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Swara helps lucky to get ready. And before Reshma reaches home both Shivansh and lucky left. Reshma comes to home and ask for lucky.

Reshma – aunty where is lucky?

Swara – why you are asking about him?

Reshma – i’m his would be wife. And you don’t even try to talk between me and lucky.

Swara signs Ap.

Ap – what is this swara she simply ask where is lucky?can’t you answer her. Reshma he went with Shivansh.

Reshma – but where aunty?

Ap – to hospital. And he’ll return after sometime.

Reshma – okay aunty.

Ap – Riya beta come with me. I want to show you something.

And both of them left.

Reshma – so sad swara now your mother in law didn’t believe you. Now I’ll easily became mrs laksh maheswari.

Swara – noo Reshma now you only won maa. And I know everything about you. You only gave money to that servant na. How could you. One side you are telling you love lucky then how can you think to hurt him.

Reshma – these all are well known . and you will saw how I’ll snach lucky from you.

Swara – you can’t do that. Because my and lucky’s relation is not that much weak that someone like you can destroy it. Our love is not that weak. I’ll prove it that you don’t love lucky?and after your leaving I’ll apologise to lucky . Then we’ll be together forever.

Reshma – it will be done only in your dreams . I’ll make lucky mine tomorrow only swara. I’ll take him with me. Then you will be all alone again.

Swara – okay let’s see. Who’ll go out of this house. And she left to her room.

She was thinking how to bring Reshma truth out. And how’ll she save her family. Then she got lucky’s message. He asked her to come to the police station. So she left.

At police station

Shivansh – are yaar please do something. We have to get rid of her.

His friend sid -don’t worry I’m searching for these two only. So many cases are there. Finally we are going to catch them.

Swara – but we have to be Careful. Because tomorrow they are planning to attack on lucky.

Sid -I know swara we have to take the risk. Otherwise we can’t take the risk. But you don’t worry. I’ll supervise it my self. And in my team all the officers were very much talented and experienced.

Swara – whatever i can’t take risk on lucky. If you will tell me then I can help you.

Sid -swara i understand your concern. If that’ll be the case then we can take any of our staff. If we’ll do anything like that then their plan will backfire. And they will be get alert.

Swara – okay then but what can i do.

Sid -Shivansh told me about their plan. Lucky we’ll change their plan slightly. You both have to be acting like there is a big fight happened between you both. And lucky you will ask Reshma to take care of you like a wife did . you will ask her to feed you like this. And she’ll definitely call her partner. Then we’ll catch them . And my team will do the work. From today onwards they will stay in your house but keep in mind that Reshma doesn’t know about them. And I’ll come tomorrow morning.

Swara – okay. And all of them left.

While they returning swara saw lucky was smiling. She got doubtful.

Swara – lucky why you are laughing.

Lucky – nothing tomorrow i can romance with Reshma. Hai na Shivansh.

Shivansh – abe why you are pulling me in it. Swara i’m with you.

Lucky – i had never saw friend like you.dhokebazz.

Swara – I’ll see you tomorrow when that chipkali will left our house. Then I’ll also see who’ll come to save you.

At night
Before dinner one of the police officer comes inside to talk with Shivansh. But Reshma saw him . and she has doubt. Lucky noticed it. Lucky saw noone is near them Shivansh and offcer was talking in hall. And swara is in kitchen. Ap and Riya were in their room. So lucky didn’t get any idea to stop Reshma. So he went and stopped her. To stop her to go towards Shivansh he hugged her. But unfortunately till that that officer left. And swara reaches there . She was very much angry. When lucky saw her he makes some excuses and left to his room.

Shivansh- swara don’t you think lucky..

Swara – today he’ll know who’s swara? Just wait.

Shivansh – but what will you do.

Swara- I’ll not tell you. You’ll see yourself.

At dinner when lucky starts eating he has tears in his eyes. It was full of salt and mirchi powder. Then he saw every one. All are sitting and enjoying the food. Beside him swara was sitting. And she was laughing. So lucky understood that it was swara’s work.

Ap – are lucky what happened? Why you are not eating food.

Lucky – no maa I’m eating only.

Swara – you have to lucky all your favourite dishes are here.

Lucky – hmm.

Seeing lucky Riya and Shivansh understand what happened. They control their laughing.

Swara – she comes near lucky and tells him it was the result of hugging that chipkali.

Lucky – really then I want to hug her once more.

Swara – acha. That’s good. And she became angry and put her sandals on lucky’s leg intentionally.

Lucky – aahh.

Ap – what happened to you lucky?

Lucky – nothing maa may be some insect is there but it’s okay.

Ap – okay.

Swara – Riya you remember na maa used to make us afraid at dinner.

Riya – yes swara. Aunty you knowwhat when ever we both do any mistake and aunty will know about that then that night at dinner aunty slowly put her sandals on our foots lightly. When we screams aunty tells that it may be some insect. And if anyone doing wrong in the entire day then that insect will come near that person. And in childhood we believe her and after completing dinner we go near her and told her what mistake we did that day. And said sorry to her.

Ap – are wah it was a good trick.

Shivansh – Riya it means lucky had did some mistake today.

Swara – definitely Shivansh otherwise insect doesn’t come near everyone.

Shivansh – okay guys I had completed bye good night.

At swalak room
When swara entered the room suddenly lucky pulled her to a wall and close the door.

Swara – what you are doing?

Lucky – he comes near her and tells mrs swara sometime insect bite people by mistakenly.

Swara – oh really leave me.

Lucky – are that insect has to get punished na.

Swara – really and what’ll be her punishment.

Lucky – he kissed her in her chin and tells a simple kiss. And good night my love and left to work.

Swara stood there for sometime. She was shocked but then smiles seeing lucky and she also slept.

Next day morng
As per the planning swara and lucky starts quarrelling with each other. So everyone comes there.

Ap – what happened lucky?

Lucky – maa I can’t stay with her anymore.

Swara – same here.

Ap – okay but now who’ll take care of lucky?

Swara – I don’t know.

Reshma- she thought it will be easy for her to take photos. So she agreed.

Lucky – okay Reshma come quickly.

Reshma – okay I’m coming just after 10min.

Lucky – okay I’ll wait for you.

Every one left. And Riya stands near Reshma room door and hear her talking to Vikash. And then Reshma left to lucky’s room.

After sometime

Vikash came inside the room and hide in cupboard of lucky’s room. Lucky know all these as he was acted to sleep . And he silently call Shivansh as their plan.  And when Vikash started to take photos Sid and his official came and catch them red  handed. But when they were taking both of then suddenly Vikash get success to free himself and kept swara as hostage  .everyone got tensed. But lucky suddenly got the gun from one officer and shoot it on Vikash leg and got successful in saving swara.

Swara – she comes near Reshma and slap her and tells that it was for hurting my lucky. And again slap her and tells that it was for trying to break her and Ap relation. And tells her that her love win .

After two days

Riya – swara when you are proposing lucky?

Swara – today night but for that you have to help me.

Riya – okay.

As per the plan at evening Riya called lucky and tells him that swara’s car get break. So he needs to go there. So lucky left to that place. When he reach there he opens the car door. There he saw a letter. He reads it .There it was written that if he wants to meet swara then he has to come to some hotel and to room no. Xyz . so lucky hurriedly left. When he opens the door and entered and take swara’s name all lights were switched on. He saw it was beautifully decorated with flowers and candles. Then he saw there were sorry written on the walls. He smiles seeing them.

Swara – she was wearing a white colour saree she comes near him with a sorry card.

Lucky – what is this?

Swara – I’m really sorry please forgive me. I really love you.

Lucky- okay but in one condition. You have to propose me now.

Swara – I knew it and I had already planned for it.

Lucky- really .

Swara – close your eyes . I know you will do cheating. So I’m blindfold you. And she blindfold him.

Lucky- but what’s the surprise.

Swara – let’s go and she takes him to some place. Now you can open your eyes.

Lucky – he opens his eyes and he got shocked. Swara had written a big I Love You with diya and she was sitting in her knees and forward her hand for him.

Swara – I love you lucky.

Lucky – he helps  her to get up and hugged her tightly and tells her I love you too.
Then he kissed on her for head and thanks her for giving him second chance.

Then both consummate their marriage. It ends with swara’s smiling face.

But on other side some one is hurting himself continuously with a stick . His face was not shown.and tells swara now your sadness will fill your life. Enjoy as much as you want because after it you have to cry. I’ll snach all your happiness from you. Your Riya,your lucky and your family everything swara. I had waited for thus day very much. Now it’s your time. Just get ready first I’ll snach your Riya from you .She was your life right. You can’t see tear in her eyes na first I’ll destroy her then your lucky. See you soon miss swara . It ends with his evil smiling face.

Precap – a leap of 5 years .

Guys I don’t know how’ll you react on today’s episode. I had write it in hurry. And don’t know if you will like the twist or not. Hope you all like it. And sorry I don’t know how to write romantic scenes sorry for disappointing you all. I know you all are waited for swalak romantic scenes  again sorry for that . I’ll wait for your response.  I didn’t decide when I’ll post it’s next part . Till then take care good bye.

Credit to: pari

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