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Let’s start it

Swara and rakesh comes to swaras house.

Swara – come sit here.

Rakesh- of course yes yaar if you will not invite me na then I’ll come my own. After all you are my swara rt.

Swara – she laughs but suddenly thinks that now she was lucky’s wife. Acha tell me where is your wife.

Rakesh- what wife whom you are taking about.

Swara – are baba your wife.

Rakesh – till now I didn’t get married. I’m waiting for you.

Swara – rakesh now that is not possible because I’m already married.

Rakesh – what but whom and when. You are joking rt.

Swara – no rakesh im not joking and she tells him everything.

Rakesh – it’s okay font worry but so much happened but you didn’t tell me anything.

Swara – after coming here i tried to contact with you guys bit it was not possible.

Rakesh – it’s okay now my way is clear. Now you are not with your husband so you can marry me.

Just before this lucky,Shivansh and riya were entered the house. Hearing this all of them were shocked.

Swara – no rakesh whatever happened but I love lucky so I’ll not going to marry someone else.

Rakesh – it’s okay yaar okay tell me after this can we stay as friend. And he forward his hand.

Swara – so she also handshake with him and tells him that of course yes you’ll always be my friend.

Rakesh – thank god okay now i leave I’ll come any other day.

Swara – but you came now only at least take the coffee.

Rakesh – no swara actually papa was not alright. I have to go because it’s his medicine time. Okay bye.

Swara – but what happened to him.

Rakesh – swara he mets with an accident so after that his both legs were paralysed. And you know about mom rt. So I only takes care of him.

Swara – okay you go I’ll come tomorrow to meet him. And now we are doing project everyday we will meet.

Rakesh – ya rt okay bye and then he hugs swara and left. Seeing he was coming all three hides in the pillar.

After he left

Lucky – yaar he was only hugging my swara how dare him.

Riya – lucky they are now friends so it will be common for both of them.

Shivansh – lucky i think he has some other motives. If he’ll create more obstacle betn you and swara then….

Lucky – no no nothing like that will happen. Look we all have to stay alert. Riya you will give me all the details about rakesh. And Shivansh call our detactive what his name..

Shivansh – shyam

Lucky – hmm shyam okay riya just send me all his detail and I’ll tell shyam to find about him okay and take care of swara bye.

Riya – okay I’ll send bye.

Then Shivansh and lucky were left.

Riya – she comes to swara what happened why you are happy tell me.

Swara – nothing yaar after so many years i saw rakesh so good he is na.

Riya – hmm.

Swara – you know his father was paralysed Bechara he was only taking cares of him.

Riya – oho so sad she said as she doesn’t know anything.

Swara – I’m thinking to visit him tomorrow.

Riya – okay now let’s go im so much tired.

At night
In luckys house

Ap – what happened lucky?

Shivansh – nothing aunty one majnu came in lucky’s house.

Ap – who?

Shivansh – he tells everything to Ap.

Ap – oho now lucky you have to do something quickly.

Then lucky gets riyas message.

Lucky – Shivansh riya had sent all details of rakesh give it to shyam. And tells him i want it urgent.

Shivansh – okay and then he goes to call shyam.

At swara’s house

Riya – swara I’m going.

Swara – but where.

Riya – im going to sleep at study room.

Swara – but why.

Riya – nothing you sleep na actually I want to study night. Sooo

Swara – ya okay.

Riya left and then she messages lucky.

Shivansh and lucky were standing near swara’s house.

Shivansh – lucky are you sure that you are going to do it.

Lucky – yes Shivansh.

Shivansh – okay all the best. Just call me if you need anything.

Then lucky tried to climb swara’s house by the wall but he can’t.

Shivansh – are what happened till now you did it many times do it man otherwise swara will go to rakesh.

Lucky – shut up yaar and then he tried and finally reached swara’s room. Then he entered swara’s room. He silently goes to swara he checked her she was sleeping peacefully. So he started doing his work. And after sometime he finished his work and left.

Shivansh – all work is done.

Lucky – yes bro just wait for tomorrow morning swara will get a surprise which will. ..

Shivansh – okay let’s go. And both left.

Precap – swara wakes up in the morning and shocked to see something. What is that?

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