confused but in strict look) What kind of a promise….

Swara – if I complete your all tasks successfully then you have to fulfill my one wish….

DP – fine, I promise, but only if you finish all tasks successfully….
(in mind) That day, unfortunately, will never come…..

Swara – (smiling) of course uncle (in her mind) I’ll finish everything in next 7 days….

Dp – (strict voice) We all will gather for dinner and there I will tell you your 1st task….

Saying this dp leaves from their….

Ap gives a sigh of relief….

Sanskar – (furiously) why you accept his condition….

Swara – (keeping his hands) don’t worry Sanskar…. I love you and I can execute anything for you…. You trust me na so don’t worry…. (She sighs him through her eyes to calm down as AP is even there and listening them….)

Ap comes to SwaSan….

Ap – (holds Sanskar’s ear with smile) itna bada ho gaya hai ki apni maa ko tak nahi bataya apne pyaar ke baare mein (why didn’t you informed me about your love earlier)

Sanskar – (acting) ahh…. maa dard ho raha hai chodo na…. meri wife bhi toh hai samne wo kya sochegi….(wink at Swara)
Ap leaves his ear….(mom it’s paining and my wife is also here now what she’ll think)

Sanskar – (little sad voice) mom aap mujse naraz nahi ho….(don’t you angry on me)

Ap – (fake anger) of course hu…. tumne apne life ka itna bada decision mujhe bina informe kiye le liya …. But mujhe apne bete par pura trust hai that he’ll never do anything wrong….(of course yes…. How can you lead such a big step of your life without informing me….)

Ap – (holding Swara’s hand with smile) mujhe apne bete ki choice par pura bharosa hai…. aur mujhe yeh bhi pata hai ki tum saare tasks achhese karogi phir bhi bas itna kehna chahti hu ki khud ko akela mat samjhna mein aur tumhara ye pagal hubby hamesha tumhare saath hai….(I trust my sons choice…. and I know you will win all the tasks successfully but still just remember that your not alone me and your stupid hubby are always with you….)

Swara – (smiling) thank you so much aunty…. I’ll make my best to win their trust….

Ap – (teasing) abhi bhi aunty hi bulaogi mujhe…. ab tum meri bahu ho….(still your calling me aunty)

Swara – sry aunty…. nahi mumma…. no no mom…. no maa…. nahi sasu maa….

Both Ap and Sanskar start laughing on her confusion….

Ap – tumhe jo achha lage us naam se bulao….

Swara – mein apni mom ko mumma kehti thi so mein aapko bhi mumma hi kahungi…. Mein bhi to aapki beti jaisi hu hai na….(I’ll call you mumma as I refer my mom like that…. and I’m also like your daughter na….)

Hearing the word daughter Ap get some flashback memories and tear forms in her eyes….

SwaSan saw it….

Swara – I’m sry mumma agar meine kuch galt kaha to…. mein aapko hurt nahi karna chahti thi….(sry mumma if I said anything wrong)

Ap – nahi beta tum sry feel mat karo aur tum meri beti jasi nahi beti hi ho(don’t feel sry and your not my daughter like your my daughter….)

Swara get happy and hugs Ap….

Ap – ab tum dono jao aur aaram karo thak gaye honge na…. aur thumhe kuch bhi chahiye ho to bejijhk muje batana…..(now both of you go and take rest you must be feeling tired and if you want anything then ask me without hesitating….)

Both SwaSan nodes in yes and to the Sanskar’s room….

(enough of sas bahu drama…. Now it’s husband wife time ?)

@ Sanskar’s room….

SwaSan enters inside together….

Swara moves forward while looking at the whole room….

Sanskar closed the door and lock it from inside….

(aisa wisa kuch mat socho abhi to afternoon hai raat honi baaki hai….?)

Sanskar comes to her and stand beside her….

Sanskar – so how’s my room did you like it…. (Teasing) actually not mine now it’s our room right….

Swara stare him…. After a minute both burst out laughing giving each other hi-fi….

Swara – (controlling her laugh) your such a dramebaz yaar…. And your idea to blackmail your dad it works very easily….

Sanskar – (stops laughing and with serious voice) yeah, but why you admit their condition….

Swara – (keeping his hands) I know your not happy with it, but it’s only for one week and it’s a great chance for us to win their confidence….

Sanskar – hmm your right….

Swara sees his upset face…. She keeps back his hands and make him sit in bed and she sat down in front of him holding his hands….

Swara – I know Sanskar you’re feeling guilty for hurting your parents feelings, but you don’t possess any other option that’s why your doing this so don’t feel guilty when they will come to know the truth then they will feel proud of you….

Sanskar – it’s honest that I’m feeling guilty for hurting them, but it’s not the only one reason….

Swara – what you intend….

Sanskar cups her cute face with his hands….

Sanskar – I’m also feeling guilty for using you for my selfishness…. We simply become friends day before yesterday and yesterday I asked for such big favor…. And you support me unconditionaly…. Why do you trust me so much….

Swara – (giving cute smile) if we didn’t trust each other then how can live peacefully in this world in which at every step it requires faith…. And about my trust on you is tell you didn’t break it if for single time you smashed it, then it’s difficult for me to trust you again….

Sanskar – I promise Swara I’ll never ever broke your faith….

Swara – me too….(in judgment) sorry Sanskar but I’ll break this promise soon…. Because I after knowing the truth you will feel heart broken, but I don’t bear any other choice…. It’s not you who’s using me for our selfishness, but it’s me who is employing you for my work….

Sanskar – kaha kho gayi let’s arrange your closet first….

Swara – yeah sure…. I’m 100% sure that your real wife, whom ever she will be really lucky to have a husband like you…. Your so caring hubby and I’m feeling happy for a fake relationship mein hi but I got hubby like you….

Sanskar blushes hard after hearing her compliment….

Swara – first time I’m witnessing a boy who knows to blush….

Sanskar – blush karne ka right sirf tum girls ke pass hi hai kya….(who said that only have right to blush….)

Their just started nok-jhok get intrupt by call…. It’s Ragini….

Swara pick the call….

Ragini – (in anger but care and nonstop) swara where are you…. Yesterday whole day your missing and today also you leave without informing me…. Is everything all right with you…. speak up na yaar….

Swara – (with pout face) How can I talk when shatabti express start without using the brake….

Ragini – here I’m serious and your making joke of it….

Swara – no meri maa I’m just trying to chill your mood…. I your worried for me but everything happen so fast that haven’t get time to inform you….

Ragini – about what….

Swara – I can’t tell you on phone…. We’ll gather and talk….

Ragini hears the knock on her windowpane….

Swara – hello Ragini are you there….

Ragini didn’t answer she goes towards window with phone in one hand and flower wase in other hand….

She opens the window and was about to strike the person, but he holds her hands…. Ragini was in hell shock after watching him….

Ragini – (screams) tum….

Laksh – ha mein….

Yes it’s laksh who enters her room through window….

Ragini – are you mad laksh is this the way to enter someone’s room…. mein door hai na….

Laksh – let me get in first I can’t hold more….(she give him her hand and then pull him inside with force)

But they lose their balance and strike over the bed….

Lakes at the acme of her….
They both lost in each others eyes…. They partake in a little long eyelock but it is interrupted by Swara’s voice as she didn’t hang up still….

Swara – Ragini are you alright…. What’s happening over there….

Raglak hears her voice and break their eyelock…. Laksh stands up and helps Ragini to get up….

Ragini – I’m fine swara…. It’s laksh who enters through window…. That’s why I yell….

Swara – (teasing) oh laksh but through window what’s the matter ha….

Ragini – oh hello aisa wise thoughts ko block kar do nothing like that…. We’ll gather at our favorite xyz park….

Swara – k…. Have fun with laksh….

Laksh – I’m listening here…. Do you know where is that your new sadu friend….

Sanskar – I’m also listening here….

Laksh – tum dono saath ho kya…. Where are you…. New friend mil gayi to purane friend ko bhul gaya na tu….

Sanskar – we’ll assemble today…. You will get all your answers today….

Saying this much Sanskar hang up the call….

Laksh to Ragini – he’s too weird…. Don’t know what has happened to him….

Ragini – don’t worry, we are meeting them soon we will find all answers….


Swara – I opine we should tell them about our marriage and the reason behind it….

Sanskar – I’m also thinking same as they will aid us…..

To be continued….

Precap – 1st day in MM and 1st task of Swara….

Guys Precap depends on your suggestions so please let me know which kind of tasks you wish to read…. I know many people are waiting for SWASAN romance, but they just became friends and then how can I directly show their REAL romance…. It doesn’t signify that there is no romance it will be BUT FAKE ONE…. DON’T FORGET TO TELL ME IS IT BORING OR INTERESTING…..

Credit to: Bhagyashree

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