Hi friends i’m back with my next episode. I know you are not liking it so friends don’t worry I’ll end it soon. And plz bear me only for some more episode after that I’ll stop it but really thanks for all your love I’ll miss you all definitely.

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Let’s start it
Swara comes to riya
Swara – riya lucky will became fine na.

Riya – of course yes swara he has to otherwise how’ll our mission will complete. Then she realised what she said and she bites her tonge.

Swara – mission which mission?

Riya – oh god what i told no no swara I’m talking about our project.

Swara – ya but you called Shivansh na.

Riya – yes swara I had already informed him I think they were coming only then they saw Ap and Shivansh coming there.

Ap – riya what happened to lucky?He was fine na.

Riya – yes aunty but Dr tells us that he can’t tell anything until lucky gets sense.

Ap – swara what is this you should check once.

Swara – maa I’m really sorry iknow I did wrong plz forgive me.

Ap – oh really you want forgiveness my son was in the bed because of you and you are telling me a sorry only. Just go away from my eyes .

Swara – plz maa

Ap – till now you didn’t go and then she pushes swara and sits on the chair.

Swara – she gets up and runs to outside there she gets call from rakesh.

Swara – Yes rakesh what happened?

Rakesh – swara are you cryingtell me what happened? Then swara tells him everything.

Swara – rakesh I did very wrong. How can ihurt my lucky

Rakesh – no you didn’t know that was lucky okay just have patience he’ll be fine .

Swara – he has to rakesh otherwise what’ll happen to me. Okay tell me why you called me.

Rakesh – Actually I have a imp meeting in Delhi so I have to go and I don’t think you guys will work in this situation. So i called you to inform you.

Swara – ya you go okay I’ll call you later ihave to go to lucky then she cuts the call.

Here in rakesh’s house

He throw the phone in anger. So his sister Neha comes to him.

Neha -what happened bhai?

Rakesh – neha lucky was in hospital.

Neha-wow bhai.

Rakesh – he told her everything and tells her that neha till now only we completed our first part of our plan. Now I can’t stay here and i know swara will go to lucky.

Neha -it’s okay bhai.

Rakesh – you know how much i loved her still you are saying this.

Neha -bhai because i know how to handle it you keep calm.

Rakesh – you know swara told me that my lucky how can she told that. She was mine only. Then he saw all the photos .It was seen that there were thousands of photos of swara were there in each part of his room. Then he went to a wall then uncover the curtain it was a very big photo of swara was there.

Neha – bhai because i know what we have to use. You remember Reshma rt.

Rakesh – ya reshma how can we forget her okay call her. Neha – yes bhai i know you are going to Delhi but don’t worry till you are not here Reshma will do our work.

Rakesh – ya but at least call her.
Neha – hi Reshma.

From that side – yes Neha.

Neha – I want your help.

Reshma -her face was not reveal haan bolo.

Neha – you know lucky was in hospital. He was in a very bad state.

Reshma -what happened to him plz tell me.

Neha – Actually his wife i told you about her rt she beats him alot because of her now he was in hospital.

Reshma -that swara how dare she? How can she even thinks to hurt my lucky?

Neha – so Reshma don’t you think the time you are waiting for that comes. Just go and prove to lucky that you are very much concerned for him than that chipkali. Prove your love for him now he needs you.

Reshma -ya you are rt all bad times were comes in swara’s life from now she did wrong by hurting my lucky okay just send me the hospital address I’ll leave today only.

Neha – ya sure bye.

Rakesh – neha how can you call swara chipkali.

Neha – bhai just try to understand i have to convince Reshma so i told that.you go here Reshma will handle everything.

Rakesh – ya yes. And he left.
Here neha smirks.

At hospital

Shivansh – aunty what you told to swara? Ap – I did rt.

Shivansh – aunty if you didn’t notice swara called you maa for which you are waiting and lucky will be happy when he’ll heard about it.but aunty she didn’t did it intentionally.

Ap – ya you are rt. I’ll call her just then Dr informs them that lucky regain consious.

Shivansh -aunty you go and call swara till then me and riya were near lucky.

Ap – ya yes and she left to outside. She saw swara was sitting in the medical garden and she went near her.

Ap – swara don’t you want to meet lucky.

Swara – but maa

Ap – I’m sorry for that behaviour let’s go lucky wants to meet you.

Swara – no maa it’s okay as a mother you did rt by scolding me let’s go.

Here in lucky’s room

Shivansh and riya come inside. Seeing lucky Shivansh started laughing.

Lucky – are you are my friend or enemy instead of showing me concern you are laughing.

Shivansh – no no I’m laughing because you are here oh god may be you are world’s first husband who was beaten up by his wife..

Riya – but before he finish she stopped him. Lucky I’m really sorry on behalf of swara. She was also crying.

Lucky – riya what you used to feed her yaar. Shivansh when she was beating me na i tried to overpower her but I can’t yaar.
Ap – she entered lucky stop teasing my daughter.

Lucky – wah maa your son is in this state and you are still..okay where is that diaunosaurus no no I’ll give her another name.

Swara – she entered the room and goes to lucky holding her ears I’m really sorry lucky i thought you are a thief plz.

Lucky – he thought it was the correct time to call swara his home. Shivansh I don’t know this girl. Tell her to leave this place.

Swara – plz lucky you can give any punishment as you want but plz don’t tell like this

Ap – lucky what is this. She didn’t did it intentionally.

Lucky – maa just see me my leg is fractured now what’ll I do. i know she will enjoy her work with that Rakesh. ..

Shivansh – oh god if he’ll speak everything so he signs riya

Riya – no no lucky she’ll come to your house and she only take care of you.

Swara – I know I did wrong but I’m not going to near him

Lucky – see her maa kaas I got a wife who loves me and cares me like. But before he finish someone entered the room

Voice – don’t worry dear till I’m in this world I’ll care for you.

Hearing this all turns to see.

It was Reshma (role played by shabnam of jamai raja ).

Lucky – Reshma you are here.

Reshma – yes darling and he goes to lucky and hugs him.

Swara – seeing this she was fuming in anger so she told to riya who is she and how dare she was hugging my lucky.Lucky – oh Reshma and he hugs her back he knows that swara was in anger.

Reshma – darling just see your state just takes care of yourself you know how much i missed you.

Lucky – (still hugging ) oh i also missed you sooo much baby.

Swara – riya lucky called her baby now he has gone and she goes near them and separate them.

Reshma – who the behenji you are? And how dare you to separate me and lucky. Oh my darling and she again hugs lucky.

Swara – you chipkali how dare you and again she separate them.

Reshma – who the hell are you.

Swara – I’m his wife mrs swara laksh maheswari. And in front of me you are hugging my husband how dare you.

Ap,Shivansh and riya were enjoying the scene only. So they didn’t tell anything.

Riya – oh you are that swara behenji lucky what she was talking I’m your love only na.

Lucky – he thought it was the perfect time to make swara jealous so he told yes baby you are only my love i married her only in mistake and after that i ask her forgiveness but just see her she beat me so much. Oh god now who’ll take care of me.
Reshma – don’t worry lucky I’m here na from today onwards I’ll take care of you. It’s okay i know in my absense maybe you had crush on her it’s okay now we’ll marry.

Swara – really now you’ll know who is swara. She turns and tells maa from today onward me and riya will return to home. We’ll stay there. And I’ll take care of my lucky.

Lucky – baby see her she was telling i’m her lucky. Don’t you do anything. Reshma – don’t worry dear let her come i’ll see her there.

Swara – ya i’ll also see and she goes near lucky and holds his collar and tells Mr maheswari just remember one thing you are mine only you are only of swara. Lucky was only of swara’s.And she left.

Swara – riya I’m going home to pack our luggage come quickly

Riya – ya I’m coming.
And swara left.

Then Reshma also left.

Here lucky,riya, Ap and Shivansh were laughing only.

Shivansh – lucky from where this chipkali came yaar.

Lucky – just don’t know yaar but today i enjoyed alot.

Riya – ya it was for good only swara was returning to house now it will easy for us.

Ap – ya but still we have to be Careful. I can’t trust that Reshma.

Shivansh – aunty don’t worry once swara accept lucky we’ll deal with this chipkali and we all will keep eye on her.

Riya – okay I’m going.

She comes outside

Swara – let’s go

Riya – but swara what you told inside is that true.

Swara – Yes I can’t let anyone come near my lucky . After deal with her I’ll see lucky. What he called her baby. I’ll see him.

It ends with swara’s determining face and lucky’s laughing face. Precap – jealousy, tashan between swara and Reshma and some romance.

I know guys you are not liking it. Don’t worry I’ll not bore you as I have promised to Uma I’ll not leave it in middle so just bear me for more 4 to 6 episode. Okay don’t forget to tell me how’s the episode bye take care.

Credit to: pari

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