Hi friends your pari is back. Guys I can’t  believe that today I’m writing 35th episode. And it’s because all of your support. Thanks alot to all of you . I’m really very happy today. Keep supporting me like this.

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Friends today i’ll take you somewhere. Okay i got so much tired by moving from here and there. Finally it was a big house may be. Lets go to near that . A big mansion is shown. It was looking very beautiful from outside. A beautiful voice is coming from inside. May be the house lady was praying to god . her voice is so beautiful. Then we saw a lady of 45-60 years was sitting in  a soffa and she was reading newspaper. It seems that she was the owner of the house. Then a another girl comes there she was wearing a blue colour saree.we can saw her only from the back and she was looking beautiful. When we saw her closely we saw she had pallu on her head and she was holding a aarti plate in her hand. And she comes near that lady. She was very beautiful and takes her blessings. Seeing that girl i thought she was of nearly 30years old and she was wearing a mangalsutra and she had sindoor on her forehead.it means she was married.

Girl-maa i had completed the pooja.

Lady- now she raised her head so we can saw her face now. She was Ap. She tellls to the girl okay Riya beta that’s good.

It reavels that girl was Riya(?oh god Riya got married but to whom)- yes, maa ihad completed the pooja but can’t decide what to cook in breakfast.

Ap-  beta you know na whatever you cook we’ll eat it heartly. And justm ake anything you want. But where is your husband.

Riya- maa he went to office in early morning only.

Ap-what i’ll do with this lucky. When will he understand that he was hurting himself only. It’s already 5 years but still he can’t move on.

(???oh god Riya married to Lucky. But how come then where is swara. So much happened in these 5 years. So many things got changed. I have headache yaar but where is lucky)

Riya- maa whatever happened that shattered our life completely. We all lose someone. I lost my best friend swara, lucky lost his love, his life swara and you lost your daughter. Lucky and I got married but we both can’t love each other . he loves only swara and I love shivansh. But swara did that thing which can’t imagined by any of us.

Ap- I know beta . swara she was not my bahu she was my daughter. I had always a complain to god that why he didn’t gave ma a daughter. But after getting swara I had no more complain to god. She was so good but why she did that Riya. She can’t saw a tear in your eyes but still she became the reason for your sorrows. Why she…

Riya-maa I don’t know what happened to her suddenly that day. I can’t forget that day ever in my life. That day it was mine and shivansh marriage was going to happen but suddenly our all happiness vanishes. Swara cheated lucky , she take his signature in divorce papers without his knowledge and then she run away . then idont know what happened to shivansh he also run away. To save me and in anger lucky get married to me.

Ap – but why don’t you both move on your life Riya. Swara will never come back . and you know now lucky hates her. He hates her so much that now he will get angry when he heard her name also.

Riya – no aunty that much I know him he can’t hate my swara. I know my swara from childhood. I know there is a very big issue in it. Otherwise she was not the girl of running away .

Ap – I know beta . you know what i also think so . But where is she. If she is not remembering her lucky,her best friend. At least she can call us.

Riya – don’t worry maa I’ll definitely find her. Are till when she’ll hide from us. And maa I’ll take lucky’s breakfast to office.

Ap – it’s okay I’ll send both of your lunch.

Riya – okay maa I’m going to get ready. Today there is a very important meeting in office. I have to go.

Ap – you and lucky always stays there only from morning to night. Always working like machines. Okay you go.

Riya went to her room. There is opens her and swara’s photo and cried hard.

Riya – where are you swara . your Riya needs you dear. I want to hug you swara. I want to tell you what happened after you left. Please come back swara. I know if you will come back then it will be easy for us to find Shivansh also . Then we’ll stay together with all the happiness. Please god do something please give me a hint about swara. So that I can save her if she was in any danger. And she get ready and left to office.

Oh god so much happened in these years. Okay guys sorry for a short update. Next time I’ll make it big it’s promise . I know you are feeling to kill me. I know it was somewhat boring. Sorry for that .Okay guys I’ll update when i got time. Till then take care bye. And again thanks alot for all your love and support.

Credit to: pari

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  1. Thanks pari for showing swalak together at least In ff. I am a huge fan of swalak but cvs separated them but show them together at least in your ff plz.

  2. awesome yrr t why u seprate swalak and hapoy that atleast now also riya and ap trust swara thay know that behind this there is some reason

    upload next part as soon as possible

  3. Shocking twist

  4. Pooja26

    omg!!!!!!!! m shocked ……….

    post asap……

  5. its ok afterall its better than any tragedy. thanks for swalak. ur really good.

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