Hi friends i’m back. But I’m really happy to see your coments. Okay I’ll update one more episode. I’ll end it with 40 episodes. Okay today’s episode will be small so sorry for it.

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Riya gets up and went to her room. She sits there. She cant decide what to do now. Then lucky called her. Riya answered the phone.

Riya – yah lucky you heard everything na.

Lucky – yah riya Shivansh lied us.

Riya – no lucky he didn’t lied he cheated us. Infact he was a killer.

Lucky – thank god we came to all the truth. Our plan worked.

Riya – yes but thanks to you at least you heard me na . that day you only planned this.

Fb starts

When riya finished her video call with rakesh she turns and saw lucky there. Lucky wakes up and when he didn’t find riya in room he tried to find her. And he saw riya was talking with someone and he had heard everything.

Riya – are lucky you are here.

Lucky – yah with whom you are talking?

Riya – she thought lucky hadn’t heard anything so she lied and tells him that it was a wrong number.

Lucky – riya why you are lying. I had heard everything. You talked with rakesh. How can you believe swara again . it was their plan.

Riya – it’s okay lucky I know now you are not believing my shona. But till now her best friend is here. I’ll go to London to meet rakesh. And when I’ll know the truth then you will see. ..

Lucky – no need of that you are not going London.

Riya – please lucky if you had loved my shona then her promise please let me go. I want to clear all the confusion please.

Lucky – okay but you will inform me everything. I know you will come in empty hand buy still i will let you go.

Riya – I know I’ll never come empty hand.

Fb ends.

Lucky – riya iwas so wrong about swara. I told her everything but still she didn’t reply me back. I’m world’s worst husband. I didn’t know swara was staying in a hell. She needs me but I can’t do anything.

Riya – don’t worry now we’ll help her but with surprises as she liked them na. And I have to inform you about angel.

Lucky – Angel such a good name but who is she??

But before riya could tell anything lucky’s phone was switched off as his battery gone dead.

Lucky – i’m coming swara. I’ll save you from Shivansh.

Riya – kaas I can tell you lucky angel was your daughter only. I think god had other wish. Tomorrow you will meet your daughter. And shona I’ll meet you definitely but tonight only .And it’s my promise I’ll unite you and lucky.

It ends with Riya’s determined face.

Precap – dhamaka guys what will happen when lucky will meet his daughter if he’ll able to know her. And riya and swara will meet.

Guys sorry for a short episode. I had written it in a hurry. I’ll update next episode as soon as possible. And Uma I thought you had stopped reading my ff. Really happy to see your coments in last episode. And thanks everyone who comented in last episode. Bye take care.

Credit to: Pari123

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    Di, esi kabhi ho sakti hein ki app swalak ki ff likhe aur vo mein na padu.Kann pakad ke sorry for not commenting.Kya karu vaha pe network nehi tha.Now enough of bak bak. About chappy, mind blowing.Thank God, lucky ne sab sunliya.Waiting for last part with a heavy heart?????.

    1. Uma sorry for my misunderstanding but in last three episode I miss you very much. I’m also not feeling happy to end it but still I’ll end it and don’t worry I’ll write another ff on swalak as in these days I’m free

  3. Superb dear

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  4. Awesome dear…….thanks for swalak….we will miss it badly….pls come up soon with another swalak ff

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