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Riya left her house to go to office. She drives the car. Before when swara is there swara used to drive the car herself and  she never let Riya to drive the car. But after swara left Riya herself drives the car . She always miss swara alot. There was very much rush that day. So she stopped on the way. Suddenly she saw a car comes and stops near her. She looks inside that car she saw two girls are sitting there. Both were fighting for chips and after sometime for chocolates. She remembers she and swara always fights for chocolates and chips. She closes her eyes .A drop of tear came out of her eyes .

Riya – where are you swara?Please come back yaar if you are angry upon me then it’s okay please don’t punish your lucky,please swara come back . god please tell me where is swara?and she cried hard.

Although five years passed but Riya never forget swara for a single moment. She heared that swara and shivansh were runaway as both love each other. But she never believed them. If anyone told her that Shivansh loves swara then may be she can believe that but if someone tells that her swara cheated lucky and she loves Shivansh and she played with her feelings she’ll never believe it. Because swara is her life. She believes her more than her life. She was thinking these only. Suddenly there was a knock on her car window.

Riya – before she saw who is there she told I know swara you only na . you always have fun by knocking my door,windows. So finally you came back.

Bur when she opens her eyes she found a man is standing near her car and he only knocks.

Man – oh madam who’s swara can’t you see there is no more traffic here. All vehicles are left. As we are behind you we can’t go. Please mam start your car and leave. We have to go to office.

Riya – she turns and saw so many vehicles are there. So she said sorry to that man and drives off.

In London

A big mansion is shown. A cute little girl was running. She was finding her mother. She was very cute. Suddenly she stops as her mom calls her.

Mother – Angel please stop beta. Please drink this milk. I have so much work.

That girl Angel turns now her face is shown. Her role will played by Ayesha of jamai raja.

Angel -no mama today i’ll not drink it. Today it’s your turn.

Mother- now her face is shown she is none other than our swara . She was wearing a white top with blue jeans. Also she was wearing mangalsutra and she had sindoor on her forehead.

Swara – it was your daily drama Angel . I know you very well. Please dear finish it I have an important meeting please. You are a good girl na.

Angel -mama you are trying to distract me.
Swara – no no beta you are my good girl na okay let’s ask Ramu kaka about it.

Angel -no need of that but mama you are forgetting something. I’ll drink it but tell me first what you forget.

Swara – that’s like a good girl. But you know na your mama is very poor in remembering these things.

Angel – oho mama then how you used to remember your all work.

Swara- are i told you na about your Riya aunty. You know beta like Sneha your  best friend just like her me and your Riya aunty were best friends. From our childhood she stayed with us. She only remember me about my homework everything.

Angel – but mama why aunty stayed with you? Where is her mama and papa she didn’t cried by remembering them.

Swara – no beta she lost her parents in her childhood after that she stays with us.okay now you are finishing it no more question please.

Angel – okay but mama you promised me that today you will take me for shopping. Always you forget this.

Swara – I’m really sorry beta but today i have very important meeting. Okay I’ll try to finish it quickly then we’ll go to the park . okay and shopping next time.

Angel – okay you go . I’ll stay in home.

Swara – that’s like a good girl and don’t do any mischievous work and as a good girl stay with Ramu kaka.

Ramu kaka – swara beta you go I’ll take care of angel.

Swara – Yes kaka okay beta I’m leaving bye 

Angel – but mama you are going alone. Where is uncle.

Swara – your uncle is more lazy than you beta.

Some voice come from behind. When angel saw him she run to him . his face is shown. He was Rakesh.

Rakesh – no beta your mama is very intelligent. She always keeps..

Swara – just stop it Rakesh let’s go . we are getting late.

Rakesh – okay bye princess today me and your mama will take you to your favourite park.

Angel – okay uncle. Then she goes near swara and tells her mrs swara laksh maheswari I know you always neglect your health due to work . But not today okay. Today I had given you the tiffin .I had keep it in your bag and I’ll send your launch to office okay bye. Now you can go.

Swara – okay my mother bye.

And both Rakesh and swara left.

In car

Rakesh – swara Angel was so understanding na.

Swara – Yes Rakesh. I know god always did wrong with me. But when I left lucky and came here with you then i came to know that i was pregnant. Before i thought how will i live  here with out my family. But may be that god is not that much bad he gave me angel.

Rakesh – swara again you are not believing in god?

Swara – why I’ll do Rakesh? If once he did a great thing in my life. I lost everyone whom I loved. I got separated from lucky and Riya. I don’t know Rakesh why god is doing this with me. I  just want a simple life where I had dreamed to live my life with my lucky and my best friend. Because of me only today lucky,and riya no body is happy Rakesh.

Rakesh – swara you are a fighter if god is not with you then why he gave you angel and that also in a time when you are forced to live alone. Swara he was testing you. And you have to pass this test.

Swara – no Rakesh I don’t want to give any test. Lucky has the right to know about his daughter but I can’t contact him. Ya thank to your god that he gave me a very understanding daughter.

Rakesh – that is true swara. You had told her about lucky being her father she accept this truth but never questions you why you didn’t let her talk or meet with her father.

Swara – you saw na today when i didn’t agree her in any matter then she becomes my mother and call me as mrs swara laksh maheswari. Feeling good to hear that.

Rakesh – but swara i think you should talk to lucky at least once. Just inform him which situation forced you to leave him.

Swara – Rakesh what you are thinking i never want this. I always wants him to know the truth. Every night i cry and wants to call him iwant to ask him about Riya about maa. I want to tell him that he wins.

Rakesh – what lucky won?in which competition.

Swara – one day he was competing with me that if we will have babies then it will be a girl or a boy . I told him that it should be a boy but he give me guarantee that we’ll have a girl and he’ll name her angel. And you see he won.

Rakesh – acha then it was the matter. It’s okay but why don’t you tell him about angel.

Swara – I want but always that person keeps an aye on me. I don’t know who is his spy. I tried every night. But before I could call lucky that person called me and warning me.

Rakesh – it’s okay you can try in office.

Swara – what are you thinking Rakesh I had already tried that also but in office also he was there.

Rakesh – okay if you will tell me I can call him.

Swara – no Rakesh that person also has eye on you and last night he warned me that if I’ll try to call lucky then he’ll kill our angel. So don’t do anything like that.

Finally they reach the office. Swara and Rakesh came London and with their hard work now their company is one of the leading companies of London. Now they are business tycoon of London. And both crack the deal also.

After some hour

Swara is in her cabin. She was doing her work. In her cabin wall so many photos are there. Photos of her and lucky,her and Riya, and her and angel. Rakesh came there to discuss something with swara. So while they were discussing suddenly swara heared lucky’s voice.

Rakesh – what happened?

Swara – Rakesh I heard lucky’s voice.

Rakesh – swara you are thinking about lucky very much so you are hallucination.
In London what’ll lucky do that’s also in our office.

Swara – no Rakesh i’m sure. Please check outside na.

Rakesh – okay I’m going.
He comes inside and he has a smile on his face.

Swara – I knew it lucky had found me finally.

Rakesh – no.

Swara – then why you are smiling.

Rakesh – swara there was an award show is going on. So you can see your lucky after 5 years.

Swara – wow plz switch on the tv.

Rakesh – okay and he switch on the tv and show it to swara.

Swara finally saw lucky. In these 5 years she became a business tycoon but always tried her best to take a single information about lucky. Swara was very happy.

Swara – Rakesh just look at him. What he made himself yaar.

Rakesh – like a devdas.

Swara – okay don’t tease him more it’s okay he was looking handsome.

Rakesh – are you blind he was looking like a malnutrition patient swara. He was looking like he didn’t ate anything for these years.

Swara – okay okay stop he was going to say something.

Lucky got award as he was the business tycoon of this year. One repoter ask him about his success. So he told that till when his wife is with him he’ll get every success in his life.

Rakesh – Bechara till now he loves you so much.

Swara – of course yes he was my lucky . And no one can separate him from my love. It’s okay now I wasn’t with him but my love is with him na.

Then again they saw at the interview.

Repoter -sir what is your view on doing business in international market I mean outside our country.

Lucky- yah i’m thinking about that. And because of that I was going to start a new company very soon and then I’ll start my company outside our country.

Repoter -sir we heared that your first wife mrs swara cheated you. And she runaway with her bf but still you are so much successful.

Lucky was silent. Seeing it Swara and Rakesh were shocked.

Another reporter – sir you told that because of your wife you are in this stage of success. It means still you love her.

Lucky – no i told right. My wife is with me. If anyone left you that it doesn’t  means I’ll stay like a Bechara lover. Like devdas. Okay guys you are asking about my wife na then I’ll introduce to her. Okay welcome mrs Riya laksh maheswari.

Rakesh was also shocked and he saw towards swara. She was crying but not intentionally her tears were coming out of her eyes with out her knowledge. So seeing it Rakesh try to switch off the tv . but swara stops him by holding his hand.

Then they saw lucky welcomes Riya by holding her hand to the stage. Swara was shocked to see it.

Lucky – okay guys meet mrs laksh maheswari. And i think now you don’t have any more questions. And if it is about my first wife then I want to tell you one thing I HATE HER MORE THAN MY LIFE. Okay guys i’m getting late for a important meeting. See you all in my new company inauguration function. And he left with Riya.

Rakesh switch off the tv. And saw swara. He holds her. He know what’ll she feel now. She was thinking and living in the hope that lucky will save her from that person and they’ll stay with angel like before.

Rakesh – swara control yourself.

Swara – no Rakesh i can’t control more and she hugged him. Rakesh what mistake i did. They have such a now big misunderstanding . How can they thought i run awsy with shivansh . I have no more hopes from my life. Rakesh lucky hates me. How’ll i control myself. He got married to Riya and now both are happy. Rakesh everything was over. My hopes everything died.

Rakesh – swara look in to my eyes. So swara saw him. Ya you are right swara. But it was sure that whatever they told they are not telling by their own and i know that person only create all these misunderstanding .and you have to clear them then Swara how can give up like this. . you are my fighter. If you’ll give up like this then who’ll take care of angel. And look at lucky did you thought he was happy swara how can he forget you.

Swara – I don’t know anything Rakesh. How’ll i live now. Please Rakesh i can’t take these any more. I’m going please take care of my angel.

Rakesh – swara please are you mad . what you are saying? You have to control yourself. See the pic and he show Angel’s photo. Just see her swara she was your responsibility how can you think of leaving her. You are her life. Till now she only knows that lucky was her father but till now she didn’t saw him swara. It’s okay you have to move on swara.

Swara – no Rakesh I’ll never move on. And why you are telling this what you are thinking  I’ll marry you.

Rakesh – swara you know I’m your well wisher. Before I loved you but not now. I told you to move on not in any wrong intension. Swara just strong yourself and take care of angel. Till now you are hoping that lucky will find you but now you have to raise angel by giving a mother and father love. Don’t even think of suicide swara. Angel has no one else other than you. Be strong. I know you are only of lucky’s. And see you are having his love with you angel.

Swara – you are right. I’ll live for my angel. Okay I’m leaving now you also come. Today i have to take her to the park . Let’s go. And both left.

Guys I hope you all like it. And crazy girl I had read somewhere that your bday is on 12th July , So i wish you a advance HAPPY BIRTH DAY .I WISH YOU WILL GET ALL YOUR HAPPINESS OF YOUR LIFE. Okay guys i don’t know when I’ll post it’s next part. So till then take care and good bye.

Credit to: pari

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