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Next morning at swara’s room
Riya – she comes inside swara’s room she started laughing.

Swara – she woke up and tells riya that why she was laughing.
Riya – swara just look at yourself I know you love lucky very much but to this stupidity

Swara – what nonsense why I’ll love lucky and what I did.

Riya – okay come with me and she takes swara to a mirror and tells her now see what you did mrs swara laksh maheswari.

Swara – she saw herself in mirror and shocked because in her hand,face, everywhere it was written that swara loves lucky.

Riya – swara i know you can did everything while sleeping but I can’t never imagine that you did this. Oho it means you miss lucky so much.

Swara – no riya I didn’t did it. I’m sure it was lucky’s work.

At lucky’s house

Lucky – are Shivansh why that diaunosaurus not calling me yaar.

Shivansh – just have patience my friend. But today you will listen so much. ..

Lucky – no that will not happen this time. Just wait and watch.

Here swara’s house

Riya – swara now not try to blame lucky for this. I know you only did it.

Swara – no riya wait I’ll call him now.
She called lucky.

Lucky – he saw swara was calling him. Hey Shivansh see swara was calling.

Shivansh – are at least pick the call yaar.

Lucky – ya yes and he answered the call and put the phone in speaker.

Swara – hlo lucky how dare you to do it?

Lucky – (in a sleeping tone) hlo diaunosaurus what happened why are you shouting in the morning? What I did.

Swara – don’t even try to be smart I know yesterday night you only came to my house and did all these.

Lucky – what are telling yaar yesterday night I’m in my home and tell me what happened.

Swara – in my hand,face everywhere it was written that I love lucky.

Lucky – oh really but you didn’t love me rt then why you write. Iknow you can did everything in sleeping but this one I never expected.

Swara – i don’t love you and I know you came yesterday night and write these.

Lucky – I know you are missing me but tell me why will i come to your home and okay ask Shivansh he was with me all the night.

Swara – okay give call to Shivansh.

Shivansh – Yes swara lucky was with me only okay forget this and come to office quickly we have to make presentation and call that rakesh bye.

Swara – ya I’m sorry may be I only did it okay let’s meet at office. Then she cut the call.

Lucky – Shivansh our first plan is completed.

Shivansh – ya bro okay let’s get ready.

At office

All of them come to office. At swara’s chamber all are sitted in the cabin.

Shivansh – okay it’s done me, riya and rakesh will go to construction site and you both swara and lucky as always make the presentation okay.

Rakesh – no why I’ll go with you I’ll make the presentation.

Riya – rakesh come with us swara and lucky were best in this.

Rakesh – no I’ll make it with them you both go.

Lucky – he thought I’ll Kill you if you’ll stay here.

Shivansh – ya okay we are leaving now and one condition make the presentation ready we will come and overview it.

Then both Shivansh and riya left.

Shivansh – riya what’ll we do with this rakesh after so much effort we get this project but where did this rakesh came. I know now he’ll come in between lucky and swara.

Riya – ya Shivansh but what’ll we do. Okay let’s go.

Swara – are rakesh let’s start it. And you flirter if you are coming or not.

Rakesh – of course yes yaar and who is this flirter.

Swara – he was Mr maheswari only.

Lucky – ya I’m coming.

But in between work swara and rakesh were talking and enjoying only .

Rakesh – swara you remember na once how i put water on you.

Swara – ya and after that all water bottles of our classmates were over.

Lucky – oh hlo we are here for work not to listen your stupid talks.

Swara – these are not stupid talks.

Lucky – I know these are only stupid and nonsense and I don’t have the time.

Swara – okay then you make your own presentation.

Lucky – ya I’ll make it and you’ll see I’ll won it only.

Rakesh – okay let’s see.

Lucky – but just keep your mouth shut. And give me space for work.

Swara- okay We accept the challenge.

And all three started their work.

At evening

Shivansh and riya comes back and saw swara and rakesh were doing together and lucky was doing alone.

Shivansh – what are doing guys?

Swara – lucky has objection so me and rakesh were doing it and he was doing separately.

Riya – okay show us the presentation.

Then after seeing it

Shivansh- what is this swara I always thought that youare serious for work but see there is so much error.

Lucky – are Shivansh if in between work we’ll bring our personal work then it will became. .

Swara -I’m sorry Shivansh I’ll correct it.

Shivansh – it’s okay we’ll take lucky’s project.

Precap – swara and lucky were locked in office. And some more about rakesh.

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