Hi friends .I’m sidharth pari’s husband. Actually she was suffering from fever .but still she want to write it. When i refused her she told you all will be wait for it. For the first time I’m writing a story. So if there will be any mistake forgive me.

And she had read all your coments in spoiler. So she decided that she’ll introduced both boy and girl. And in today episode only boys entry will be there. After two to three episode girl will be enter. So sorry for too much talk. Let’s start it

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Swara, riya, lucky and Shivansh were in the car. Shivansh and lucky were in the front seat and riya and Shivansh were in back. So lucky signals riya and Shivansh.

Shivansh – swara plz come and seat here na.

Swara – what but why?

Shivansh – Actually yesterday I fell down in the washroom so i have pain in back. Plz I can’t seat here.

Swara – okay riya will seat there. Because icant seat with that person.

Lucky – oh madam I have a name lucky. If you want call me by my name it was such a cool name. All girls were crazy for me.

Riya and Shivansh were signal each other as they know what will happen next.

Swara – oh really those girls were such fool I know they were like you only flirter.

Lucky – Actually before meeting you I was a flirter but now I’m not a flirter anymore.

Swara – really then why you went to met lisa.

Lucky – Shivansh something was burning plz check it otherwise we all became ash.
Hearing this riya and Shivansh were laughing only.

Swara – no there was nothing to laugh. And Mr maheswari I’m not jealous why I’ll be jealous to lisa.

Lucky – Shivansh you saw till now I didn’t take anyone’s name. Wait it means you are jealous na.

Swara – no there was nothing like that.

Shivansh – okay guys stop it. Swara came here plz.

Swara – okay but only for you.

Then both change their seat.

In the mid way Shivansh saw someone calls. So he told lucky to park the car.

Shivansh – Yes sir. We’ll be there. And the he cuts the call

Swara – what happened.

Shivansh – are they were waiting for someone .So they postpone the meeting till 3.00pm.

Riya – oho now what will we do. Because it was1.00pm only.

Lucky – idea till now we didn’t take the lunch let’s go and complete it.

Riya – ya very good idea lucky let’s go.

Swara – no I’m not coming. I’ll wait there in the office you go.

Shivansh – but why swara? You also didn’t take the lunch rt.

Lucky -are Shivansh understand it yaar actually she was afraid. Because she was diaunosaurus if she’ll eat the complete then what will we eat.

Swara – flirter shut your mouth and I’m not diaunosaurus.

Lucky – We know see a mental person never tells that he was mental rt he always tells that he was fine like that and i know how much you eat it’s better you stay here at least we’ll eat in peace.

Swara – acha then now I’ll definitely come. I’m feeling happy when i break your peace. So let’s go and she sit in the car.

Lucky – you saw how i manage her.

Shivansh – ya. Okay let’s go.

Riya – hmm .
And all four reach the restrurant and after finishing the lunch all left to the office.

In the office
Officer- Mr Shivansh actually iwant to tell you something important.

Shivansh – ya yes if there is any change.

Officer – Actually you know na now everything is under politician. So govt decided that this project will be done by Mr RAKESH CHOUDHURY.

Lucky – he was just drinking the water all water were comes out of his mouth. What?

Riya – she thought oh god why you did it now all will be got wasted.

Officer – no actually they wants that Mr rakesh will alone only complete the project. But as your both performance were best so we decide that this will be done by you all three.

Shivansh – what but how can you do this with us . till now we always supported you but it’s okay we’ll do with swara’s company but.

Officer – Mr Shivansh actually it was the last option. If you don’t agree then it will be done by only Mr rakesh.

Lucky – no no we’ll do it .

Riya – ya we’ll do it.

Lucky – Shivansh come out I want to talk with you.

Officer – ms swara you can go and meet Mr rakesh he was there and he point towards a room.

Riya – ya swara let’s go.

Shivansh – are lucky why you tell him yes.

Lucky – Shivansh just understand yaar if we’ll not agree to him then how can I stay with swara.

Shivansh – ya rt okay let’s go. And meet Mr rakesh. Both left and when they reached there both were shocked. Because swara and that person were hugging.

Shivansh – lucky what’s going on.

Lucky – how come I know yaar im with you there. And who’s this.

Then both swara and rakesh were separated.

Swara – wow rakesh after a very long time.

Rakesh ( his play will be done by mishkat verma or sahil of swaragini . actually guys you prescribed both mishkat and sahil of swaragini. So you can imagine any of them)- yes swara really it was very good to see you. Where you went suddenly.

Swara – ya maa came here so okay leave it let’s go to home.
Riya come. And both left.

Lucky – (he was shocked he comes to riya ) riya who’s he how can he hug swara.

Riya – lucky he was swara’s collage friend. In fact he loves swara.

Lucky – what???

Riya – hmm lucky actually before five year we came here. We were staying in kolkata but one night aunty met with her husband I mean uncle so that night only aunty came here and then from that day we are staying here. But after that we never came in contact with rakesh.

Shivansh – (he saw lucky was sitting in the floor ) are lucky what will you do now.

Lucky – i just don’t get any idea yaar when we are trying hard to calm swara’s anger where this majnu came.

Riya – but lucky now it’ll be very much tough for you to get swara. Because till now iknow rakesh he loves swara alot. And he knows swara well.

Lucky – riya youare my well wisher or my enemy in case of giving me hope you are. .

Riya – no I know you loves swara but. Lucky now just don’t know what’ll happen but I’m with you.

Shivansh – ya Lucky but he was so handsome if swara will fall for him then..

Lucky – no nothing like that will happen. Now definitely I’ll get my swara back.

Precap – not decided yet.

Sorry friends im writing for the first time. So there will be so many mistake. Plz forgive me. I know you are angry but hope so that from next update you will not find me again. Bye and plz let me know how’s this if not then pari will not leave me. And sorry for a short update.
Plz guys I’ll wait.

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