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At office
Swara – okay Shivansh we’ll take lucky’s project.

Shivansh – ya okay let’s leave tomorrow we’ll meet at construction site at 10.00 am.

Riya – ya okay swara let’s go.

Then riya and swara and rakesh and Shivansh and lucky were left.

But suddenly in the car

Lucky – Shivansh I’m feeling something strange.

Shivansh – now what happened?

Lucky – don’t know yaar okay give me the charger na.

Shivansh – he try to find but didn’t get it.

Lucky – what are you doing Shivansh give me the charger.

Shivansh – i didn’t find it yaar may be you forget it in swara’s chamber.

Lucky – oh god ya i forget it there only it was all because of that rakesh.

Shivansh – lucky i know you are angry but if you forget your charger then what is the fault of rakesh in it.

Lucky – okay okay stop the car I’ll go from here you go maa will be waiting for you.

Shivansh – ya ok but come quickly I’ll send car bye.

Then lucky went back to swara’s office and he entered guest chamber and try to find the chamber.

Here in swara car

Swara – are riya you bring that mehta file na.

Riya – no I think you will.

Swara – riya that was imp today night I’ll check it. Okay you go I’ll come afterwards. If not I’ll stay till tomorrow morning.

Riya – but swara nowadays it was not safe.

Swara – riya don’t worry we have our own security and before also i stayed so many times in office rt.

Riya – but swara

Swara – no but im going bye.
And she also went back to office.

Here lucky was searching for his charger.

Lucky – oh god where is it. Then he thought something. Oh god noo i had kept it in swara’s draw. I have to go to her cabin and bring that. And he went to swara’s cabin.

Here swara entered the office.
Watchman – mam you came now?

Swara – haan bhaiya i forget a imp file. And I’m thinking to stay here tonight. Plz bring dinner for me and you go home by locking the door.

Watchman – okay mam and he left . while returning he thought oh god laksh saheb was also inside.

Swara – thanks bhaiya.

Watchman – mam woh laksh saheb..

Swara – don’t even try to take his name. Now you go.

Watchman – okay. And he left.

Swara goes inside and locks that also from inside while Watchman goes by locking it from outside. Swara goes to her cabin where lucky was finding his charger. When swara enters she thought there was thief.

Swara – oh god there was thief in swara’s office. Okay I’ll see him today. And she straightly go and started to punch lucky. So lucky screams.

Swara – you thief how dare you to enter my office today I’ll not leave you. But from your voice it was sounded like my lucky’s voice.

Lucky – swara leave me.

Swara -(she was beating him continously acha)then you came here after collecting all information about me & also about my lucky so you are thinking I’ll leave you if you’ll take my lucky’s name or like taking lucky only.

Lucky – he can’t control more because swara was beating him with her hand or sometimes wooden sticks bloods were started to flow . Okay if you are not believing me then just switch on the light yaar.

Swara – okay bachu you are thinking to run away I’ll switch on the light then I’ll see you. Then she stops beating him and goes to switch on the light. After switching on she told what you are telling you are my lucky haan then she turns and get shocked.

Lucky – he was in the floor. Blood was coming out from his mouth, nose and there was injury on his head. And swara had punched him on his stomach also . now you are believing or not I’m lucky only damit.

Swara – she comes near lucky and picks him up plz im sorry lucky oh god I’m such a stupid but what are you doing here this time.

Lucky – aahh what I’m doing are I came here to take charger that Watchman didn’t inform you.

Swara – she remembers oh then he wants to tell me that you are inside the office. I’m so stupid when he started to tell that laksh saheb i only shut him up. Sorry.

Lucky – before this I always know that you are a diaunosaurus but you are more than that.

Swara – no no i got gold medal in karate .So I used it when it needed.

Lucky – really your teacher toldyou to apply it on your husband. Swara it’s paining and my head is also paining .

Swara – no no okay come with me you just sleep here in the soffa I’ll call riya.

Lucky – swara I think you did it intentionally. Because.but before completing it he became senseless.

Swara – she helps him to stand and then she checks that lucky was not in sense. She became very much worried.
So she call riya.

Swara – riya where are you now.
Riya – im in the market what happened are you alright.

Swara – it means you are near our office rt plz come quickly we have to take to lucky hospital.

Riya – swara what happened to lucky?

Swara – riya I’ll tell afterwards plz come fast if anything will happens to him then icant forgive myself plz riya come quickly.

Riya – ya swara I’m coming. And then after three to five minutes she saw swara was calling.

Riya – yes swara.

Swara – riya why don’t you reach till now.

Riya – swara you tell me this before three minutes and it takes time and today here is so much traffic.

Swara – sorry but why this traffic was today only plz riya come as fast as possible plz I beg you riya.

Riya – yes swara I’ll reach in next 10min.

Swara – okay. And then she cuts the call.

After that she called that Watchman. And he also comes and opens the gate.

Watchman – mam what happened?

Swara – woh bhaiya before she told anything she heard riya ‘s car sound.

Swara – I’ll tell you afterward plz help me to take lucky to the car.

Then both took lucky to the car.
Swara – riya start driving.

Riya – ya but tell me what happened.

Swara – she told everything to riya. Riya if anything happens to lucky then I’ll also. .

Riya – swara nothing will happen to him and don’t worry he’ll became fine. But you should check once na.

Swara – riya I thought he was a thief but what’ll we do now yaar aunty and Shivansh will never forgive me.

Riya – don’t worry.

After sometime they reach the hospital.

Staff -mam first give the payment after that only we’ll start treatment.

Swara – I’ll payment but first started to treat him. He really needs it.

Staff- no mam first pay the bill.

Swara – then you are not going to start his treatment rt you know who am I? I’m swara laksh maheswari you know who was here for treatment he was my husband laksh maheswari. You know what if we want then we can bought this hospital.

Staff – okay mam and then they take lucky to emergency ward. .

After sometime doctor comes out.

Swara – Dr how’s lucky now.

Dr. – Actually he has some internally injury so hope so they became clear.

Swara – but Dr if he was rt or not

Dr. -mam now we can’t tell anything after he regains consiousness we’ll scan him then only we can tell.

Swara – what okay tell me when will he regain consious.

Dr. – we can’t tell clearly but it will be good if he regain consious quickly.

It ends with swara and riya ‘ s crying face.

Precap – Shivansh and Ap comes to hospital and if lucky will recover or not.

And i think you didnt like the previous episode.so sorry for that because i bored you .Friends I’ll wait for your comments .don’t forget to give it. Bur take care.

Credit to: pari

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