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Episode 37

Swara and Rakesh were on their way  to swara’s house.

Rakesh- swara are you okay?

Swara- hmm.

Rakesh- swara let’s talk to lucky .

Swara- no need of that . idont want to disturb his newly married life .

Rakesh- are you mad? You know both of them lucky and Riya then how can you think that both were happy.

Swara- Rakesh please I don’t want to listen anything . I had learn compromise from my life and now idont have any more patience so please it will be good if we’ll not talk about them.

Rakesh- swara its okay we’ll not talk but if you are not forgeetting then angel was growing up one day she will definitely ask about her father then what will you do?

Swara-  I don’t know but now she will not  ask about them and Rakesh so much changed they were trying to start a new life again I don’t want to create any problem. And Riya will keep lucky happy believe me.

Rakesh- but i dont think so . Riya can’t never love lucky as she knows very well that you are Lucky’s life. Okay think about it .

And they reached swara’s house. They saw Angel was sitting in the soffa. When she saw them she runs to them and hugs swara.

Angel- mama you are fine na .

Swara- what happen beta why you are asking like this . I’m fine beta.

Ramu kaka- swara beta Angel saw a very bad dream that some mask wearing person take away you from her. So she was afraid of that and from that she was continuously calling you but you are not picking her call.

Swara- oh I’m sorry beta I was in a meeting na so I had kept my mobile silent. So i didnt saw it. Angel nothing will happen to your mama till you are with her.
Angel- but mama why that uncle take you .  mama I can’t live without you. I will die.

Swara- no beta don’t say like this you are a good girl na. And mama will never leave you.

Rakesh- okay angel let’s go to park.

Angel- no uncle not today we’ll go any other day. Let’s go . we will eat snacks.

Rakesh- okay beta you go.

After angel leaves Rakesh went to his house. After thinking so many times he called lucky but suddenly he remembered swara told him if he will inform lucky then angel life will be in danger. So he finally messages Riya.

Riya saw a message from an unknown number. It was written that if she want to know anything about swara then she has to go to some secret place of her house then she can video chat with her. But in one condition that she will not tell anyone about this. So Riya goes to Swara’s room and sits there and start the video button. She was shocked to see Rakesh on the other side.

Rakesh- Riya I want to ask you first do you love lucky?

Riya- Rakesh are you mad why I’ll love lucky . and tell me where is swara.

Rakesh- Riya today swara saw that award function where lucky mentioned you as his wife.

Riya- yah Rakesh we get married but we don’t love each other. It was just a compermise nothing more than that believe me. But please tell me where is swara

Rakesh- Riya I can trust you. I’ll tell you everything that happened in these years but swara

Riya- what happened to swara?

Rakesh- after seeing you as Lucky’s wife she decided that she’ll never return back. But Riya please come here once I’ll tell you everything . swara is in a hell please save her but don’t inform lucky about this.

Riya- is she mad? Are I’m waiting for her. I’ll come but where are you now?

Rakesh- in London please come tomorrow if possible I’ll plck you from airport but please Riya don’t tell any one about you are coming here otherwise swara will die . that person will kill her.

Riya- no no I’ll not tell any one promise.  But till I’ll reach there please take care of my shona please.

Rakesh- okay Riya then just send me the flight details . I’m waiting for you.

Riya- okay bye bye.

Riya- oh god it means I’m right. Swara is in a big problem. Don’t worry swara now I’ll save you and its my promise.

Next day morning

Ap- what you are going to kerla? But why?

Lucky- okay I’ll also go with you.

Riya- no lucky I’ll come back as soon as possible . and maa my friend needs me so I have to go. After knowing that she is in problem I can’t stay here. So I have to go please don’t say no.

Lucky- okay you can go but just take care of yourself. When you will leave.

Riya- after 1hr.

Lucky- okay I’ll see all the meetings okay I’m going bye Riya take care.

Riya- okay bye.

After somehour Riya reaches London . there she called Rakesh.

Rakesh- hi Riya meet a new person.

Riya- wow Rakesh she is a cute girl. You get married but whom I don’t know. Beta what’s your name.

Angel- Angel laksh maheswari.

Hearing it Riya was shocked. So she turns to Rakesh.

Rakesh- Angel you go and sit in the car me and aunty will come after sometime

Angel- okay uncle but please fast otherwise mama will be angry.

Riya- Rakesh what is happening? Is she my shona’s daughter.

Rakesh- yes Riya she is swara and Lucky’s daughter.

Riya- where is swara? Just tell me once I’ll kill her how can she hide such a big thing from me and lucky .

Rakesh- I’ll tell you everything but first let’s go . listen first I have to drop angel home.

Riya- but she will be alone na.

Rakesh- no ramu kaka is there to take care of her. Infact from her childhood she was staying with him only when swara goes to office.

Riya- ramu kaka is here oh god . okay let’s go.

When they reach the car they saw angel was sitting in the car.

Rakesh- angel beta do you want icecream

Angel- no uncle let’s go. Uncle I have a question

Rakesh- okay you can ask.

Angel- uncle she is Riya aunty mama’s best friend na.

Rakesh- yes beta but don’t tell mama about her .

Angel- but why  mama will be happy to see her. She always misses aunty.

Rakesh- actually beta this aunty and your mama had a big quarrel so first we have to solve that then only they will be again friends. So its a big secret okay.

Angel- oho then I’ll also help you aunty . okay let’s go.

Precap- reveletion of what happened 5 years ago.

Guys please tell me frankly now you are not liking it na. I can saw the difference. Now a days none of you commented. And many of you left my ff like sparkle, uma and many more. Sherin, crazy girl and masthi had commented in last episode . guys it takes completely 2 to 3 hr to write an episode. I need all your support . if you will not tell anything how will I know my fault . okay I understand you didn’t like the current story right. But please don’t stop reading it really hurts me . and please guys atleast give me reply today. And whenever I used to scroll other swalak stories I saw all of you comented there I know I’m not that much a good writer but still I’m trying my best. Now its all up to you. Bye take care.

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