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Swara goes to terrace . So Shivansh told Riya to go there and ask her to control swara . so Riya goes there.

Riya – Swara why you are crying.

Swara – Riya due to my carelessness lucky is in this state. How can she hurt lucky . One side she was telling that she loves lucky then how can she do this. Because of me lucky had suffered enough now I just want a peaceful life with him Riya.

Riya – are what happened to you?today morning you are not agreed to come back and now you want lucky what is this . If anybody told you anything.

Swara – Riya today lucky told me that he loves me. And then she told everything what lucky had told her.

Riya – acha bachu then he had taken this step without informing me. Then she bites her tonge. I mean..

Swara – I know what was your mission. Yes, Riya you all became successful okay I’m leaving. Hey wait what will i tell lucky he was thinking that I had sent that servant to give him that medicine.

Riya – swara now he trust you more than himself just tell him all the things happened . he’ll definitely trust you. Okay where is my treat.

Swara – I’ll give but before that let me tell lucky that i forgave him and I want to start a new life with him. But before that we have to throw away that chipkali from here. If you will help me.

Riya – Swara you know that I’m always with you in your every fight. So from tomorrow onwards we’ll start our mission to throw away chipkali.

Swara – okay then  bye. Good night.

Riya – okay good night. After swara left she prayed to god . god please swara had suffered enough plz let her stay peacefully please if you want then please take away all my happiness but please keep my shona happy.
Then she also left for sleep.

Swara comes to her room . She saw lucky has already wake up . and she goes near him.

Swara- now how are you?

Lucky – i’m fine now where are you went . I’m finding you from many times.

Swara – she was surprised to see lucky’s behaviour. And tells him lucky how can you be normal . If anyone told you anything. I’m really saying truth i didn’t sent that servant . just don’t know why he did it.

Lucky – I know everything . Shivansh had told me everything about Reshma don’t worry maa will understand soon.

Swara – but how can you trust me so easily. If i had really did that then..

Lucky – come sit here. So swara comes and sit near lucky. Then he takes her hand and tells her that I had already seen the result of not trusting you once . I had no more patience to lose you again by not trusting again.

Swara – okay now sleep. I’m also going to sleep bye good night.

Next morning

In kitchen Swara was making breakfast for everyone. Just then Ap comes there. Seeing her swara became nervous.

Ap – swara lucky wake up or not.

Swara – Yes maa and I had already gave him medicine. Please maa trust me i didn’t did that. I can’t think of hurting lucky.

Ap – I know that you love lucky more than I love him . I know everything. Actually when that servant was telling that you send him. At first i became angry but suddenly i saw Reshma there. She was signing that servant. So i understand that it was all her plan . So i acted like I’m angry upon you.

Swara- wow maa seriously you are not angry upon me. Ab dekhna aap mai use kaise nikalta hun iss ghar se . and when I have a smart mother in law then what is the problem.

Ap – I know that. Okay I’m leaving  but what’s today’s plan.

Swara – maa whatever I’ll make in breakfast you just act to be angry. And please tell that Reshma that if she was really interested to became mrs laksh maheswari then she has to make today’s lunch.

Ap – okay. And she left.

After sometime Riya comes there to help swara. She saw swara was smiling.

Riya – what happened why you are looking happy?  If you had proposed lucky last night.

Swara – no I’m waiting for this Reshma departure. Then I’ll propose lucky.

Riya – then why you are happy?

Swara – she told everything about Ap told.

Riya – wow dear now we’ll throw that chipkali from lucky’s life easily.

Then both serve the breakfast. And according to the plan Ap told what swara asked her to do.

Reshma – don’t worry aunty I’ll make food for all of you.

Ap – acha beta then I’ll make you daughter in law definitely.

Reshma – okay aunty i’m going to prepare lunch. And she left.

Seeing it all of them laugh.

Riya – Shivansh you know na what to do.

Shivansh – of course yes baby.

Lucky and swara- baby????

Shivansh – Actually sorry Riya i just told you ..Please don’t take it seriously.

Riya – ya yes. And both of them left.

Ap – what is happening?

Lucky – don’t know maa.

Swara – I never saw Riya blussing. It means both love each other.

Lucky – wow it is a good news.

Ap – but iknow they will not agreed to this.

Swara – it’s okay maa just let this Reshma left our home after that I’ll bring these two love bird’s truth out.

Ap – okay swara I’m taking lucky you just keep an eye on Reshma.

Swara – Yes maa.

After some hour swara went to kitchen to bring water. She heared Reshma was talking to someone. So she stand behind a pillar.

Reshma – oh baby don’t worry I’m yours only.

Swara – it means she was talking to lucky. You lucky today you are gone. But when she turned she found lucky and Shivansh were sitting on soffa and they were doing office work.

Swara – then with whom she was talking.

Reshma – don’t worry dear just let this marriage happened then all property will be ours. And then after finishing this family we’ll search another family. Last night you are telling about some rich man rt today I’ll go to meet him . Don’t worry I’ll make any excuses. Ya bye I love you.

Swara – oh god it means she was a fraud. I have tell this to lucky and Shivansh. And she left. And then she told everything to them.

Shivansh – oh god it means it was pre planned .We have to stop her.

Lucky – but how.

Riya – we have think something otherwise she’ll became very dangerous for us.

Shivansh – yah it means lucky was not new for her. Before also she had played these games with many people.

Swara – yah and some new person was also in her list. Today I’ll follow her . But we want that number with whom she was talking. But how.

Lucky – I know who’ll do it.

Shivansh -who??

Lucky – Riya.

Riya – okay I’ll do it and she goes to kitchen.

Precap – swara & Shivansh follows Reshma . and if they will successful in it or not.

Iknow guys it was all boring. No masti,no romance so sorry for that and I’ll update next part on 10th July. Till then take care and bye. And again sorry for this episode.

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