Hey friends today I’m free .So i update it’s next part. Thanks all of you who comented in the previous part and to you also silent readers. As i promised you in this part I’ll revel swaras past.

Let’s start it

Swara and lucky went to their home for freshing up. Lucky drops swara in her house.

Swara went to her house. Suddenly she hears lucky was calling her.

Lucky – oh god kya din aya gaye log toh thanks bolna bhi bhul gayen hai.

Swara – to whom youare talking. If it’s me then I’m not going to thanking you. It’s your duty as you only fell me in the mud.

Lucky – you know what I’m also weted. Because of you i also fell down in the mud. You are such a diauno…..

Swara – you again started. Call me in other name.

Lucky – ok shona. Is it good.

Swara – she was shocked because except riya no one calls her shona. Who told you my name is shona?

Lucky – oh really its your name. Actually Noone tell me. I gave it to you.

Swara – you are not that much bad. You can call me shona.

Lucky – thanks and he left.

Swara saw him going she was somewhat smiling .Suddenly realisees and left to her room.

On the other side –

Riya – ok I’ll tell you about swaras past.

Shivansh – suddenly he gets a call and left.

That day evening –

Lucky calls riya –

Lucky- riya can you meet me in the restaurant.

Riya – what happened? Anything serious.

Lucky – you come I’ll tell you.

After some time riya came to that restaurant. She saw lucky was waiting for her.she went and sit there.

Riya – what happened lucky? Anything serious.

Lucky – no but can you tell me what happened to swara so that she became so much rude .

Riya – ok I’ll tell you.
Flashback starts.

Riya and swara were best friends. Swaras father leave her mother due to some reason. After that sumi aunty raised her alone. Sumi aunty was very much talented and she starts her own company. She loves swara alot . with in some years she became a rich person. All the properties were in swaras name only. Aunty gave her so much freedom. She always enjoys her life. Always helpful, caring and fun loving like you.

We were studying last year of our studies. Swara never reads only before exam day she reads and she was topper of our collage . one day we were sitting in the lawn of our collage. I was bored so i ask swara to give her mobile. She gives me her mobile. I opened her Facebook account. When i opened it i saw a friend request from a person named Rajesh ghosh. When i told swara she opened his profile. He was a business man. So swara accepted his friend request. The Nextday at evening me and swara were moving in the park. So i asked her about her new friend Rajesh. So she tells that till now she didn’t talked to him. And he was 25 yrs old. Suddenly she gets a message from him. Both chats for sometime. In some days both became friends. But Rajesh never shows his photo to anyone. On swaras bday swara received a big bundle of roses and there was a card inside it. It reads you gave to come to beach to see your surprise. Swara has feeling for Rajesh. So she left. When she reached there Rajesh meets her. And he proposed her. Swara said yes to him. That night i clearly remember swara was very much happy. She tells me everything. I m also very much happy for swara. Next day swara told everything to sumi aunty.

So aunty tells her that she wants to meet Rajesh. But she has to go to delhi for some days in a business trip. So aunty tells her that after she comes she’ll meet Rajesh. And aunty left. Some 15 days passed. In these days everything was good. Swara and Rajesh were very much happy in their relationship. I also meet Rajesh sometime .After one month aunty returned .She tells swara that she wants to meet Rajesh . but suddenly our lawyer came and tells us that all the properties including company and farmhouse all were transferred to some other person. His name was Rajesh. Except this house now all the properties were belong to him. Aunty ask him how can it happens. So he tells us that swara herself signed in those properties papers .Swara was shocked. She tells aunty that she didn’t. So aunty ask Lawyer uncle to show the sign. So we were shocked as it was swaras sign only. But aunty didn’t get angry.

She ask swara whether you signed in any blank papers. Plz remember beta. So swara remember that before one week Rajesh ask her to sign on some paper. When she asked him he tells her tht he wants to see her sign. And emotionally blackmells her that If she was doubting him. Okay no need to sign. And if was angry. So swara sign on that paper. Swara tells aunty that she now only call Rajesh. But that no . was switched off. So aunty hugs swara and tells her no need to worry beta we can get them back. I was angry only because he hurts you. Give me his address. I’m going to talk to him. But after 15 min we get the news that aunty was no more. And her car mets with an accident. At that day swara losts her everything. But after that day we searched for Rajesh everywhere. But we didn’t get it. Lawyer uncle tells us that there was no Rajesh about whom swara was describing . And the account was also fake. When we want to give Rajesh photo to uncle swara didn’t find any photo. Her memory card was stolen and her fb account was hacked and there was no photo of Rajesh. So after that swara became a very rude person and she starts her business only with some money. And with her hard work she now manages a mnc. But till now swara tried to finding that person. And we came to know that sumi aunty death was a planned murder .So she was now tried to finding that person

Present –

Lucky – oho so much had happened with her. I really salute her yr she control herself and able to fight with the situation.

Riya – ya lucky I knw we’ll able to find out that person one day. But i want to make swara like before.

Lucky – dnt worry I’ll help you in this. I’ll make that diaunosaurus a fun loving girl. But i want to see that person photo at leat. So riya was just opening his photo.
Suddenly he gets a call. He tells riya that hehas to leave as his elder brother and bhabi were coming today only. He tells her that he will see that photo next day. As he has to go. And he tells her that I promised you Riya I’ll make swara like before. And he left. Riya also left.

Someone is keeping an eye on them. He was listening all their talks. And he calls someone. And tells everything to him.

Precap – swara & lucky were going to shimla for business meeting and their cute nokjhok and may be some romance! !!!!

Friends plz support me and coment silent reader So that I’ll know my fault and try to improve it . plz friends let me know your views. Ok till then bye.

Credit to: pari

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