Hi friends i’m back but it was a spoiler. And I had decided that I will update each Sunday. Sorry for such late updates but plz friends if I’ll free then I’ll update everyday.

Here is the spoiler

At night – swara and lucky room

Swara – she comes and sit in the bed.

Lucky – so it was your plan now what you want to do. I tried so many to keep my bhai safe but you succeed I failed. How cheap you are?

Swara – oh really thanks for the compliment. Don’t worry I’ll not do anything. And I’m not going to picnic you guys can go and enjoy.

Lucky – really iknow it was your plan only I warned you stay away from my bhai and bhabi. Don’t try to interfere in their life otherwise I’ll not forgive you.

Swara – I’m not here to listen your stupid talks. Bye and she left to riyas room.

In Adarsh and pari room
Adarsh – pari what’ll happen next?

Pari – don’t know Adarsh how come swara is here.

Adarsh – I never know that my past will come in front of me like this if maa and lucky will know about my past then what’ll happen pari I can’t take the risk.

Pari – don’t worry everything will be good but swara ok leave her let’s sleep. Good night.

Swara and riya were listening everything.

Swara – riya you saw na it means pari knows everything but still she was supporting him.

Riya – yes swara I saw how cheap both of them tomorrow we’ll bring their truth definitely.

Swara – of course riya you know lucky call me cheap how can he riya here I’m trying my best to uncover Adarsh but lucky

Riya – no swara it was not his fault he was in dilemma don’t worry everything will be fine. Have you any plan.

Swara – Yes riya and she tells something to riya which was muted and one more thing riya after this I’ll leave this house and lucky.

Riya – but swara

Swara – no riya I dnt want to listen anything. And she leaves to room.

Riya – becahara lucky now he has to do so many things swara was in a angry mood. Iknow Adarsh truth will be out tomorrow but after that who’ll control swara’s anger.

Friends it was for the first time I’m writing a spoiler so a big wala sorry for this. And I’ll update it’s next episode on Sunday morning. And plz tell me how’s this. I’m waiting.

Credit to: pari

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