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In swara’s house

Swara – riya you are ready na.

Riya – ya I’m but are you sure you are going to do it.

Swara – Yes riya. Because I know lucky loves me I’m angry upon him because he called me cheap but now i understand that lucky told them in anger. And he loves me more than any other one loves me. And I can’t wait more yaar if that Reshma..no no that can’t be happen Riya I can’t take the risk of losing lucky.

Riya – swara you know na I’m always there for you in every situation im every fight. So in this also i’m with you. And iknow lucky he loves you so let’s go.

Swara – Yes Riya now I need all of your support I have to through that chipkali from our lifes. And she forward her hand.
That time Shivansh came to take both of them to house. So he also came and join hands with them.

Swara – Shivansh you are..

Shivansh – don’t worry dear bhabi till your this devar is here no need to worry now i’m also with you.

Swara – thanks Shivansh let’s go. And all of them left.

At lucky’s house
Ap – lucky how much you will wait. Go and take rest beta.

Lucky – no maa plz some time more swara is coming maa I can’t believe you know what I’m feeling to dance. But this fracture..

Ap – I know but at least take this juice.

Lucky – no let her come.
Just then riya,swara and Shivansh came there.

Ap – are swara you came.

Swara – Yes maa I have to come na otherwise who will correct your son.

Lucky – oh madam because of you I’m in this situation and you are trying to corect me are you mad?

Swara – Mr maheswari I’m mad or not you will know. Tell me where is that chipkali.

Lucky – you are calling her chipkali she is my sweetheart .

Swara – ya sorry I forget about it . okay let’s go to room there I’ll see you and your sweetheart.

Lucky – what???

Shivansh – yes swara take him I’ll send your luggage. And he show all the best to lucky. Seeing it Riya and Ap laugh.

Swara – she comes to lucky and holds his hand and put it on her shoulder and tells let’s go you should take rest.

And then both went.

Ap – both were looking so good.
Riya – yes aunty and now no one can separate them.

Shivansh – yah but where is that chipkali.
Just then Reshma came there with luggage. Shivansh saw it and he signals Ap. And both left.

In swalak room
Swara – she helps him to sit in the bed. If you want anything then tell me.

Lucky – yah I want something.

Swara – If I tell that in any other languages that you don’t understand tell me what you want.

Lucky – I want my love.

Swara – what?

Lucky – yah you ask me and I told you now it was your duty to give me.

Swara – but what love? I can’t understand?

Lucky – I want a kiss from my love.

Swara – and who’s your love

Lucky – very simple come sit here I’ll tell you.

Swara – I don’t have time.
Lucky – but you told me that you’ll give what I want.

Swara – yah okay tell me and she goes and sits near his bed.

Lucky – you know I love someone who is a very beautiful girl. Who at first is a angry bird but I’m lucky how can i defeat finally i became successful and i make her a very good girl who never angered. But because of understanding everything got ruined i insulted her. But you know I’m also hurt that much because after that she left me. I beg her but she left. You know at this time I fell in love with that girl. I tried but she was not agreeing. I can’t leave without her. She was my swara my diaunosaurus. I want her. I know I did wrong but still I want you swara. I LOVE YOU SWARA.

Swara – she was hearing everything and she was teary eyed Lucky plz stop it but I don’t ..

Lucky – okay swara you take time but plz don’t leave me again.

Swara – I have to go and she runs from there.

Here Shivansh and Ap came near Reshma.

Ap – Reshma you are here.

Reshma – yes aunty you are there in the hospital rt then why you are asking me. I’m here for my lucky.

Shivansh – oh hlo madam who you are. And how come lucky became yours. I think you are forgetting something lucky was married now.

Riya – whatever I don’t care and she stepped inside the house.
Just then swara comes there.

Swara – are chipkali you came.

Riya – yes.

Swara – yah I can see that plz come inside. Wel come to our house.

Riya – wow swara you are welcoming your..

Swara – whatever i’m daughter in law of this house. So I have to wel come you.

Reshma – she goes inside and calls lucky name.

Swara – he was in room and he was resting so don’t disturb him.

Riya – she acted like she didn’t heard lucky darling where are you see I came.

Swara – I told you to shut your mouth rt.

Riya – aunty just see what swara will do. Any guess Shivansh?

Shivansh – he was recording all these silently so that he can so it to lucky. I think a slap.

Riya – no no I’m not sure.

Ap – okay just see.

Reshma – lucky baby where are you. I know you are angry but believe me…

Swara – but before she finishes swara holds her hand and forcefully turns her and tells don’t you understand if I said that lucky was resting then why you are disturbing him.

Reshma – oh really you will tell and I’ll agree to you. Tell me who are you. You are just a behenji.

Swara – yah okay let’s agree im a behenji but ms i’m mrs swara laksh maheswari. And before meeting to my husband you have to take permission from me.

Reshma – really I heard you left him then in which basis you are saying all these.

Swara – whatever happened between me and my husband that’s none of your business. So don’t disturb him now.

Reshma – oh god I’m tired aunty which one is lucky’s room i have to keep the luggage there.

Swara – but you are going to stay in the guest room.

Reshma – why I’ll stay with with my lucky.

Swara – Actually before it I was thinking you are intelligent but youare not are don’t you have manners you don’t know that it was not good to disturb a couple that also a newly married couple. So go and keep your luggage in the guest room.

Reshma – aunty see her na.

Ap – she was saying rt go to guest room. I don’t want any disturbance in lucky’s sleep.

Reshma – okay aunty and she goes. Then swara also left to kitchen.

Ap – are what happened to both of you?

Shivansh – are aunty nothing happened like we expect.

Ap – what is this Shivansh. Ya go and bring lucky’s medicine na.

Shivansh – ya I’m forget Riya come with me.

Riya – ya let’s go.

In kitchen
Swara was making lunch. Bur she was thinking something. She was thinking all those words told by lucky. She was happy but also sad. Just then Ap comes there and sees her in that situation.

Ap – are swara what happened youare smiling and also becomes sad.

Swara – no maa nothing.

Ap – I’m your mother beta i know what you are going through. Plz don’t take it in another way. The words i’m going to speak im telling you not as lucky’s mother but as a friend.

Swara – Yes maa tell me.

Ap – you know lucky lost his father in his childhood. So he not know clearly how to talk and how to read a girl mind etc. He never ask me and I did the mistake. I should teach him. But it wasn’t needed. He loves you truly swara. After you went he didn’t eat didn’t slept for many days. Always crying and always complaining to god that plz give him one chance so that he rectify his mistake. After you went Shivansh had control him. He loves you so much. Plz swara as his mother im requesting you plz give him one chance. If you want then I’m ready to touch your feet also but plz forgive him.

Swara- aunty plz don’t say like that. I had forgive lucky already. And don’t worry I’ll take care of him. And she left the kitchen. Reshma was hearing everything from the door.

Reshma – it means first ihave to break this saas bahu pyaar. And I don’t think it was very difficult. And she smirks.

At night
Ap – swara give lucky medicine haan.

Swara – Yes maa and she left.
But in the mid way one of their servant calls her.

Swara – what happened?

Servant -mam plz come and prepare the chat for laksh saheb. His food and everything you told me to remind you.

Swara – yah rt okay I’m coming she thinks after returning she’ll give lucky the medicine. And she went with that servant.

In lucky’s room
That servant – laksh saheb plz eat this medicine.

Lucky – but why you are here. And only one medicine wad to be taken in night.

Servant – no sir swara mam had sent me and tells to give it to you.

Lucky – ya give me and he eats. But after sometime he feels like someone is attacking him on his head. He has seviour headache and he has reaction to medicine. Hearing this everyone comes there and Dr also reach after sometime.

Dr -who gave him this medicine. It was to be given in morning and only one. Due overdose he has this reaction. But now he was okay. Take care of him and he left. Ap – who gave him the medicine.

Servant – mam i gave it to sir but I don’t know swara mam told me to give it to sir.

Swara – she was surprised. Are when i told you I was in the kitchen maa . I’m making food chat for lucky.

Ap – why you are telling lie. If you can’t take care of lucky then you can go I’ll take care of him. But plz again don’t play with his life due to your carelessness. And then she left.
Only Shivansh ,Riya and swara was there.

Swara – plz you both believe on me I didn’t did it. Lucky was my life why ‘ ll i play with him.

Shivansh – I know swara but who did it.

Riya – Reshma .

Shivansh – what but are you sure.

Riya – yah Shivansh today morning when aunty and swara were talking na I had seen Reshma was standing there and she was listening to them. When i go there she went from there by making excuses. She did it.

Shivansh – but why?

Swara – i understand now. She did it to break my and maa relation.

Shivansh – but how can she think to put lucky’s life in danger.

Swara – now I’ll not leave her. And she left and behind her Shivansh and riya also went.

At Reshma room
Swara goes there and she saw Reshma was putting nail colour s . she became very much angry and goes near her and give her a tight slap.

Reshma – how dare you?

Riya and Shivansh reach there and they also became shocked to see it.

Swara – you don’t know me I have many more dare. Don’t challenge me. Chi Reshma from the beginning you started these cheap tricks.

Reshma – you are crossing your limit. What I did.

Swara – you don’t know rt i’m telling you. You had sent that servant to give that medicine to lucky how can you? You are telling that you love him rt then how can you play with his life.

Reshma – I love him.

Swara – from today onwards Don even think of that okay. You don’t know the meaning of love if you know na then you never can’t play this game. Okay from today onwards I’ll play with you. Lucky was mine only and this slap was nothing if you will try even think to harm lucky then it will be not good for you.

Reshma – you are giving me warning?

Swara – noo it was my first and last warning. After this if you tried to hurt like lucky na then I’ll not come here to talk you. I’ll do that..

Reshma – don’t give lecture I’ll get my lucky back okay I’m challenging you if you can then stop me.

Swara – okay let’s see. And she left.

Precap – not decided yet.

Sorry friends for not giving the Precap. And I’ll update on 26th morning or evening. In these days I was busy in hospital. So sorry for late update in advance and take care.

Credit to: pari

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