“Ahh! I’ll kill you,I’ll kill you,I’ll kill you all!” I groaned and sighed at the same time. Mosquitos were sucking all life out of me. ” Am I the sweetest?” I cried. I was literally going bonkers as nights have never been this depressing for me. Electricity went off and I was alone. No,I lived alone only but that night I didn’t have wifi to accompany me,to make my nights pleasant. I went through my phone again and again but couldn’t find anything that would be of little interest. Life is so lifeless without Internet I thought. And what made the situation worse were these beasts who were voraciously eating me.

I had tried almost everything to entertain me from reading the saved jokes to revising my playlists and even saw those games for a while but nothing worked. It was 2:27 am and I was staring at the ceiling,with no signs of any sleep. My fingers just played with the numbers on my mobile. An idea jumped into my creative brain and I decided to type a message to the number I had framed.

Me : I love you. I know you don’t know me but I love you ?

I smiled wickedly after writing this, my reminiscent mind unfolding how I used to have fun receiving calls from unknown numbers and my wish to send text to unfamiliar people. I was cherishing my childishness when my thumb accidentally hit the send button. I had my heart in my mouth as it without any delay displayed, delivered.

” Holy shit! This was a valid number .” I scolded myself. I am notorious but I never execute my impractical dealing ’cause I know I’m a weakling. What crap did you just do.

Stupid? I hope nobody replies. I thought hiding my face in the pillow. But to my misfortune, my iPhone announced ” You gotta message Swara!” I opened my eyes a little to peep the answer. My heart’s activity was audible as I felt I have committed a crime.

Stranger : Hello! Do I know you?

Shall I reply or not? I shouldn’t,it’s better. But what if he pesters me with questions? I should close the business at once I thought and answered.

Me : No..I’m sorry..I’m sorry..I just typed a random number and this silly message and accidentally sent..I’m sorry for inconvenience..I’m sorry..please ignore..I’m mad.

After sending yet another message I regretted it again. Swara? How clumsy you sounded? What are you trying to do now? But lamenting was reasonable as my one reply soon turned into a small conversation.

Stranger : Hello? Relax girl..it’s okay. I didn’t have any problem but it can cause you great troubles if someday your message falls in wrong hands..

Me : How do you know I’m a girl? I know this can happen and I may tell you I do not do this on daily basis. It was just a tragedy.

Swara : No boy can say sorry this number of times and gives explanations like this. Better Miss/Mrs Swara! But I may tell you I’m not a bad boy.. ?

Stranger : How do you know my name?

Me : True caller girl. I’m smart. But you don’t even think finding me on true caller. You won’t get the information anywhere. It’s all private..

I was terrified now. I have never been outgoing and too friendly. I’m shy and timid. And I never want any disaster to happen..hence I closed everything. I replied-

Me : Anyways ,I’m sorry. It was just a mistake. There won’t be any disturbance from my side in future. Bye. Good Night…

Stranger : Umm..wait…

Why is he so persistent? And what he must be doing so late? I decided not to answer any further. I engaged myself watching the sky outside my window when my phone again declared that I had a message.

Stranger : So you gone. I hope this night turns to be good at least now and my headaches stops. I’ll try to sleep. Good Night. Nice meeting you…

This boy is sweet! Umm, stop it Swara. You know how crimes take place even through mobiles. You shouldn’t repeat this again. But..umm.. I slept soon talking to myself.

It was Saturday morning and I woke up late but luckily I was on leave. I unlocked my phone which still displayed my last night’s chat. Shall I ask him about his headache? I should? I think?

Me : How’s the headache now?

I sent. I knew it wasn’t save but yet I did it. My heart told me to do so and I can risk being adventurous sometimes ’cause I’m mature and knows where it is going wrong. My phone vibrated.

Stranger : You said we won’t be seeing each other?

Me : Sorry…
Was my only reply.

Stranger : No, I mean..sorry. I’m fine. At last I slept. Thanks for asking..

Me : Welcome:-)

Stranger : Umm,so can I ask you something? I can..lol..what do you do?

Me : I’m a doctor.

Stranger : Ah! Some intelligent brain that means..

Me : What do you do? And moreover your name..??

Stranger : Umm..I do? No I don’t do anything..I play..I mean..I like music., I train myself and practise. My name..it’s not important..sometime latter?

Me : Train for what? Excuse me? Why can’t I get your name? Why you behaving like a girl..?

Stranger : Haha..I train..my name has nothing..we’ll discuss..this later..

Me : Whatever?

Stranger : But I may tell you I’m not a bad “boy”??

Me : I get it..lol

Little did I knew then that this small childlike act of mine would earn me a new friend. Yes,we were friends soon. We started talking to each other often but only through messages. Initially we talked about our likes/dislikes and gradually we became a part of each other’s life. We knew almost everything about each other,given exception to the fact that he never told me his name nor his profession. He always declined those questions.

It was an October night. The sky was bright with stars,cool breeze embracing me as I was sitting in the balcony sipping my coffee. My eyes fell on Sanskar Kapoor’s picture in the evening daily. I had a huge,huge crush on this guy,actually I loved him. Today we had a concert and he even played our favourite song but unfortunately his band lost the competition. I had a widest smile on my face but here the reason was not directly him but my friend Mr. Nameless. Memories ran down my lane as I clearly remembered that interaction with him. I opened my inbox to reread those messages.

Mr. Nameless : So Swara who is your crush?

Me : Why you wanna know?

Mr. Nameless : Arre? I should know this much about my friend?

Me : Laksh

I replied despite I loved Sanskar more since Laksh is married to Ragini.

Mr. Nameless : What about Sanskar Kapoor? I was expecting you to say this ’cause most girls love him?

Me : I’m not like other girls.

Mr. Nameless : But Sanskar? Sanskar is so hot? So s*xy? So the best?

Me : What you have to do with this?

Mr. Stranger : I’m like worried about you. Swara you don’t like Sanskar Kapoor?

Me : Are you gay? You look so obsessed with him.

Mr. Stranger : No…but he’s really good.

Me : I find him arrogant.

I replied despite I loved him for his arrogance. And this guy kept on annoying me until I accepted the whole truth about Laksh and Sanskar.

When I was going through this unexpectedly my phone rang. My eyes couldn’t just adjust in the socket as I saw it from the ‘nameless’. We were better friends but I never looked for his call. We didn’t even ever mention about this. The phone kept on ringing but I wasn’t sure if I had to pick it up or not. My heart pounded faster. I eased a bit when the ring died but it again started without an warning. I picked up the call this time.

S – “Hello?”

N – “Why didn’t you pick it up at once?” He asked angrily and as if we were not talking on the phone for the first time.

S – “I wasn’t sure.”

N – “Sure for what?”

S – “I wasn’t expecting a call from you.”

N – “I’m sorry.”

S – “It’s okay. But what happened to you?”

N – “Nothing. Had a tough day at work. Needed someone badly so thought of calling you.”

S – “Aww! Bad day at work or something else Mr. Gay?”

“Gay!? Stop calling me that!” He complained.

“No but you have a bad day only when Sanskar Kapoor has a bad day? Great connection I must say.” I replied trying to be funny to ease him a bit.

“Ya. . Ya. . .you caught me.” He said laughing.

S – “Acha tell where you work? Or at least your name?”

N -“No. This is not important Swara.”

S – “But I’m sure you don’t work for RAW! Idiot!”

N – “Oh okay! You can call me Sanky as my name starts with S.”

S – “Ohhh! Same initial letters bhi haan? But that’s better Mr. Nameless.”

And our conversation continued for hours. Since that we started talking on phone. And it was hardly any day we went without hearing each other’s voice. I was blindly trusting this guy even though I didn’t know his name and work. My heart trusted him. Everything was going slow and easy until 31st December. We then knew each other for almost a year. But this night, doors for new love opened.

“Sanky. . .its not 12 yet. . . We still have 15 minutes to go. You called a little early?” I said cheerfully picking up his call on last day of 2016.

“I know Swara. I wanted to tell you something.” He replied seriously.

“What happened? All okay?”

“Ya, all good. Actually. . . I wanted to tell you some truth about myself.”

“Go. . .on. . .” I replied as my heart started to pump faster. I got intimidated quickly.

“I hope our friendship doesn’t get affects after all this. . .”

“Are you a terrorist? Or a relative? Or wait. . .that boy in the front building.”

He giggled at my little imagination.
“No, I’m none of them. But hey, you never told about that boy…? Does he trouble you?”

S – “He constantly stares at me. But that’s not important right now. You continue. . .”

N – “No I can break his bones if he’s acting too sick. . .really? Tell me more on this. And why didn’t you tell me before?”

S – “Stop acting like my boyfriend, Sanky. Please… Shall I go and puke or are you gonna tell me about yourself cause I’m hell nervous.”

N – “No. . .no don’t throw up. I’m telling.”

S – “Fast. . .”

“Swara. . . I have always been honest with you. I never even thought of telling you a lie or hurting you in anyway cause you were always special and will be. But there’s one thing you are completely unaware of. This si my reality and what all I stand for but I surely do not want you to distance yourself from me or change how you treat me. Cause I love your friendship and it means a lot to me. Swara. . . I’m. . .”

“You not a terrorist na?” I asked as I was standing near my bathroom.

“Shut up… I’m serious right now.” He ordered.

“Sorry. . .”

“Swara. . . I’m Sanskar Kapoor. . . I am a member of the famous musical band . . .” He speaks without any pause.

I didn’t know how to answer as I was highly bewildered whether this was a joke to laugh at or was he real Sanskar Kapoor.

“If you think I’m joking then go check Twitter, you’ll be having a follow request from Sanskar Kapoor, I mean me.?” He reassured.

I straightway opened the door, barged in, and vomited. I probably hung up the phone. I composed myself after all this foolish activity and called him again.”

“Are you fine? I was scared? Did you puke?” He said before I could utter a hello.

S – “I’m sorry, ya. I mean I just threw up but I’m all good.”

“So. . . ?”


“Wont you say anything…?”

“No. . . You didn’t want me to change so why should I give you a special attention Mr. Finally from Sanky to Sanskar. Ya, so its okay I cam bear you even I you are Kapoor.” I chuckled
“I thought and realised that it doesn’t matter if you are famous or anything. I have always known you as my Sanky and I wanna continue to know you like that. So please don’t act like Sanskar Kapoor…big and popular with all your celebrity tantrums.”

“And I promise you that Sanky you know is Sanskar Kapoor only. I was always myself with you, I never used any covers. Thanks for accepting me..”

“Oh chill Sanky? Don’t act formal and sophisticated with all thanks you’s na? I know every sleazy, cheap things about you. . . ?”

“Ya. . .okay. Lol!”


“A very very very Happy New Year Swara!” Sanskar said loudly almost bursting my ear drums.

“Happy happy happiest New year Sanskar!”

“Thank you.. I want to ask you something else too?”


“I wanted to ask you since my birthday but I was not in India then and moreover you didn’t know about me then. I’m serious. Telling you before hand, but I’m not always funny.
So Miss Swara will you make my new year the bestest my accepting a date with me today? I wanna spend this very first day with you?”

“I would be happiest to come!” I answered without thinking much cause I felt more for him as a person, as a beautiful soul he is, and not caus he’s popular.

“I’m glad.”

“By the way I checked your follow request on Twitter before calling you back and trusting all this?” We laughed. . .

So this was my strange love story. We started with a year together without seeing each other but yet out hearts got linked. Love has no boundaries. It just happens. Today is 7th May, 2018 and I’m going to get married in the next few hours. I look at myself all ready in lehenga to go to the mandap to be Mrs. Sanskar Kapoor. To be Mrs. Swara Kapoor. To be Sanskar’s wife. . .


Hi guys. Well I am Naina, Nisha’s (Anu) sister. My sister told me about this site and also her lovely virtual friends. I read a few fan fictions here all thanks to her. And when I was on my laptop going through my sister’s work (actually I was a little excited about the upcoming chapters of her Fixing Broken Souls) But I found this OS which wasn’t posted here, I don’t know why. So I thought about posting it. And I fell in love with this sweet story. Sorry sis for posting this without your permission. I am sure you all had a great time reading it … That’s it!

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  1. Idiot Naina! How dare you post this without my permission.

    Guys. Don’t read this cause its all shit. I never posted this cause I knew this would be the worst OS on Telly Updates. But my idiot and stupid sister did the sin of posting this. Im gonna kill her right now!

    1. Anu…u r talking about this os being the worst….but let me tell u.. this os is one of the sweetest os i have ever read in Tu…Naina did a great job by posting it or else we would miss such a nice story…..

  2. Hey Naina. If you have any other Nisha/Anu’s story please post them too. We all know Anu is an awesome writer but she underestimates her talent a lot.

    1. Yea u r ryt…I too agree with u Abc…

    2. Awe dude! Thanks duh. Will definitely do it if i come across any of her work. Which seems impossible as she has locked her laptop but still I will try my best!

  3. Aww…this was such a cute and sweet story….?

    1. Thanks Eva. She’s really cute to write something like this. Or else she’s always behind us making us cry with emotional crap (good crap)
      And I’m reading ur Samjhota. Just started and I’m loving it.

  4. Awww…. I love the way life works out for me at times…..

    Was just checking up on my ff and was utterly miserable when I saw the os by anu…. immediately opened it and now am happy again…. well at least happier than before…..

    Very sweet and nice….. the theme has been done before… but it didn’t feel like Dr ja vu to me…

    HEYY NAINA!!! Nice to finally see you…. converse rather….

    Lol.. hopefully my anu doesn’t kill you…. ???

    Anu?? Why didn’t you post this???? ?

    LOVE BOTH OF U????

    1. Hey Anjali didi! Nisha sometimes blabbers about you a lot. You’re so cute. Aww your cheeks! I wanna pinch them…

      And she gave me a long explanation about not posting this. She told she’ll be bashed for writing something so cheesy but I loved it a lot. She hates such kinda cheesiness

      Love you too ??

  5. Its awesome..don’t GT angry anu..am a silent reader of ur all ff..today I cmmntd…it’s awesome..loved it..love u loads…???

    1. And Naina love u too dear..?? thanks for posting this..otherwise we’ll miss this fab OS…. don’t kill her anu..???

    2. Hey Riya! Nice name. She isn’t angry at all. I made a puppy face which melted her easily lol.

      And love you too — from Nisha ♥

    3. Thanks a lot dear! So happy to get so much warmth and affection here. No wonder she spends so much time in writing love you too ?? — Naina

  6. its awsome god
    u have blessed with wonderful skills of writing anu and thank u naina for posting it

    1. ❤?Natasha?❤

      Awesome anu di…..why didnt u post it b4????????……….and nisha ty sooooo much for posting this sweet story…….

    2. Thanks a lot Sana and Nats. Should he thanking Nisha for writing such a cute story.

      And yeah, it’s my duty to promote her work like nice sister ?

  7. The OS was so cute loved it a lot please continue writing such OS because I always see tragedy ones which break my heart ?

    1. Thanks a lot Umi. Aha! Our Nisha is a tragedy queen as well 😉

  8. Awesome
    Best os ever anu and nisha di
    U don’t me as a writer but i m a regular commentor on fixing u or fix u
    Aise hi likhte rehna aur Hame entertain karte rehna

    1. Aww! Thanks a lot to my sister and keep reading her work and btw the next chapter is a join work by us. I hope you like that

  9. It is a very good story…….
    Sooooo creative. Loved it.

    1. Thanks a lot Nagma! Lovely name Nisha can be creative sometimes 😉

  10. Lovely!!
    Thank you Naina for posting her lovely os here or else we would have never read it!

    It was so sweet! I was smiling from ear to ear while reading this… I swear it was one of the best os I’ve ever read and Anu how could you even think that it was stupid?? Stories that you write are really good!! <3 🙂 🙂 <3

    1. Thanks a lot Aliya for appreciating her work.
      And its my duty dear to post her good work 🙂
      And I am happy to hear that this made you smile wide. Keep smiling just like that

  11. Thanks a lot naina ..thats a great favour you did us ..love you both ..and anu how can you do this dr ..such a beautiful and lovely ff 🙂 …love you loads

    1. Thanks a lot Harini.
      Aww she’s my sister my love! Her writings are sometimes too good 🙂

  12. nice os..:)

  13. Perfect OS. Awesome

    1. Naisha (Naina and Nisha)

      Tysm Tweety 🙂

  14. awww so nice

    1. Naisha (Naina and Nisha)

      Tysm Khan

  15. Anu..y didn’t u post this huh…this is a nice story and u didn’t share it with us…soo bad…:( anyways naina thankx for shareing it…anu…it is a really nice story dr..I loved it soo much keep.writing dr god bless u

    1. Naisha (Naina and Nisha)

      She’s crazy sometimes! And thanks it is my duty dear and I am happy to hear that u liked her work.

  16. I lyk ur sis already… She gid gr8… It was so sweet but cheesy…and i like cheesy things..

    1. Naisha (Naina and Nisha)

      Hi hope am Naina. Her sister. Thanks dear. I appreciate ur appreciation lol.

  17. Hy Naina……….. Thnks alot fr posting ths…….. It ws such a fab treat reading ths n giving us one more chance to admire anu’s work………. It feels soo good……. Thnks once agn……
    Baby sis!!!!! Ur jus superb…….. I dn hv words to explain hw I’m feeling nw…….
    Till date I ws jus loving u dearly bt frm today I respect u n salute you!!!!!! I’m vry proud of u dea…… These words R coming direct frm my heart……???
    N don’t kill Naina….. I did a big favour fr us….. O else v wud nvr get to see ths beautiful piece of work………
    Love ya……..????

    1. Naisha (Naina and Nisha)

      Hey Suneo. I am Naina. Loved ur name dear. Reminds me of doraemon.

      Lol I can see you all love her so much just like I do.

      And she didn’t kill me thankfully. I made a stupid puppy face that melted her instantly. I am very dramatic queen sometimes 😉

  18. Areh this is awesome Anu.. i loved it.. now um thinking if it will be possible for me too to be friend s with armaan malik 😉😜
    i hav a huge crush on him 😍😍

    1. Naisha (Naina and Nisha)

      Thanks a lot Niti. Im happy to know that u like her work. Well thus makes me fee that I can be a friend to Siddharth Malhotra dude! He’s so hot!!

  19. Can i ask u something? Is “fix u” inspired from dis os? Maybe u wrote dis os and u didn’t felt complete and u started writing fix u…don’t take me wrong dear..Its just my doubt..coz it happened to me.. I wrote a shortstory abt a love sick boy who gets heartbroken and after writing dat ss started to give me nytmares..(which was really weird..btw) and i ended up writing d whole novel..it isn’t finished,coz of my exams..

    1. Naisha (Naina and Nisha)

      I asked Nisha about this and she gold she write it when she was writing one of the episode of Fix You. And basically the character inspiration is from Fix You. So this OS is basically characterisation of different concept. I hope you understood what crap I said 😉

  20. Wow thanks naina for posting it…

    Its really amazing stry anu…

    1. Naisha (Naina and Nisha)

      Hey your welcome! And I’ll let Nishoo know about ur good will :):)

    1. Naisha (Naina and Nisha)

      Tysm Aanya I am happy that u liked it

  21. That was awesome. One of the best OS.

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      Thanks a lot Sharlene! I am happy to find that u liked it so much 🙂

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    THANQ so much Naina for posting this….??? (Dunno whether u will c r not but Anu….if u saw please convey my gratitude for her coz of her we got a sweet OS)…
    Swara and Mr.Stranger …. very different concept and very happieeee to read…???
    Sweet Strange (in a very good way)OS
    Thanq Naina and of course to u Nisha for writing it???
    Love u loads ♥

    1. Naisha (Naina and Nisha)

      She didn’t kill me all thanks to my cute puppy avatar! Am happy to find you liked it so much
      And I Naina M. Is only replying to all ur beautiful messages 🙂

      Love you too dear. Ur extremely sweet like a ?

  23. Awesome anu it was too gud… I lykd the concept very much… A diff n beautiful love story…. If it hadn’t been for ur sis we might not hav read this… Thnq so much naina for posting it here.. Ur dp is also cute both of u luk so pretty. Which one is naina n u left or right?

    1. Naisha (Naina and Nisha)

      Thanks a lot Ruhani. And it was pure luck which made this post here. Anyways I hope you keep smiling like this forever :):)

  24. Naina , very very good , *pats on ur back* really anu di can u say that its worst , its BEST OS ON TELLY UPDATES . My headache totally became calm after reading this. Thank u so so so so much naina .
    “BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN ANU DI ” expecting more os from u .

    1. Naisha (Naina and Nisha)

      Thanks a lot Priyu:)
      And I am glad to take some credits of this OS. And she’s a very good writer I must say. Im proud to be her sis. Love you priyu ♥

  25. Anu kuch likhe aur woh achha na ho aisa to ho hi nahi sakta….. right…. 🙂

    I hope my hindi line is ok…. lol…
    Anu it was awesome…..and naina u did a wonderful job by posting it….. <3

    1. Well I just visited this page and saw my sister replied to all of you.

      Dont worry I read all your comments and I am hell shocked. This OS was a total timepass and wasn’t upto the the mark I suppose. But I guess, you all are crazily loving it

      And dear, thanks a lot. Even I think now she did a good thing by posting this.

  26. Awesome story thanks for posting Naina on behalf of Anu or else we would have missed such a wonderful story

    1. Thanks a lot Amu. It means a lot to me x x
      And I’ll send ur thanks and good wishes to her as well:):)

  27. Oh my god what a luck I was just shifting pages of tu n my eyes caught os by anu……

    Anu dare not say it worse dear it’s sweetest os ever… How can u hide this from us yaar…. Really bad of you for keeping it sealed…. Naina dear so sweet of you for posting it…. Haww if it could be in my hands I would have given u a hug for posting this os…. Anu really girl it’s awesome…

    Don’t scold naina she did a great job yaar n naina u r really cute… I saw the emblem both of u are cute dolls…. ?????..I always told this to anu but got u today…. Love u both…. U both are cute ones ???

    1. Aww! Thanks a lot Neha di. And sorry.
      *Hold ears*
      I actually thought this wasn’t good. I had no clue you all would like it ?

      Love you and she’s cute af! I dont know about me though 😐

      ? ? ? ? ? ?

  28. Anu hw can u say its a wrost os….n thnk u so much naina for posting such a wonderful story….thnx a lot dear :-*

    1. Thanks a lot Myra ♥

      And will send ur good wishes to Naina as well :):)

  29. Oh god..I just got it randomly.. Thank god I got it.. Such a cute love story.. Love you for this sis.. Plz write some more os and plz don’t say anything to my little sis.. So sweet of her..I really love her for this..

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