Swara n Sanskar – journey to Swasan with destiny…Episode 11


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Episode 10

SwaSan reached to the secret place….

It’s a HUGE PARK….

Sanskar parks the car and they both step out of the car….

Sanskar look at park with teary eyes and remember some flashback memories….

Swara broke the silence between them….
She looked at park in amazed….

Swara – (astonished) Wow, so this your surprise, but it is closed so why we came here….

Sanskar wipes his tears secretly to cover it from Swara….

Sanskar – (smiling) you like it….

Swara – I love parks…. But is it closed….

Sanskar – just come with me….

(saying this he forward his right hand towards her….)

Swara give him mixed up look, but unwillingly hold his hand….
They proceed towards the gate….

(Guys their is only one caretaker who take care of the park….)

Caretaker – (smiled) salam chhote malik….

Sanskar – (fake anger) kaka meine aapse kitni bar kaha hai ki aap mujhe chhote malik nahi kahenge….(how many times I have to tell you that don’t call me chhote malik….)

Caretaker – (smiled) umar hogayi hai bhool jata hoon chhote baba ab thik hai….(being old my memory get weaken chhote baba is it ok now)

Sanskar – (smiling) achha ab gate kholiye…. (it’s good now open the gate….)

He opens the gate into a special world…. SwaSan enters inside….

It’s very beautiful PARK….
Different types of flowers and fruit plants are there…. Little ponds are their filled with different types of lotus…. Green grass on dry land…. (Last but not the least) Fresh air with fragrance of blossoms…. It’s exactly like little HEAVEN ON EARTH….

Swara – (surprised and with satisfaction while looking around) it’s too beautiful park I ever seen…. It’s like I’m standing in little heaven….

Sanskar – I know that’s why we came here for talk as it’s very easy to talk here without any disturbance….

While looking around Swara noticed one black name plate but that’s unclear as dust gathered on it…. Swara goes towards it and she was about to clean it for reading, but Sanskar stop her from doing thus….

Swara – (curiously) what happened why you stopped me…. I desire to know whose park it is….

Sanskar – (calm tone) I know, but don’t clean it as only one person owns this right…. For now consider this as it’s my park…. I also know that you have a lot of questions for me and I promise I’ll solve all your confusion…. Do you trust me to do that

Swara – (calm voice) k…. I do trust you….

Minutes turns into Hours…. Morning ? turn into Evening…. Evening turn into Night ? …..

Following day at MM….

It’s really pleasant morning but soon it will go to turn in shocking one….

AP is doing aarti in house temple…. DP also join her….

Aarti ends…. Ap turns to give aarti to Dp….

Dp – where is your ladala beta(Sanskar)…..

Ap was about to say but Sanskar cut her….

Sanskar – Mr. DPM I’m here….

Both Ap and Dp looked at the entrance…. They are confused looking Sanskar as he holds a garland in his hand….

Dp – (suspicious) where are you from morning and what is this (pointing towards varmala)….

Sanskar – (smiling) I’ve one surprise for you two and mom you’ll need that thali to welcome it….

Both AP and Dp are totally befuddled by his words….

Deep – (furious) Just state it clearly don’t puzzle it….

Sanskar forward his hand to the hinder side of him….

One girl hold is hand comes beside him…. She’s looking too beautiful in red anarkali with golden work and her hair open with curls…. She has mangalsutra in her neck and sindoor in her hairline…. She too has a garland in her hand….

Both Ap and Dp eye them with hell shock….

Sanskar and the girl start walking towards them….

Sanskar introduces the girl to them….

Sanskar – meet your bahu and my dear wife Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari….

After hearing his confession Ap drops that thali from her hand….

Dp – (fuming in angar) did you know what you just said….

Sanskar – yes Mr. DPM I know very well but I guess you didn’t like my surprise….

Ap – (shocked) yeh nahi ho sakta….(this can’t be happen)

Sanskar pov…..(in his thoughts)

“I know mom I’m hurting you by doing this but I don’t have any other way to bring happiness back to the MM….”

POV ends….

Sanskar – you have to believe this mom she’s my wife now….

Dp – (angry) I just don’t trust you…. Do you have any proof of your wedding…..

Sanskar – (furious) I knew that as business man you’ll ask me for proof…. You never care for your children’s feelings….
And I have proof with me….

(Actually he got a lawyer and pundit with him)

Sanskar – Mr. Khanna show him mine marriage papers and this pandit you know him very well (it’s common pandit which used to do every pooja in MM)
He performed my marriage rituals….

The lawyer gives him the registration certificate with file and Pandit also confess about their wedding….

Dp start reading the file in mute with shock face…..

Ap – (crying goes towards Sanskar) Why did you do that, tell me…. You know well what happen in the past, then how could you….

Sanskar – (holding ap’s hands) mom I love her a lot I can’t live without her…. I know very well about the past, but don’t worry this time they have to accept my conclusion…. They always care for their so called reputation…. They will cause anything to save it….

To be continued….

Precap – Decision time….

What you think guys will Dp accept SwaSan….

Sry if I’m boring you but trust me I’m trying to make it more interesting and I’ll finish it next 15 episode only….
Sry for short update cause I’m busy with my studies…. Next one will be mixed up episode with lots of ROMANCE and SUSPENSE….

Credit to: Bhagyashree

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