Hey friends I’m back with my next part. But in last episode I didn’t get your coments. It means you are not liking it. Heartly sorry for boring you guys. I’ll finish it asap. Plz bear me till then .

Let’s start it

Swara & laksh were doing presentation. But both were silent for sometime after that again they start fighting. Suddenly swara rings the bell

Swara – hey flirter what’ll you take in launch. Because idnt think both riya & Shivansh were not coming back before evening.

Lucky – ok diaunosaurus. I also think so. And I’m feeling so much hungry.
After sometime pe on enters swaras cabin.

Peon -what happened mam you are calling me?sorry for being late.

Swara – no when did i call you. You stupid I called you before 10min and you are coming now. Go and do your work. I’ll fire you today only.

Lucky – oh miss diaunosaurus why are you getting angry for a small reason. If he was really busy then leave him. Let’s order.

Swara – no need to interfere in my work. And you (to peon) bring my lunch with in 15 min. And ask laksh what’ll he take. He was our guest so take good care of him.

Lucky – you bring rice, dal and aloo mushroom khurma for me . If it was possible. Because it’s my fav.

Peon -no sir I’ll bring it.
And he left.

Hearing the dish name aloo mushroom khurma swara was very much disturbed. She had tears in her eyes. She remembers something.
A flashback is shown.

Before 3yrs in a park.

Swara was standing there. She was waiting for someone. A person came and hugs her from her back.

Person – sorry baby I’m late actually I was stucked in traffick.

Swara – dnt give the explanation. I’m waiting for you till 1hr. And you are coming now. I’m not going to talk with you. Bye.

Person – plz swara I’m really sorry baby. Okay I’m ready to bear punishment. Plz dnt get angry.

Swara – no need of that I’m leaving now.

Person – okay and he takes away a tiffin from his bag. He tells okay swara you go I had brought your favourite aloo mushroom khurma but as you are leaving what’ll i do with it I’ll throw it okay. And he acts to throw the tiffin.

Swara – no no plz dnt throw it. I’ll eat na plzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Person – okay you have to forgive me and
Swara – and what? .

Person – you have to hug me and kiss me.

Swara – no I’ll not give you.

Person – okay I’ll throw it.

Swara – okay and comes hugs him. He also hugs her tightly. And tells her I LOVE YOU SWARA.
Swara – I love you too baby.

Then both sit there for sometime and he feed swara. Then after sometime both left.
Flashback ends.

Swara – okay lucky our presentation on the edge of ending. I’ll just come from wash room. And she left.

Lucky – what happened to her. It was clearly seen that she was crying. I can’t understand this girl sometime she was dangerous than diaunosaurus and sometimes she was looking like a cute baby girl . Now she was crying. But now she was looking so beautiful and innocent.

In washroom -.
Swara – she was crying very hardly. Why I can’t forget you. These small things always give me memories of you. Plz god iwant to forget all those moments. No swara you can’t be weak because of him only you lost your mother. And you’re crying for him. Be strong swara. Here you are crying remembering about him but he was enjoying with his wife. He never reminds you swara. He ditched you. So forget him. Concentrate on your work. Go and take your lunch and start your work.

She come back. Till then already lunch was arrived. Peon was serving in two plates. After that both lucky and swara complete their lunch. Then at the same time both entered the washroom to wash their hands.

But both get collide and due to water wad there swara slips. Suddenly seeing her slipped lucky hold her .

Swara and lucky were lost in each other’s eyes. Suddenly swara realised

Swara – oh hlo leave me you are such a flirter. Leave me. You are taking advantage of my situation.

Lucky – oh miss diaunosaurus dnt tell me like that okay. If I wouldn’t had hold you you’ll fall down. Instead of thanking you are shouting at me.

Swara – I knw your type of boys now leave me.

Lucky – okay and he leave her. Swara falls down.

Swara – she was somewhat wet as she fall down in water. I told you to leave me not to throw me.

Lucky – oh hlo I can’t understand you. Now get up and come quickly we have to complete the presentation.

Swara – okay and she get up and after changing dress she came out.

She saw all three Shivansh, lucky and riya were laughing. Actually lucky told them what happened just sometimes before in washroom. So they were laughing.

Suddenly they realised that swara was hearing to them.

It ends with an angry face of swara.

Precap – riya and Shivansh were became friends. Riya told him swaras past. And some romantic nokjhok and some tashan of swalak.

Friends plz response yaar. If incase you are nt liking it plz tell me frankly I’ll stop writing it .so plz coment guys ans sorry for boring you all.

Credit to: pari

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