Hi friends i’m back with my next episode. In the last episode ididnt get coment but it’s okay .today I’m free so I’m updating it. Uma don’t worry I’ll write about it definitely. And masthi I’ll try to put them and I’ll end it when time comes .

Let’s start it

Swara and riya reached their house.

Swara – riya go and pack your luggage I had already informed kaka to clean house. We’ll leave soon.

Riya – but swara plz listen to lucky once.

Swara – riya I don’t want to listen anything go and get ready. And she leaves to her room.

Riya – oh god swara what’ll I do with your anger. Riya just go get ready otherwise in her anger you’ll be became ash only and she left to her room.

In farm house

Pari – she comes near Adarsh and sit beside him. What happened Adarsh? Why are you crying.

Adarsh – everything is over pari. Lucky and maa knew all the truth and both left.

Pari – what but how they know.

Adarsh – he told her everything including how swara didn’t agreed to send him jail.

Pari – then Adarsh why didn’t you tell them truth.

Adarsh – no I can’t tell them truth otherwise he’ll kill you and our baby if he knows about it. So leave it.

Pari – but Adarsh at least you can tell swara na.

Adarsh – I want to but before that she left . Okay let’s go iknow I did wrong with swara but

Pari – no Adarsh we can’t stay like this You are getting that punishment for which you didn’t did wrong. I’ll tell them truth.

Adarsh- no pari you are not going to do like that. You know na him if he’ll know anything then he’ll kill you. Okay we’ll tell swara the truth but not now because he was keeping eyes on us. Let be keep these like this. After this we’ll try to do something. Now let’s go to home. And both left.

In the car

Ap – lucky drive quickly na.

Lucky – maa but i can’t because I’m driving with high speed. But maa if swara will ever agree to me na if she’ll agree to forgive me.

Ap – no beta don’t lose hope I’m with you.

In house

Swara – driver put these bags in the car quickly. I don’t have time. And riya you are ready na.

Riya – yes swara only five minutes she thought now what’ll I do ihave to stop till lucky comes back.

Swara – what is riya doing and she went to room she found riya was already ready. She tells riya what are you doing.

Riya – she was shocked to see swara there. So she tells no swara nothing I’m coming and both of them left.

After sometime swara and riya reach their house.

Swara – riya it was feeling good to be back. I’m going to room. And she left.

Riya – okay. Kaka you make some snacks for swara na . I’ll come just after an hour.

Kaka – but beta where are you going.

Riya – an imp meeting kaka but don’t tell swara about it. Please.
Kaka – no beta don’t worry I’ll not tell her anything.

Riya – thanks kaka. And she left.

She comes to a park. There Ap and lucky were waiting for her.

Riya – sorry aunty I became late.

Ap – no need of that beta. How’s swara.

Riya – she was taking rest aunty so I came here otherwise she’ll became a tomato in anger if she knows about it.

Lucky – please forgive me riya. I didn’t did intentionally please.

Riya – iknow lucky otherwise I’m not coming here to meet you. Actually swara was hurt so now she’ll not hear to anybody give her some time. But it will be tough for you to convince her becoz she wasn’t listening to anybody now.

Lucky – don’t worry I’m also lucky and more ever now you are with me.

Riya – but swara shouldn’t know about this. Okay.

Lucky – okay madam. I want to tell you one thing just not let her became previous swara okay. Otherwise to impress that diaunosaurus again we have to work hard.

Ap – lucky now also you have to work hard. I just want one thing that my bahu should come back. And I’ll also help you.

Lucky – yes maa.

Riya – lucky what is the plan.

Lucky – he tells them something which was muted. Then all left to their home.

In swara’s home

Swara and riya were taking dinner

Swara – kaka I was missing your food badly.

Riya – same here kaka. But swara what’ll you do now.

Swara – common riya tomorrow onwards we’ll start our company again. I had already informed office people and they were very much happy to come back. I’m so much excited for tomorrow.

Riya – hmm surely she thought to inform lucky about it.

Then after dinner Riya calls lucky

Riya – lucky I have to inform you something important.

Lucky – what is swara all right na.

Riya – ya she was fine and from tomorrow onwards she was going to start company again. Wait i think swara was calling me. If you planed something then just message me bye gd nt.

Here lucky thought what to do . suddenly someone hugs him .
He turns and saw Shivansh there.

Lucky – where are you in these days. So much happened but what’ll you do leave it. I’m not going to talk with you.

Shivansh – no lucky a big wala sorry but there was no network in that village where I was staying. And tell me what happened.

Lucky – ya it’s okay have you complete the dinner.

Shivansh – ya tell me why my bro looks so sad and where is swara.

Lucky – come to room I’ll tell you. Then in the room lucky told everything to Shivansh.

Shivansh – oh god Adarsh bhai did all these. Don’t worry now I came na we all will make swara understand

Lucky – no use of that riya already tried. In fact swara was starting her company again from tomorrow. What’ll I do yaar.

Shivansh – are that project is there na so you’ll go to her company for completion of that project rt.

Lucky – beta if that project was there na you left before four months that project was already completed. That’s why I can’t understand what do.

Shivansh – oho don’t worry. We’ll think any plan. And more ever riya was with us na don’t worry now it was all easy for us.

Lucky – iknow but what’ll we do I have toStay with her naa. But I didn’t get any idea.

After sometime

Shivansh – I know what to do now. I got an idea.

Lucky – what??

It ends with lucky’s questioning face and Shivansh smiling face.

Precap – some surprise for swara and work hard by lucky, Shivansh and riya. May be some romance..

Sorry for such a small episode hope you guys like it.

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