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Episode 8

Episode starts with

Lucky make sit swara in the car and drives off. Both reached a place. Swara continues asking lucky about the place but he ask her to be silent for sometime. Then lucky ask swara to come out. When swara opens her eyes she saw riya was standing there. It was about 11.55pm. Then swara was very much happy to see her.

Swara – lucky Riya here.

Lucky – of course I know you are starting afresh so how can you do it without riya. And it was riyas bday also . So I thought nothing should be good gift for her.

Swara – thanks lucky she sees him with teary eyed

Lucky – oh mam let’s go there because she was waiting for us only. Let’s go.

Both reached there.

Riya – what happened lucky and swara is everything all right na. Lucky that driver doesn’t tell me anything.

Lucky – have patience riya. We both are okay. Actually we both want to tell you something.

Riya – what is that .Plz tell me.

Both stood there for sometime then suddenly screams Happy birthday riya. Riya was surprised. Because afterthat incident she didn’t celebrate her bday. And swara also never wished her in these years.

Riya – what happened to you both. And sorry swara yeh lucky na leave it. Sorry you didn’t want to celebrate bday na.

Swara – are buddu im very much happy today. Because lucky today realised my mistake.

Riya – what? She asked swara questioning.

Swara – are from now onwards I’ll live as previous swara. And I’ll not cry. From today onwards you didn’t have to cry and prays for me. From today onwards we’ll enjoy our live like others do. I promised you Riya I’ll never became that rude swara ok sorry and happy bday.

Riya – seriously and she cries and hugged swara. Thanks swara ill remember this bday throughout my life it was the best gift. Thanks for returning my swara to me. And lucky thank you very much.

Swara – ya thanks to his gf otherwise I’ll never realise my mistake.

Riya – gf??

Swara – haan gf she ditched lucky and runaway with money and tells her everything.

Riya – what are you telling swara lucky didn’t have any gf.

Swara – what? And she turns to lucky.

Lucky – sorry but I tell you lie. I don’t have any gf. I did these because Shivansh tell me in afternoon that Nextday is riyas bday. So I’m thinking how to celebrate her bdbday so ihad to do this drama.

Swara – lucky you are dead now.

Lucky – plz save me riya otherwise she’ll eat me plz.

Riya- stop swara he didn’t commit any mistake. He did all only to realise your mistake.

Swara – ya you are rt let’s cut the cake.

Riya – lucky but where is Shivansh.

Lucky – are he had some urgent work so he can’t come. Okay cut the cake.

Then they cut the cake and after sometime all left to hotel.

Swara – riya let’s go im tired.

Riya – ya bye lucky gd nt.

Lucky – ya gd nt.

After changing dress when swara comes out she find riya was thinking very deeply.

Swara – what happened riya what are you thinking

Riya – nothing sit here. Swara I was thinking about lucky. You know from the day he came in to our life he always tried hard to change you and he has done so much na he make you eat aloo mushroom khurma and also helps you. He was a very good person just see na if anyone is there in his place then he’ll never do it.

Swara – Yes riya he was very good. I also thinking about it. Okay let’s sleep. Tomorrow we have to go out because there was so many surprises waiting for you. Then both slept.

Nextday morning

Riya -get up swara.

Swara – plz lucky only 5 min more.

Riya – lucky she giggles. Okay and she calls lucky. She told in luckys voice plz shona get up na it’s riyas bday na. We have to go for her surprise.

Swara – okay but give me my morning medicine.

Riya – what medicine swara (in luckys voice only)

Swara – you forget my morning kiss.

Riya – acha bachhu ab tu toh gayi. She went and bring water and pour on her.

Swara – she scream and get up. Where am I?

Riya – youare in my room dreaming about lucky.

Swara – where is lucky.

Riya – what’s this swara still you are dreaming about him only.

Swara – she realised and tells no rriya I’m asking you jokingly. Don’t take it seriously. Waise what I told you .

Riya – you are asking me not to lucky for your morning kiss.

Swara – what? Oh god what happened to me.

Riya – nothing love. You are started liking him.

Swara – no nothing like that okay.

Riya – I know baby shall i call lucky to give you your morning medicine ie kiss you only told me.

Swara – plz stop it. And stop teasing me. Nothing like that and she throw a pilow on riya.

Riya – swara ki bachhi tu toh gayi and she also throw pilow in her.

Both played sometime. And swara went to washroom for freshing up.

Precap – riya, lucky and swara enjoying and someone attacked swara.

Credit to: pari

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