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Riya- are angel beta how’s your mumma? She remembers me na.

Angel- yes aunty you are not here na that’s why mumma always forget her promise. Now you came na this Sunday I’ll take you to shopping .

Riya- okay done.

Rakesh- okay angel your home came . okay beta bye but please don’t tell your mumma about Riya aunty otherwise our surprise will go in vain.

Angel- no uncle don’t worry I’ll not tell mumma anything pakka wala promise. Bye Riya aunty.

Riya – okay then let’s go.

Rakesh – yah .

After sometime they reached rakesh house . Riya can’t wait more to meet swara.

Riya – plz yaar now tell me I can’t wait more to meet my shona.

Rakesh – okay riya then I’m telling you. Actually you remember na your marriage get fixed with Shivansh as you both love each other.

Riya – how can I forget them. Everything was going well. But suddenly everything got over.

Rakesh – Riya you don’t believe but it was started from Adarsh matter.

Riya – what but how?

Rakesh – then listen.

Flashback starts
Just two days before riya and Shivansh marriage swara got call and she came to know that parineeta has labour pains and her car  hitted a tree. So she needs immediate help.as everyone will became angry with out informing anyone swara left to that place. There she saw parineeta was fine, nothing happened to her.

Swara – what is this bhabi?you played with my imotion. I came here with out informing anyone only to help you. You know today is Riya’s marriage. And Adarsh till now you didn’t get peace.

Pari – no swara we called you to inform something important. Please do something and just stop this marriage.

Swara – are you mad bhabi riya and Shivansh loves each other. And why you are telling like this.

Adarsh – we know that swara but please believe us Shivansh was not good. And whatever I did with you all was his plan only. I was just a cupid in his hand.

Swara – she was shocked but still didn’t believe them . oh really you can go any level to I came to know it today . How can you blame Shivansh for all these. You only did those with me.

Pari- no swara he was telling right. All the chats you did those all were done by Shivansh only. He bound Adarsh to do it as he kidnapped me swara. And to save me Adarsh did all these.

Swara – what?

Pari – yes swara it was his long planning. He kidnapped me thatday while returning from collage. Then he blackmails Adarsh to go infront of you to do the acting swara. And after getting your and your mother’s sign Adarsh gave those papers to shivansh. In exchange of that he released me. And swara you had heard about sharma pvt Ltd na that was your mother’s company only. He changed all the documents everything swara. If you don’t believe we had bring proof. And she calls Shivansh ‘ s manager there. Ask him swara he will tell you everything.

Manager – yes mam it was your company only. And shivansh sir had changed every details. But his bad luck is that our company is in loss. And now it was in a state of closing.

Swara – oh god so much happened. We had believe him and he gave us this. But I don’t understand one thing he had already taken our company then why he was helping us.

Adarsh – swara I want to tell you before only but we have no proof. And yesterday night we saw Riya’s marriage news on tv so we came here. Now at least stop this marriage.

Swara – I’m sorry Adarsh i said you so many things in anger. Because of me your family hates you.

Adarsh – swara that was not needed. Now our first priority is riya. We have to stop this marriage in any means.

Swara – Yes we have to stop this wedding. Otherwise my Riya’s life will became hell. You go with bhabi i’m going to inform lucky first. And then she left.

When she reached home one servant come to her and tells her that Shivansh was calling her. So she goes to his room.

Shivansh – are you came swara? I was waiting for you only.

Swara – you are so cheap. I came to know the truth. Now you are gone.

Shivansh – really what you are thinking of me swara. Iknow now you want to tell everything to lucky right. But if you will tell then your pyari pari bhabi and her child both and Adarsh will also died.

Swara – you are trying to blackmailing me but it was of no use. I know they are safe.

Shivansh – okay madam come let’s video chat with them . and he switch on the video button. Swara was shocked .as on the other side swara saw Adarsh and pari were kidnapped by Shivansh and she saw a dead body. When she closely saw it was of that manager.

Shivansh – so sad swara now you can go and tell lucky about me. But Adarsh and pari will die. You saw na if i can kill the manager then I can go to any extent. And I never loved this family. So it doesn’t take more time to finish this family. Already two person’s were with my boys and in the whole house there were my person’s are there. So you can think what to do.

Swara – please leave them Shivansh I’ll not tell lucky about you. But bhabi is pregnant please leave them . I’ll do as you say.

Shivansh – that’s good now sign on this papers. And get lucky’s sign also.

Swara – but what is these paper’s.

Shivansh – your and lucky’s divorce papers. So sign it and after this you will leave this house swara. With out telling anyone anything you will go anywhere you want but before that you will give all the money you have.

Swara – please Shivansh don’t do this. I can’t cheat lucky and I can’t stay with out him.

Shivansh – I know that because of that only I decided this. Now go and get lucky’s sign. You have only 1hr. Get the sign otherwise my man will kill pari.

Swara – okay I’m going pplease promise me you will not harm them.

Shivansh – okay promise.

Then swara get lucky’s sign and after that she did everything what Shivansh told her to do . then she leave that house also.

Flashback ends.

Riya – oh god it means we are staying with a killer.

Rakesh – yes riya. It’s all happened due to shivansh but you all thought swara did them intentionally.

Riya – but you can tell us na why you both stay silent in all these years.

Rakesh – we always want that riya. But Shivansh had kept eyes on me,swara and on Adarsh also . So we can’t do anything.

Riya – but where you get swara?

Rakesh – I met her in hospital. Someone called me from her mobile no . as they didn’t get any other’s number from swara’s mobile. Swara has deleted all your number as said by Shivansh. When I reach there I came to know everything and we also came to know that swara is pregnant. So swara decided to came here . and afterthat we are leaving here.

Precap – last episode guys so you will know after one day. ….. …..

Guys i’m finishing it. At first you all supported me but now none of you are with me. But still ill miss you all.

Credit to: pari

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