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Swara goes to angel’s room and there she saw her sleeping. So she returns back to her room. There she saw someone. Suddenly that person came and blindfolds her. She screams but became silent as she heard a familiar sound. When that person opens her blindfolds she was shocked to see riya there.

Swara – riya you are here. Oh god I know it was also illusion what will riya do here. I’m thinking about her that’s why i got such feeling.

Riya – yah shona.

Swara – but I had heard her tone. Then she goes near riya and touch her and she found her real. Oh god Riya you came her in real and she hugs her. But to her surprise riya shoves her and slapped her.

Swara – but riya what i did?

Riya – oh really you are asking me this question. Okay I’ll tell you first tell me who am I? and what you are thinking about me?

Swara – common yaar you are my best friend riya. You are my life.

Riya – really shona still you are calling me as your best friend. I tried my best to became your best friend but I got failed.

Swara – no riya it’s not like that you are my best friend.

Riya – no shona if I had your best friend na then I should know about your pain. You are staying in a hell and I didn’t know even about it.

Swara – how will you know yaar I never told you about it. But tell me howcome you are here? I mean how you know that I’m here.

Riya – rakesh told me everything about Shivansh. He cheated us swara. Even he played with my feelings. He separated you from lucky.

Swara – acha okay leave him. Tell me how’s lucky and maa. I know now lucky hates me more. But it’s okay.

Riya thought if she’ll tell everything to swara now may be she’ll not agree to let lucky come here. So she acted like lucky hates swara now.

Riya – yah shona but leave him na tell me any breaking news.

Swara – yah let’s go I’ll take you to meet someone.

Riya – if you are talking about angel then I had already meet her.

Swara – really but how?

Riya- today when rakesh comes to receive me there I met with angel.

Swara – okay tomorrow I’ll take you to shopping then you are going back as soon as possible. I don’t want that Shivansh will know that you are here and you had learned the truth.

Riya – okay. She thought shona how can i go alone ,your lucky was coming to save you from that devil. Then we’ll live happily and this time I’ll not let any bad thing happen with you.

Next day morning

Lucky reached London .He straightly went to rakesh house and there he meet with riya and rakesh.

Riya – lucky let’s go today you will meet  a new person who is very much close to you.

Lucky – but riya we had to make plan to trap Shivansh right. Is that person very much important.

Rakesh – yah lucky let’s go otherwise you will beat us if you will know afterwards.

Lucky – okay then. Now I’m also very much excited to see that person. He thought he was going to meet swara.

After sometime lucky saw riya and rakesh takes him to a children’s park.

Lucky – hey guys it’s children park why you brought me here.

Riya – lucky keep patience na.

Lucky – okay then.

Angel comes there as Ramu kaka had brought her there.

Angel – hi riya aunty.

Riya – hi beta how are you.

Angel – i’m good are aunty yesterday only you saw me but you became a good friend.

Riya – yah actually i became your fan so today also i came to meet you.

Angel – are aunty it’s okay. And you don’t worry i didn’t tell mumma about you.

Lucky – riya who’s she?

Riya – you only ask her na . Okay angel beta say hi to uncle.

Angel -namaste uncle.

Lucky – namaste beta but what is your name?

Angel- my name is angel laksh maheswari.

Hearing it lucky was shocked. And he turns to riya. He saw riya nods him in a yes.

Lucky – is your mumma ‘ s name is swara laksh maheswari?

Angel – yah uncle but how do you know my mumma. If you are his friend.

Hearing it lucky was teary eyed.

Riya – Angel beta he is laksh maheswari your father.

Angel – really aunty. He is my papa. I missed him so much. And she goes and hugs lucky and tells papa why you didn’t came to meet me before. You know I missed you so much. I always asked mumma about you but she told me you are a big business man so you had to go to other countries in work.

Lucky – yah beta your mumma is right. It’s okay I came now na. I’ll not go anywhere leaving you and your mumma. It’s my promise.

Angel – papa pakka wala promise na.

Lucky- yah pakka wala promise.

Just then Riya saw swara was standing behind lucky.

Riya – shona please. .

Swara – she comes forward and tells i have doubt on you and rakesh because of that i followed you both. I was shocked rakesh how can you did it. You know na how much risk you made for me and my daughter.

Rakesh – no swara he came here to save you.

Swara – I don’t want to hear anything from you all. For me he was Riya’s husband nothing more than that. Angel beta let’s go.

Angel – but mumma now only i met with papa. I want to talk with him,play with him please.

Swara – he was not your father. I said na let’s go no need to talk with anyone.

Lucky – really swara I know all the truth. Now you can’t separate me from my daughter.

Riya – Angel beta please you go with Ramu kaka we are coming.

Angel – but why mumma is saying like this. He was my papa na. .

Riya – yah beta but your mumma and papa were playing a game that’s why your mumma is saying like this. You go na I’m here to control them. Please you go.

Angel – okay aunty. And she left with Ramu kaka.

Riya – what is this swara?  We know the truth and we’ll think of something and we all will get rid of Shivansh very soon.

Lucky – yah swara riya is right but how can you hide such a big thing from me swara. She was our daughter.

Swara – she breaks down and tells i’m sorry lucky for hiding her from you. But if I had inform you anything then Shivansh can kill our angel. Then how will I live. Please you go back Lucky. I can’t take risk of losing you all.

Lucky – he hugs her and concole her swara enough of his warnings. Don’t worry I’ll not let any thing happen to you and angel. But now I’ll not leave him . Because of him I had lost you and I’m not ready to lose you and angel again.

Rakesh – guys okay I’m going to tell you something important. Please hear carefully. I think we all should go back to India. I think there we’ll get more help as Shivansh will definitely come to India following us. There we can catch him red handed. And I had talked to commissioner he also suggest the same.

Lucky – okay then we’ll leave today only.

Riya – shona don’t worry now everything will be good.

Next day
All of them reached India . When Ap learns the truth she was shocked as she treats Shivansh as her son only.

That night swara and lucky goes towards garden. There they saw riya was sitting there alone. She was crying alot.

Swara – lucky what we will do? Riya was very much hurt.

Lucky – yah swara you know what when you are not here na she always has hope that you will come back . and then Shivansh will also come back. Then we all will stay happily. Till now she loves him swara.

Swara – I know lucky for the first time she loved someone and she get cheated. Why god did these with us.

Lucky – don’t worry we’ll help her but first we have to get  shivansh arrested.

Swara – hmm.

Next day morning

When everyone comes to breakfast they didn’t find riya anywhere. They all got tensed. Suddenly swara gets call from Shivansh and shivansh tells her that he had kidnapped riya and If she wants to save her best friend then she has to come with money to someplace. And swara agreed for that. After consulting with police swara goes there. She gets inside that house there she saw Riya was sitting in the floor her hands and legs was tied with rope. She rushed to free her but Shivansh came there and stops her.

Shivansh – are swara you are in a hurry. You know what i want to kidnap you but from where this riya came i don’t know.

Riya – shivansh I had heard your man were talking each other about shona. When I heard that i had sifted swara  to soffa and i slept in the bed. And your man take me as they thought me as swara.

Swara – riya why you did it. Why you put your life in danger.

Shivansh – yah riya tell her na.

Riya – swara i did a mistake by loving this devil. Because of me you and lucky get separated. If i didn’t love this person and didn’t want to marry him then nothing will happen like this na.

Shivansh – but riya I loved you yaar.

Riya – don’t take that word from your mouth. You and love impossible. You can love only money. You are a killer Shivansh chi. And she cried.

Shivansh – yah you said right. Are how much I planned to get your property . First time I used Adarsh then tried to use you by marrying you. And after marriage I’ll blackmail swara and can get all lucky’s property but that Adarsh had told the truth to swara and my plan backfires. But still I’m successful in separating swara and lucky. And he had confessed all his crime.
Swara – you are so shameless Shivansh. But it’s good you had told all your bad works. Now we have prove. You will get punished surely. And suddenly police comes there. Seeing chance swara freed riya. But when they were trying to run to save swara riya got shot by Shivansh. And then police had taken Shivansh .

Swara – Riya please wake up na. Lucky call the ambulance fastly.

Riya- don’t worry shona today i had kept my promise which i had gave to aunty. To save you from every problem. Now If I’ll die na then also i don’t have any questions to god because after this my shona will be stay in happy. Saying this riya lost her sense.

Swara and lucky had admitted riya in a right time. And riya got saved. After that riya and rakesh get married. And everyone live happily with angel. Swara and lucky again united with angel. And Adarsh and pari also comes back. And all of them stay happily in maheswari house.

It ends with swara and Riya’s happy face.

Hey guys i finished it. Hope you all liked it. You all supported me thanks for that. Uma, pooja,crazy girl,sherin,Sara, and many more thanks alot to all of you guys. I’ll miss you all definitely. But I’m thinking to start a new ff on swalak. But you all gave to promise me that you all will read that and support me like this then only I’ll start that. And now I’m writing a ragsan ff named If you will be ever mine ( a story of a girl ). I had completed already 6 episode of that. So guys if you want then you can read that. And hope you all including silent readers coment at least in this last episode. Please guys at least coment today only. And after seeing your response I’ll start a new ff. Bye take care till then. But i’ll miss you all guys.

Credit to: Pari123

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