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Swara – Riya you go and try to take that number.

Riya – okay I’ll try.

Shivansh – I know you can do it.

Swara – lucky don’t you think Shivansh and Riya were changing day by day.

Lucky – ya swara but it’s okay what can we do if they didn’t want to tell us.

Swara – ya you are right I understand they don’t think we are their friends.

Riya – swara nothing like that.

Shivansh – ya she is right why you both thinks that we are hiding you something. Nothing like that yaar we are not in love.

Swara – lucky you noticed something if i tell anything about love. Oh my god it means there is something.

Riya and Shivansh -are yaar nothing like that. And if anything will happens we will inform you first. Okay.

Swara – ohooo you both are telling this at a time wah what a jodi.

Riya – swara if you tell anything more I’ll Kill you. Okay I’m going.

Swara – hmm sure but with care okay.

Riya entered the kitchen. She saw Reshma was cutting vegetables. So when she entered Reshma ask her the reason for coming. Riya told her that she came to drink juice. And then she hold the juice glass and went near Reshma. And intentionally she put juice in Reshma’s saree. So Reshma went to her room to change. And Riya opened her phone and takes that number and leaves from there. After some time Reshma hurriedly rushed to kitchen and she got relief when she saw her phone was there as such.

Reshma – thank god it was here. Wait Reshma they know you as Lucky’s lover not as a fraud. Because your intention is to take all the properties right. So don’t worry. Oh i have to go to meet that person what is his name Krishna Singh. Then she leaves from there.

Outside Swara,lucky, Shivansh and Riya acts like they don’t know anything. After Reshma leaves swara also goes behind her.

Lucky – swara wait.

Swara – why you call me ?

Lucky – swara I can’t take risk Shivansh will accompany you.

Swara – no he’ll not come. Lucky try to understand nothing will happen to me why we will put him in danger.

Shivansh – swara I’m coming with you. And I’m not asking you I’m telling you. Now let’s go otherwise we can’t catch her.

Swara – okay and both of them left.

Swara and Shivansh were following Reshma in car.

Swara – she was such a fraud na. Wait it means they were in a gange rt. Before also may be they had fooled many.

Shivansh – may be swara .

Swara – then we can take the help of police.

Shivansh- yah but first we have to follow her.

Swara – hey stop.

Shivansh – but why?

Swara – are budu just saw there she stops in that house.

Shivansh – yah. But whose house is it.

Swara – Shivansh it was a farmhouse wait i’m coming after asking the people.

Shivansh – yah let’s go.

Swara and Shivansh goes to a tea stall which was near to that house and ask him about the farmhouse. So he told them that
It was Mr krishna singh farm house.

Shivansh – what Krishna Singh. He was the owner of xyz company rt.

Tea stall owner – yes sir.

Swara – Shivansh you know him?

Shivansh – yah swara he was our one of the shareholder. I know him very well.

Swara – then we should help him and suddenly both saw Reshma was coming out from that house. And then she leaves.

Shivansh – swara what will we do now. I’m sure now Reshma will go to her partner. What will we do. We have two choice first one is we’ll go and ask Mr  Krishna about her. And second one we’ll follow her

Swara – Shivansh we can talk with him afterwards but now we should follow her.
Okay let’s go.

Shivansh – okay you wait here i’m coming .

Then they follow her.

Swara – she was going to a chawl.

Shivansh – swara usually this type of criminals stay in these area only. Because police was searching them . so if they will use the money directly then they will be cought.

Swara – Shivansh how you know these so clearly. If anyone will hear these from you then he’ll be confused that you are business tycoon or a detective.

Shivansh – Actually one of my best friend was in crime branch Delhi . so he used to tell me all the cases and how he solve them.

Swara – that’s good. Okay let’s go again we have to follow her.

Then they walked to the house where Reshma entered. May be god wants that they will know Reshma’s truth. So they stand near a window and from there they can listen everything. May be both Reshma and that boy were talking near inside the window only. But whatever they heared they got shocked.

Reshma – yah baby I had meet that Krishna.

Boy – you had show him those photos.

Reshma – yes darling but I’m angry upon you.

Boy – but why?

Reshma – vikash i know you don’t love me. If you would love me then why don’t you came to meet me.

Vikash – are you have to understand na. Now you are in laksh and swara’s house. They both are business tycoons. So there was very much security. Okay leave that what is the progress in your work.

Reshma – that swara is very intelligent. But till now i didn’t go near lucky.

Vikash – what?but why Reshma you have to take those photos. What you are doing there.

Reshma – swara is always with lucky. What will I do . But still I did a good work. I created a wall between both saas and bahu. Only in 15 days I’ll give you photos.

Vikash – that’s good at least try to take pictures .wait i’m telling you tomorrow you will help him in bath then try to kiss him as you do with everyone. And before that call me once okay I’ll come and take pictures. Then our blackmailing will start.

Reshma – okay it will be done. But first give me some food. That old lady told me to make food so i didnt ate any food.

Vikash – okay you wait i’m coming. that lucky thinks you as friend he didn’t know he was our 30 number target. If it wasn’t easily done we’ll kill them.

Reshma – okay.


Shivansh – swara let’s go.

Swara – no Shivansh today I’ll not leave her she is so cheap.

Shivansh – swara try to understand we have to go .If she will reach before us then she’ll doubt us. Let’s go.

Swara – yah okay and both left.

In car

Shivansh – oh my god I never thought they are so dangerous.

Swara – not only dangerous they are so cheap. They are blackmailing people and then oh god.

Shivansh – don’t worry we’ll do something.

After sometime they reach home. They saw lucky,riya and Ap were waiting for them.

Ap – what happened swara?You both are fine na.

Shivansh – Yes aunty. But they are very dangerous.

Lucky – but why ? What you both know about them.

Then Shivansh told them everything they had listened.

Ap – oh god now what’ll we do.

Swara – nothing we’ll fight with him.

Riya – if you had thought anything.

Swara- yah . I’m thinking we’ll inform police about them. As they told we are their 30 number target it means they had already fooled 29 people. So obviously they had registered  complain against these two.

Shivansh – swara is right. But I’m sure they did them in other names.

Ap – that is right you and lucky goes to police station. Now lucky can walk. There was less pain in his leg.

Lucky – yah Shivansh I’m coming after changing just wait.

Swara – no I’ll go you take rest.

Lucky – try to understand swara if me and Shivansh were not in home then you can tell Reshma that we both went for check up . and now i feel better. I’m going and that’s final.

Swara – okay.

Lucky – swara help me to go to room. Shivansh wait you  here i’m coming.

Shivansh – okay till then I’ll talk with my friend Aarav about it okay.

Lucky – yah.

It ends with Swara’s thinking face.

Precap – swara brings out  Reshma and Vikash truth. But Vikash took swara as hostage to get save get saved from police. If lucky will able to save swara or he’ll loose her forever .

Friends  hope you all like it. And sorry for late update. Guys I had started a new ff about ragsan. It named If you will be ever mine ( a story of a girl ). I had completed two episodes. And today I had posted both of these. So if you want then you can read it. Okay bye take care.

Credit to: pari

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