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episode 6

Riya came after meeting with lucky.

Riya – hey swara what are you doing?

Swara – nothing watching TV. Just had a look there is news about lucky and our office partnership. We have to give our best yr to make it best.

Riya – of course swara we’ll make it. Acha iwant to tell you something. Today I’m so much happy you laughs so much. Plz dear always keep smiling na this rudeness doesn’t suits you.

Swara – no riya I’ll laugh only after taking revenge from that person.

Riya – ya that’ll you take but why youare punishing yourself. Plz became my old swara na. Waise lucky was good na he did the work which was impossible for me to do.

Swara – ya he was very good. Today I’m somewhat happy.

Riya – oho only he was only good or very good haan.

Swara – ok stop your teasing let’s eat. Kaka had already made the dinner.

In lucky house –

Lucky came to his house to meet his elder brother and his wife.

AP -hey you are late. Adarsh was waiting for you.

Lucky – sorry maa I was busy. He came to Adarsh and hugs him. All he, his brother, his bhabi a spent a quality time. Shivansh came there.

Lucky – Shivansh you came late.

Adarsh and Shivansh hugs and both talks for sometime. Then all went to their respective rooms. Lucky was moving here and there in the garden. He was thinking about swara. His brother came to him.

Adarsh -what are you doing lucky? Till now you didn’t slept. It was a very strange thing.

Lucky – no bro I was thinking something.

Adarsh -my bro was thinking something who is the lucky girl. Tell me.

Lucky – no bro she wasn’t lucky im lucky to have her as a friend in my life. You know she was exactly like me but situation made her a very rude person. If you know na then you also get teary eyed.

Adarsh -oh really then tell me.

Lucky was going to tell him but suddenly parineeta comes (his wife )and takes him.

Adarsh -ok Lucky tomorrow I’ll listen to you. Bye good night.

Lucky – ya bro no problem. Good night.

Then he also went to sleep. When he went to room he found Shivansh was already sleeping. So he also slept.

Nextday morning –

Shivansh – lucky wake up yr we gave to go to office. Today we had a meeting.

Lucky – plz bro let me sleep. All the day that shona didn’t let me sleep ans now you also.

Shivansh – who is shona?

Lucky – she is none other than diaunosaurus bro.

Shivansh – when she became shona then.

Then lucky tells him all the things about his and swaras talk.

Shivansh – okay now fresh up quickly. We have to leave.

Lucky – okay.

Then both went to swaras company.

Shivansh – hi swara. Hi riya.

Swara and riya -hlo.

Lucky – hi riya and hi shona.

Riya – shona!!!!!she giggled to swara. Oh hlo lucky from where you know her name.
And no one can call swara as shona except me.

Lucky – but I’m your friend na. So its ok.

Shivansh – if you both had ended can i speak something. I had a very important news for all of you.

All three ok tell us.

Shivansh – from both of our company one have to go to shimla for meeting. There was a government meeting about this project. So i decided lucky will go from our side.

Riya – ok then swara from our side.

Shivansh – and you both no need to worry already all arrangements were dome. You both have to leave before 3.00pm.

Swara and lucky – okay.

At 3.00pm swaras house.

Lucky – shona be quick yr we are getting late.

Riya and swara came out.

Swara – ya let’s go.

Lucky – oh god how much time you had taken. None was going to see you diaunosaurus. All will get afraid of you.

Swara – you again started. Idnt want to become late let’s go.

Riya – bye take care. Lucky take care of my shona.

Lucky – what are you telling riya of course I’ll take care of her. Bye and both left.

After some 4 hrs both reach shimla. It was their first visit to shimla. Both went to the hotel. And left to respective rooms.

Swara – flirter get ready ate 9.0 pm we have to go to that office.

Lucky – ok . maa

Swara – how come I became your mother.

Lucky – nothing you go I’ll come.

Both gave their presentation and the official liked it. They tells them that although they are happy they need to meet their boss who will come after two days. Sorry but you both have to wait.

Swara and lucky – ya okay.

In the car –

Swara – what we have to stay here for two days. I can’t.

Lucky – okay you go. Then this contract will also go from our hand. He gets riyas message. It reads plz lucky try to make her eat aloo mushroom khurma she really likes it. Plz and all the best.

Lucky – okay he messages riya.

Swara – what are you doing?

Lucky – chatting with gf.

Swara – what you were chatting with your gf while driving. Oh hlo your gf will not come to save us.

Lucky – no need to worry okay. I had practice in it.

Swara – waise how much gf you have.

Lucky – why what are you going to do with it. .

Swara – nothing. Okay if you don’t want then it’s okay. But just stay away from these types of girls.

Lucky – why?

Swara – are i knew them they always try to impress you and then left you whenever they got what they wants.

Lucky – oh really ithink you are jealous.

Swara – oh its not like that. And idnt believe in these love. And do whatever you wants.

Suddenly she saw a punjabi dhaba in the road.

Swara – lucky plz stop the car na.

Lucky – what happened?

Swara – plz stop.

Lucky stops the car. What happened.

Swara let’s eat in that dhaba na plz.

Lucky – okay.

A small boy came to them ask for the order.

Lucky – okay I’ll order.

Swara – why I also want to order.

Lucky – okay if you give the order then I’ll leave. Plz

Swara – okay.

Lucky today you have to eat my favourite foods okay.

Swara – okay.

Lucky – he ordered different dishes and also aloo mushroom khurma.

Swara – I’ll not eat it.

Lucky – you have to otherwise now only i leave for our home.

Swara – you are blackmailing me.

Lucky – it’s your choice.

Swara – okay ill eat it.

Both eat the dinner. Swara a after taking the dinner went to talk to riya.

Swara – riya you know today i ate aloo mushroom khurma.

Riya – really. What are you telling swara. I can’t believe. She knows everything when swara started to eat lucky had messaged her that mission successful. But she was acting like she didn’t know anything.

Swara – ya that flirter blackmails me that he’ll leave for home. That’s why I had to eat.

Riya – swara but you are not happy to eat your fav dish after a long time. Tell me truth.

Swara – ya I’m happy swara may be you are rt. I had to change. Ok gd nt flirter will come.

Both swara and lucky left to hotel.

Riya calls lucky.

Riya – again thanks lucky.

Lucky – oh hlo plz stop it ok. I need nt want your thanks. I want to change swara. Dnt take tension iwant to make her happy.

Riya – okay good night.

Riya wad thinking. She realised that may be lucky was the rt person for swara. She was happy for both of them. She prays to god that plz save swara from all the bad eyes and make swara fall for lucky. I know she started to like lucky. Plz do something I want my swara happy. And she slept.

Precap -both swara & lucky were enjoying in shimla and someone attacks swara. Will lucky able to save her.

Friends I’ll update next part on May1. Till then bye and don’t forget to give your valuable coment.

Credit to: pari

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