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Let’s start it

Swara comes out of

    the washroom and saw all three of them are laughing. So she became angry. But she didn’t tell them anything.

    Swara – are you both came back. Work is over.

Riya – ya swara all the work are
Shivansh – Ye over. And we have to see the presentation only.
s so that from tomorrow onwards we’ll start the construction ok.

Lucky – ya bro you both see the presentation. I’ll be back

Shivansh – where are you going?

Lucky – to make a call.

Shivansh – to whom sonalsonali, shreya or shruti?

Lucky – plz bhai stop it you knw na and just see here riya and diaunosaurus are also present.

Shivansh – no problem lucky because i tell all about to riya. It’s ok now we all are friends.

Riya – ya lucky we understand it. Acha tell me how many girlfriend you have?

Shivansh – are riya whom you are asking. He himself doesn’t know. Ok lucky you go. We’ll discuss about the presentation with swara.

Swara – ya flirter you go otherwise your girlfriend are. ..

Lucky – oh hlo diaunosaurus let it be ok. I’m leaving

Swara – ya flirter all the best because you’ll gonna dead because you didn’t talk to your girlfriends from morning na . they’ll scold you.

Lucky – oh diaunosaurus plz yaar stop it. And he leaves.

Swara shown the presentation to Shivansh and riya. When they finished lucky comes back.

Lucky – bhai let’s go home. All the works are over na.

Swara – ya you have to go na flirter your girlfriend was waiting for you.

Lucky – what happened to you diaunosaurus you are very much concerned for my girlfriend.

Swara – nothing i dnt interested in your personal life. We were partner in this project. So if you neglect the work because of your stupid girlfriends ill not leave you.

Lucky – oh really what’ll you do tell me diaunosaurus. You can’t do anything. Because I’m lucky.

Swara – you don’t know me. I can do anything.

Lucky – oh really if I’ll ask you something to do you will do it.

Swara – oh hlo don’t underestimate me. And you are challengeing me. Tell me what to do.

Lucky – no I’m sure you can’t do that.

Swara – first tell me.

RiyaRIYA Was tensed what’ll lucky gonna tell to swara.

Shivansh – leave it yaar.

Lucky – ok you’ll have to leave your angry mood for 4 hrs. You’ll not goona shout on anyone and you’ll talk to everyone with love. Not like now. Ok like rudely.

Riya was shocked. She know what’ll happen next. But she was happy from inside as she wants swara to change at least for 5 min. But she knows swarall never agreed to it.

Swara was shocked to hearing it.

Lucky – what happened ? I knw you can’t do it.

Swara – oh hlo I’ll do it. I accept your challenge.

Lucky – ok let’s see if you’ll win it after this I’ll call you by your name not diaunosaurus . And if you loose it you have to call me by my name not flirter. Ok

Swara – ok

Lucky – your time starts now.

After that all are doing work in swaras cabin by their laptop.

Lucky – yaar it’s been a long time ihad take the lunch. Plz diaunosaurus order something.

Swara – she was irritated but control herself and tells ya flirter I’ll order pizza for us.

Swara rings the bell but no one came.

After some minutes peon came.
Peon – mam you called me. I went to eat some snacks sorry.

Riya knows now he’ll gonna scold by swara.

Swara – she was very much angry but control herself. And tells no problem plz bring four pizza for us.

Peon – ok mam.

He was shocked as swara didn’t scold him.

Finally four hrs passed and swara tells him that oh hlo flirter I completed my challenge.

Lucky – ya i had seen it .ok miss swara you won it.

Swara – so now you see na never try to challenge me ok.

After that all left to their home.

At night

Riya calls lucky

Riya – thanks lucky.

Lucky – what happened why are you thanking me?

Riya – today what had you did it was impossible for me to work it. Today although for only four hours i get my swara back who is not at all rude. You know what it was already three years i always tried to make swara happy i wants to change her but I was unsuccessful. You did it.

Lucky – Actually today I had seen her crying

Riya – what she cried for what?

Lucky – no she ask me for the lunch so i told her to order aloo mushroom khurma for me. She was teary eyed and left to washroom. But at that time she was looking so innocent. So today i want to check her if she was really arrogant or not.

Riya – oh god actually aloo mushroom khurma was her favourite but it was three years she didn’t eat it.

Lucky – why what happened?

Riya – Actually she left all favourite dishes which were liked by her love also. She loved someone but he ditched her. And before three years from the day i know swara she didn’t eat with out aloo mushroom khurma. But after that incident she never eats it.

Lucky – oh then for this reason she was sad. Actually tell me what happened exactly. If you don’t mind. You can share with me.

Riya just started to tell him but swara called her.

Riya – lucky ill tell you next day because swara was calling me. I have to go.

Lucky – no problem yr you’ll tell me any other day ok. Bye good night otherwise that diaunosaurus will kill you.

Riya – she laughs and tells him good night and left.

Here Shivansh came to lucky he saw lucky was thinking something.

Shivansh – oh hlo bro what happened what are you thinking?

Lucky – are nothing I’m thinking about swara. You see na she was really good and innocent but not at all rude.

Shivansh – ya i also noticed it. Dnt knw what happened to her.

Lucky – he tells all the things that riya told him. And he tells Shivansh that you’ll see I’ll change her definitely.

Shivansh – ok let’s sleep.

Both slept.

Nextday morning swara calls lucky.

Swara – hlo flirter good morning.

Lucky – oh hlo diaunosaurus gd morng.

Swara – I think you forget something. I won the challenge. And according to that bet you’ll not gonna call me diaunosaurus.

Lucky – oh sry i forget. Acha tell me what happened.

Swara – it’s ok. Actually i called you to tell you that today at 10.0 you and Shivansh both came to construction site directly. Me and riya meet you there. Because those official were coming today to check all the things.

Lucky – ok we’ll come bye diaunosaurus.
Sry swara.

All four reached the construction site. And after sometime official came and examine all the works. They were very much impressed with the work. And they left.

Riya – thanks god they like it.

Lucky – ya let’s go to that side.

All leave.

Suddenly lucky saw something.

When they were going that side he saw water and mud there. So when they reached there.
Suddenly he calls swara. Swara was turning but due to sudden changing her position she slept and fall in the mud.
All were laughing. Swara was angry. She know that lucky knowingly call her so that she’ll fell in the mud.

Swara – ok stop laughing and flirter give me your hand. I’ll get up.

Lucky was laughing very much so he didn’t think and forward his hand to swara. So swara pulls his hand. Due to force lucky also fell down in the mud but swara get up. And seeing him in the mud she was laughing very loudly.

Seeing her laughing riya was very much happy. And she thumbs up to lucky. But lucky was lost because swara was looking very beautiful and innocent while laughing. Riya and Shivansh noticed it.

Swara – ok I knew that it was your planning only to call me so that I’ll fell down in the mud. Don’t take me normally ok now see you are also in mud now. And she forward her hand to him and lucky get up.

Shivansh – ok you both na we can’t control you both. Your tashan na. Ok leave it just see you self you both were completely wet. You both go to home. Me and riya were coming later.

So swara and lucky left.

Riya – she was smiling. She was very much happy.

Shivansh – oh hlo now what happened to you why you are laughing they left.

Riya – no Shivansh today I’m so much happy. It was almost three years after that today i get my swara. You know before that incident swara was like lucky only like always pulling others leg,always flirting always smiling. But that swara also died with aunty. That incident made my swara rude who stoped laughing. You know before that incident swara talked alot. One day I got bored so i told her plz stop it Swara how much you talked plz keep silence for sometime. So swara ans me that you’ll see riya today you told me stop talking na one day will come that day you wanted that I’ll talk like today but i can’t. So i told her oh hlo stop your filmy talks. But again after sometime again she starred her talking. You know after that incident i realised what swara told that day. Nowadays i want to talk swara but she couldn’t. But I’m so much happy.

Shivansh – ya this lucky na.

Riya – you know the work I didn’t complete since three years lucky did it with in two days.

Shivansh – if you dnt mind can you tell me what is swaras past. I’ll be glad if ill help you.

Riya – okay I’ll tell you.

Precap- reveletion of swaras past and some romantic and cute nokjhok of swalak

Friends nowadays im quite busy. So I’ll update on 1st May. Ok till then plz wait me and sry advance for next episode. I’ll promise you if I’ll get free I’ll update in between these days. Till then take care. Don’t angry upon me okay.

Credit to: pari

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