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At night swaras house
Swara was moving here &there in the garden. She was crying also. Suddenly someone put a hand on her shoulder. She was very much happy to see the person. She was sumi.

Swara – mama you came back. I’m really sorry. I’ll not doing such stupid things again. I’ll leave him. I’ll listen your each &every word. Plz dnt leave me again. I can’t stay with out you maa.

Sumi -no beta dnt cry. She hugs her. It’s ok beta that was not your fault. And whenever you’ll remember me I’ll come to you like i did in your childhood days. Plz dnt cry beta. Promise me you’ll take care of yourself.

Swara – Yes maa but you’ll be there na always there for me . and hugs her mom.

Suddenly she heared someone calling her. She turns and see riya was calling her. But she started to search her mom by moving here and there. And shouts where you go maa leaving your shona alone and she sits there and started crying. (Yes friends she was dreaming about her mom ).So riya comes near her and concole her.

Riya – control yourself swara. Aunty left us before 3 yrs ago . aunty is nt here. Plz dnt cry yr. And hugs swara. And then took her to inside.

Riya – swara eat it. It’s your favourite subji na. I had made it.

Swara – no riya idnt want to eat.

Riya – swara I made it plz eat for me only. Plz. If aunty will tell you like this wouldn’t you eat. Okay then you dnt want to eat na I’ll also not going to take food. Bye good night.

Swara – no no riya I’m eating. Plz you also eat.

After finishing dinner swara left to her room. Riya went to their in house temple.

Riya – why god why you made swara like this? I can’t see her like this plz god do something but plz give me my swara back who is love to talk, laugh. Plz god do something or plz send someone who’ll teach my swara to again laugh. And she broke off there.

Ramu kaka comes there & tells her -dnt take tension beta. God is watching everything. He wasn’t that much bad. You’ll see god will make our swara beta like before.

Then riya left for sleep.

Maheswari mansion –

Laksh &Shivansh and his mother were doing dinner.

Luckys mother – laksh what happened today. I forget to ask. If you get the contract or not?

Shivansh -no maa (Shivansh was an orphan boy so from childhood he was staying with luckys family only ) it was a tie. I told you about swara na her &our company will make it together by partnership.

Lucky – haan maa but that swara was a dianausaurus. She was really a dianausaurus. If it is possible then diaunosaurus may laugh for sometime but that swara never.

Mother – she was laughing only. What dianausaurus. Lucky you also naa okay you both go and take rest.

Lucky – maa did bhai called you today.

Mother -haan beta he was asking about you only. Tomorrow you’ll talk to him. He was also busy today. So you’ll talk to him tomorrow. Now go and take rest. And your bhabi also asking about you.

Lucky – okay maa. Let’s go Shivansh. Tomorrow we have to go to that dianausaurus company for discussion. Let’s go to sleep.

Both wishes good night to arnapurna (luckys mother ). And left.

Nextday morning –

Shivansh – lucky get up yaar. Otherwise we’ll became left for office. Today we have to go to swaras office. So get up.

Lucky – suddenly he wake up. Ya bhai otherwise that diaunosaurus again started her fighting.

Both left for swaras office.

When they reached there. Lucky was really pleased to see the company.

Lucky – bhai what a company yaar. It was so beautiful. That diaunosaurus made it. Really it was very big.

Shivansh – ya lucky that’s why i told you na she was not a normal girl. See what she made this company with in some year only it was now one of the leading companies of our country.

They saw riya was coming there. Both say hlo to her. Then all three left to swaras cabin.
In swaras cabin

Shivansh – hi swara.

Swara – ya hi. Plz take ur seat.

Lucky – hi diaunosaurus.

Swara – she was angry and tells him that ya hi flirter.

Hearing this riya and Shivansh were laughing only.

Then all seat and discussed for sometime.
After sometime

Shivansh – hey we have make the presentation ready by today itself only. So lucky and swara you both have to make it today only . me and riya will see other files and ordered the items ok.

Lucky and swara -noooooo both scream at the same time only.

Lucky – bhai are you mad. Don’t you love your brother. You dnt care about your brother life. You are telling me to work with this diaunosaurus. Plz bhai dnt do this.

Swara – ya I’m also not interested to work with this flirter.

Riya – you both have to. You both were very good at doing presentation. So its final you both will do the presentation that also not separately but with each others help. Me and Shivansh were leaving for the construction site now. You both had time till night submit the presentation to us when we’ll be back.

Shivansh – ya rt let’s go.

And both Shivansh and riya left.

Swara and lucky were silent tillnow. They were hearing riyas each and every word silently. Once they left both gave a angry look to each other.

Lucky – okay diaunosaurus let’s start it. Otherwise bhai will beat me.

Swara – ya okay flirter let’s do it I’m also not interested to hearing riyas scolding.

Lucky – okay let’s start .hey wait I’ll pray to god.

Swara – oh then this flirter was believing in that God .oh hlo that your god will not come to make this presentation.

Lucky – no no I’ll pray to him that plz save me till evening until bhai and riya were came back . idnt want want take risk about my life.

Swara – what rubbish youare doing a presentation with me only . how will be it was a risk for your life.

Lucky – are you are forgetting . you are a diaunosaurus. Obviously I would have to take care of myself. Till now I didn’t get married god plz save me.

Swara – hearing this she was irritated. Oh hlo im also in danger as you are a flirter . so i have to protect myself.

Lucky – oh hlo stop calling me flirter. Okay my name is lucky. And although i love to flirt but by doing this iwas enjoying my life only. And till now i didn’t touched any girl ok.

Swara – who knows. You know sometime diaunosaurus were also good they were not eating humans till now you didn’t hurt them. So dnt need to afraid of me.

Lucky – wow that means youare agreeing that you are dianausaurus. Ya ya .He was laughing alot.

Swara – what the hell? ? when did i tell that .Plz stop this. We have to make this presentation ready. So concentrate on your work.

Lucky – ya okay.

Both started their presentation.

Precap – swara & lucky were doing presentation ready but with nokjhok. And some flashback of swaras past.

Friends sry i told you that in today’s episode I’ll give swaras past. But plz sorry in this episode i didn’t gave it. A heartly sorry friends. And plz keep comenting and supporting me . plz silent readers you also plz coment yaar.

Credit to: pari

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