Hey friends it’s your pari again. Hey friends last time I think you didn’t like my story. So heartly big sorry to all of you as ihave bored you all. And in this first part I’ll give you intro only if you like it then only I’ll continue otherwise not.

Let’s start –

SWARA BOSE -A 24 yrs old girl. Always wants to live happily. Fun loving &a very caring &responsible girl. At first she always laughs so much but now she forget to laugh. An orphan &a business tycoon of India .

LAKSH MAHESWARI -A 25 yrs old boy. He also loved his mother alot. Always cares for others. Also one of leading business tycoon of India. Competitior of swara.

Riya – best friend of swara . She always hopes that may be one day she’ll make swara like before who always laughs talks alot. Always stood for swara & lives with swara in her house only.

Shivansh -best friend & business partner of lucky.

Let’s Start first episode

A girl is sleeping peacefully. Suddenly sunray falls on her eyes. So she tells mama plz close the windows na iwant to sleep. Riya who is sleeping beside her get up because she knew that what’ll happen next. Yes the girl is swara.

Suddenly swara realised what she told.

Swara -ramu kaka (she calls him).

Ramu kaka- haan swara beta what happen?

Swara – if anyone tells to do any work can’t you do it properly. Why it was always needed to tell you about your work. Why you didn’t close the windows ?why every morning there is a need for calling you?

Riya -swara it was not his fault. Last night you only told him to open the windows na as you don’t want ac &for that only he comes &open the windows.

Swara – thinks &tells sorry to kaka & tells to riya that
Riya go &get freshen up we have to leave for office.

Riya -ya okay I’m leaving.

Ramu kaka -beta come downstairs quickly ihad make u r brakfast.

Swara -ya I’ll come.

After sometime swara &riya came downstairs &after doing breakfast swara left for office.

Riya -swara you go I’ll come after sometime.

Swara -okay &she leaves.

Riya comes to kaka

Riya -kaka plz dnt take swara wrong you know na what happened plz forgive her.

Ramu kaka -no need to say sorry beta because iknw it. That incident changed swara beta. She stops laughing &talking. I knw her from her childhood. It was very painful for us to see swara beta like this.

Riya -thanks kaka.

Kaka -riya beta you’re the I only person to whom swara listen. Otherwise what had happened to her god knows. You’re really a good girl.

Riya -no kaka she is my best friend. I want to make her previous swara who loves others, laughs so much, who is not arrogant like today’s swara. I want to pray god that only once she would found that person may be after that she’ll get changed.

Kaka -I also hope so beta. Plz god send someone who will make swara happy.

Then riya left for office.

A big mansion is shown which was very beautiful. A boy was seen sleeping. Suddenly his phone rings. He talks in sleeping only.

Boy -Yes baby sonali what happened I missed you so much baby.

Girl -what who is sonali im anjli is she your girlfriend. You cheated me lucky.

Yes he was lucky.

Lucky -oh sorry baby actually I get confused because Shivansh save your no. As sonali. Sorry baby.

But the girl scold him so much &cuts the phone. When lucky gets up he heared someone’s laughing. He turned &see Shivansh there.

Shivansh -what happened did your baby scold you? Bechara

Lucky -it was your work na today I’ll show you who am I? you only told her everything na.

Then both started running here &there &suddenly Shivansh stops.

Shivansh -hey lucky stop yr today we have to go for the contract meeting yr. You knw na this contract was very much needed for our company.

Lucky -don’t take tension yr when lucky is there no need to take tension. We’ll get only this contract.

Shivansh -no lucky it was not easy because our competitors is swara. The youngest business tycoon of this year. She was very much talented &till now she didn’t lose any contract. Okay get ready first. Aunty is preparing breakfast. I’ll wait for you in downstairs.

Lucky -who is this swara okay today I’ll gonna meet you miss swara and today you have to lose because I’m your competitor.

And he left for wash room.

Precap – first meeting of swara &laksh. Who’ll gonna win the contract . And swara meets someone.

Friends plzzzzzzzzzzzz if you’re liking it plz let me know through coments. I’ll update the next only after seeing your response. If you are not liking it then plz let me knw it I’ll stop it. Plz coment yaar.

Credit to: pari

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