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Swara was sleeping in her room. She saw lucky was calling her. So she went to him. When she reached there she saw lucky was standing there . He was wearing a white dress he was looking very handsome. So she ask lucky why he called her. as lucky about it lucky replied her that he was going to propose someone and he wants her help.. So swara ask him then why he called her. He tells her that of course he has to call her otherwise to whom will he propose. Swara was shocked. She saw lucky was sitting in his knees and he tells her I LOVE YOU. Swara was shocked and gets up (Yes she was dreaming ).She ask herself how can you think like that idiot. Why will he proposing you. Suddenly she called riya.

Swara – riya are you sleeping?

Riya – no tell me what happened.

Swara – I saw a dream

Riya – oh what did you see.

Swara – she tells everything to riya what she saw in her dreams.

Riya – oh ho today you watched him on your dream swara. It means you are starting liking him.

Swara – no nothing like that you sleep. I’ll also gonna sleep.

Riya – why you are shouting me. Okay gd nt. She cuts the call. She was happy as her prayers will going to be fulfilled. And she thanks god and slept.

Here swara couldn’t sleep that night. She was scolding herself but cannot control herself to think about lucky. So at last she decides that she’ll gonna avoiding him from tomorrow. So after trying many times finally sleeping devi blessed her and she slept.

In the morning there was a knock on swaras room. So she wake up. When she opens the door she find lucky was standing there in the same dress which he was wearing in her dreams.

Lucky – hey good morning. Till now you are sleeping.

Swara – I know you are going to be invisible again so just go.

Lucky – oh hlo diaunosaurus what are you talking I’m not mister india so that I’ll became invisible.

Swara – I know till now you are joking only. I know when I’ll going to touch you you’ll dissappear.

Lucky – what happened to her. He thought and went inside her room.

Swara – iknow till now I’m dreaming only you’ll going to dissappear again.

Lucky – no swara and he brought a jug full of water and he pours in her head. So swara screams.

Swara – what are you doing flirter and how dare you to throw water on me.

Lucky – no mam how come I have that power. Till now what are you telling wait and he checks her temperature and ask her if you are having fever.

Swara – no and what did i tell you.

Lucky – he tells her everything which she told.

Swara – no I’m just doing a prank on you.

Lucky – oh really then it’s good. Okay what happened till now you are sleeping you don’t remember we have to go to office if that head officer come back or not.

Swara – ya give me only five minutes I’ll be back. And she runs to washroom. After sometime she came out she was wearing a white colour chudidar she was looking very beautiful. When lucky saw her he was lost in her beauty.

Swara – let’s go what are you seeing. If this dress wasn’t good.

Lucky – no you are looking very beautiful yr. Okay let’s go. Both left in the car. When they reached there they came to knw that head officer didn’t came he’ll be coming the Nextday. Both came out of the office.

Swara – what the hell he didn’t came. If he has any sort of responsibility or not.

Lucky – leave it for today also we have to stay here.

Swara – ya otherwise our project will nt going to be started also. Only after his approval we can start it.

Lucky – ya let’s goto the hotel.

Swara – okay let’s go.

Both reached hotel and went to their respective room. After some hours swara came to luckys room.

Lucky – you are here I can’t believe it. Plz swara tell me the truth if you are feeling better or not. Because today morning also….

Swara – don’t get very excited im getting bored so I came here.

Lucky – ya ur rt let’s go to visit shimla.

Swara – okay.

Swara and lucky were silent in the car. Suddenly swara started talking.

Swara – what happened to you? Why you are silent today.

Lucky – nothing.

Swara – what happened plz tell me. If it was possible then I’ll help you.

Lucky – I told you na nothing happened.

Swara – plz tell me you are my friend na.

Lucky – nothing my gf ditched me today. She runaway with her bf and also she took away one of my debit card.

Swara – so what you are sad because of this small reason. You have many debit cards. Okay I’m telling you one thing just thought that you gave that credit card to a poor person. And don’t think so much becoz this rudeness doesn’t suits you.

Lucky – then he parked the car to one side.

Swara – why did you park it. That’s also on the bridge

Lucky – he came out and opened swaras door also. So swara also gets down.

Swara – lucky plz stop this silence and this rudeness doesn’t suits you plz forget her. It’s okay if she would had taken all of your money also it wasn’t difficult to gain it because you are hard working and talented also. So dnt take tension. Me riya and Shivansh were with you na.

Lucky – okay but why don’t you apply this rule with yourself also.

Swara – what? ?

Lucky – ya I know everything about your past. No don’t get hyper I forced riya to talk to me. And if my case was same also with you na she also ditched me and she also runaway with the money then why dont you forget him. Why you are punishing yourself. You are also had the freedom to enjoy your life. Why you are wasting it. And you became rude and forget your life only because of that person who will be gonna enjoying his life with his wife or gf. Nothing will happen to him. Only you are suffering. Plz swara stop these. Riya always cries and prays for you. She always prayed to god only to give her back her previous swara. If you are claiming her to your best friend then why don’t you agreed with her. Why you punishing her with yourself. Plz swara forget him.

Swara – she was shocked and was listening to lucky only. She was crying only. Ya lucky I’m wrong. I had to change although not for me but for riya who loves me so much. But only after taking revenge from that person.

Lucky – oh really can you give me the exact date when will you found that person and when ll you taking your revenge. Have you any answer.

Swara had no answer

Lucky – iknow you don’t have that date nor you can give me that surance that you’ll found him and giving him punishment within this month. No na. Then what are doing swara only for riya sake plz change yaar plz give riya her right.

Swara – she break down and cries.

Lucky – he comes to her and hugged her she also hugs him .

Lucky – plz control yourself swara. I have not intension to hurt you I only want to change you. Plz forgive me.

Swara – no you told the rt thing. Why ll i punishing myself. Because of me only riya also forget to enjoy her life. I promised you lucky ill became changed .After it you’ll found an another swara .

Lucky – that’s like a good girl . Okay then why are you crying. Leave it. Tell these tears that oh hlo tears after this just forget to come in my eyes because I’m not going to come out okay. I’m a fighter swara.

Swara – ya you are rt and she wipes her tears and smiles.

Lucky – okay and don’t worry about that person I’ll help you to finding him okay.

Swara – okay. And thanks.

Lucky – no need of it waise you are going to be surprised because i had brought something which will make you happy.

Swara – what’s it tell me na.

Lucky – seriously you are that much stupid surprise are given by closing the eyes so I’m closing your eyes because I’m going to tie your eyes with cloth.

Swara okay. And lucky tie her eyes with a cloth and takes her somewhere.

Precap – what’ll be the surprise? ???

Friends plz answers my question plzzzzzzzzzzzz guys I really need your answer. What ever may be it if it was suggestion or scolding im welcoming you but plz guys give a coment. Plz silent readers only today you also coment plz it’s a request. Waiting for your answers.

Credit to: pari

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