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After finishing all the arrangements swara comes to the room she found lucky was doing some work so she went and sit on the bed.

Lucky – he claps his hand& tells wah miss swara finally you won na i tried hard to keep you apart from my brother but you succeed. Till now I didn’t see such a cheap, selfish women like you. From whom you want to take revenge who didn’t did any mistake are just think bhabi was pregnant only once thought about bhabi.

Swara – oh really Mr maheswari now i became cheap and selfish thanks for your coment but these are not affecting me anymore. You and your brother made my life hell. One more from today onward I’ll not care for anyone except me and riya and If it was about coming here I didn’t did anything but leave it why I’m a telling you these you are not believing me rt & if it was about tomorrow picnic im not going with you.

Lucky – iknow there is also any planning rt and then he grabs swara’s hand and hold her tightly

Swara – leave me it was paining.

Lucky – oh really it was just a trailer if you’ll try to do anything against my bhai and bhabi then I’ll Kill you.

Swara – she frees herself and tells don’t even think of that you know before I hope that may be one day you’ll know about the truth and oh god whom I’m talking leave it and she goes out.

Lucky – he thought what I am doing how can I hurt her. Oh god I’ll became mad i just don’t know what do and what to not. But i have to control my anger. Sorry swara today again i hurted you. Plz forgive me.

Riya – she was seeing all these so when swara left the room she also follow her. But suddenly she stops as swara stops in front of Adarsh room.

Swara – riya come she signals her so riya also comes and both listened to Adarsh and pari.

Adarsh – pari what’ll happen next?

Pari – don’t know Adarsh how come swara is here. But don’t worry everything will be good.

Adarsh – pari I never thought that my past will come in front of us like this. If lucky and maa will know about this oh god pari then what’ll happen. I can’t take the risk of losing them.

Pari – Adarsh today I spent some time with swara and riya. From their behavior I think both are move on and they’ll be not do anything. Let’s sleep gd nt.

Swara went to terrace. And riya also goes with her.

Swara – she breaks down she was crying measerbly. So riya goes near her and hugs her.

Swara – riya why always such things are happens with me. You heard na how lucky calls me. He calls me cheap and selfish riya but I’m not rt youare my best friend you know me na.

Riya – baas swara calm down please you know i can’t see you like this. Please don’t cry. And if it is about lucky Swara he was in dilemma he don’t know the truth one side his brother and other side it was you . He loves you both.
So don’t worry once Adarsh truth will be out lucky himself comes to you.

Swara – really but now ididnt need that riya. Till now im struggling only. If he really loves sorry cares for me at least he will not call me by these names riya. You know what I had decided from today onward I’ll think and care about me and you only like before.

Riya – but swara lucky loves.

Swara – no riya now you are not going to tell me anything about him . tomorrow I’ll uncover Adarsh but after that I’ll leave lucky and this house and we’ll stay as before we did. Now I’m going gd nt.

Riya – oh god now what’ll i do. Iknow tomorrow you’ll definitely help us to bring Adarsh truth out. But after that swara will leave lucky. I know whatever today lucky told her she was very much hurt but if I’ll tell her anything now it will be all wasted. I’ll make her understand later. Please god tomorrow just help us.
And she also went to sleep.

Next morning
Ap – are everyone came riya where is swara.

Riya – maa she was not coming. Hearing this Adarsh and pari were takes out a sigh of relief.

Ap – but why beta she only arrange everything now what happened her.

Riya – no aunty i’m also not coming . It was your family picnic you all go and enjoy me and swara will stay here.

Ap – what? What are you telling riya if Anyone tells you anything. Please tell me beta. Why you and swara are talking like this you both are our family only. Lucky if you told anything to swara.

Lucky – he thought if I’ll tell maa then she’ll beat me he thinks and tells no maa I didn’t tell her anything.

Ap – riya you go and get ready and lucky you go and iknow you only tell her something so go and brings her. And riya if you loves me like a mother then go and get ready.

Riya – okay aunty and she leaves to her room.

Ap – till now you are here lucky if you are going or I’ll go.

Lucky – no no don’t do that please wait here I’ll come with her and he leaves to his room.

When he entered he saw swara was sitting near the window and watching the outside. When he saw her he understands that swara was crying all the night. Seeing which he was feeling ashamed. But he gather courage and goes near her

Lucky – swara plz go and get ready we’ll go to the picnic. All are waiting for you only.

Swara – she turns to him and tells no Mr maheswari I’m not coming If I’ll come then may be your happiness

Lucky – please I just don’t want to listen anything go and get ready okay if you are telling I’m ready to bear punishment but.

Swara – no Mr maheswari who am i to punish you you know I’m a selfish and cheap girl so you guys go and enjoy.

Lucky – (hearin this he was feeling guilty)he comes near her plz swara come with us I’m sorry but plz only for maa please come.

Swara – okay I’m coming you go I’ll come.
After lucky leaves riya comes to swara. And show thumbs up to her. Then after sometime swara and riya comes downstairs

Riya – swara our plan was successful

Swara – Yes riya I have to do this acting only to divert Adarsh mind so that it will easy for us. But what a acting riya I was seeing from my room.

Riya – ab kya kare madam i learned from this my dramebazz best friend only.

And then they come downstairs. Lucky was mesmerised to see swara. She was wearing a pink colour salwar.

Ap – you came thank god let’s go we are getting late. Then all of them leave to their farm house which was nearly three hours from their home. When they reached there

Ap – riya beta take pari inside na. Pari you go and take rest I’ll call you once we’ll arrange everything.

Pari – yes maa and then she leaves with riya.

Ap – swara come here servant will do the work. And lucky and Adarsh were there na.

Swara – no maa let me do this. In fact you also go and take rest I’ll call you.

Ap – no I’m fine.

Swara – please maa you go na.

Ap – okay and she leaves.

Swara, riya, lucky, Adarsh arranged all the things. Then all are sitting there including Ap and pari. But Adarsh was not there he was near the river. Swara saw it and signals riya.

Swara – maa I’m going to garden ( in the back side of garden that river was there where Adarsh was sitting )

Ap – okay you go lucky didn’t noticed it because he was hearing music and pari didn’t know that Adarsh was near the river. So swara leaves. She went to there. She saw Adarsh was sitting in a rock. She goes near him. Hearing foot steps Adarsh turn he was shocked to see swara there.

Swara – oh god you are here jaith ji(brother – in law ) .Sorry tell me what’ll i call you Mr sandeep ghosh or Mr Adarsh maheswari. Tell me why you are shocked you know what when we did anything wrong with anyone that past will come in front of us any day. See you became my brother in law.

Adarsh – what are you telling i’m not understanding anything.

Swara – really sandeep sorry Adarsh you didn’t know me. Are you made my life hell. And you are telling me you are not remembering me.

Adarsh – what are you telling shona why I’ll remember you for the first time I meet you yesterday.

Swara – you know what Adarsh truth comes in our mouth although we tried hard like it comes now. See you call me shona okay I’ll agree that you know me as swara yesterday but how’ll you know that my name was shona. Tell me the reason. Because Mr Adarsh maheswari before you calls me by shona.

Adarsh – yes i cheated you. I did all those things but what the need to tell them now. See we both move on i’m with pari and you with lucky.

Swara – no sandeep should I call by this name you know what when i get married I thought to forget everything and wants to start a fresh with lucky. But after the marriage lucky told me everything about you and I was shocked to see you becoz whom I’m trying to find out he was my brother in law only.

You know lucky married me only to take revenge he didn’t believe that you are only that person who cheat me before three years you took all our property by showing fake love and because of you only my mother died. You ruined my life completely.

Adarsh – okay yes I did it but what’ll you do now? At that time you can’t do anything and not today also . tell me what’ll you do. If you are thinking to tell lucky then with out prove noone will believe you. Tell me where is the prove.
Suddenly he hears some one told here is the prove. When he turns he saw riya was standing there with Ap and lucky. He was shocked to see them. Riya smiles seeing swara. Swara remember
Fb starts

Riya – but swara what is the plan.

Swara – nothing riya we have to wait for correct time. When I’ll see Adarsh alone I’ll confront him and you have to do one thing just bring lucky and maa that time.

Riya – yes swara.

When swara signs riya . Riya understand it. After swara leaves. After some time

Riya – aunty let’s go to the river na I’m bored.

Ap – haan beta chalo.

Riya – aunty let’s go.one minute lucky you also come na.

Lucky – no I’m fine I’ll not come.
Riya – plz lucky plzzzzzzzzzzzz
Ap – what is this lucky she was requesting u and you are refusing her. Let’s go.

Lucky – okay maa.
And all three comes that side. Acc to plan when swara saw them she went near Adarsh and start talking him . so everyone listened it.
Fb ends.

Riya – she comes forward and slaps Adarsh.seeing it all were shocked. Adarsh it was for playing with my friends imotion . you made her life hell.
Ap – what is this Adarsh if my upbringing was so bad that you played with one girl. How can you Adarsh. If you want property then once tell me i had gave you all them.

Lucky – bhai I was wrong because of you i punished swara. Today i’m ashamed to call you as my brother.

Ap – she comes near swara beta plz forgive me. I never know that my both son will play with you .

Swara – no maa it was not needed i only want to show you all truth.

Lucky – he comes to swara plz swara

Swara – but before he tells anything Mr maheswari I’m not going to hear anything from you . maa I’m sorry I tried hard but lucky never understand me. So I’ll leavehim. You know what lucky i thought my love was enough to make you realise your love. But I was wrong after all the things you told yesterday don’t expect from me anything more.

Ap – plz swara forgive him becoz iknw he did wrong but in his eyes brother love was there so he did it but plz don’t go beta. And if you want you can send Adarsh to jail.

Swara – no maa I’ll not send him jail because I know with out a father how much it was difficult for a mother to raise her child. I don’t want pari bhabi will face this. And maa if it was about lucky then I’m sorry I have to leave. Let’s go riya.

Riya – hmm swara and swara leaves from there.

Lucky – plz riya make her understand i love her plz stop her.

Riya – no lucky now she’llnot listen to me. Yesterday whatever happened it completely break her. Take care lucky. And aunty you also take care. We are going home aunty and lucky I can’t do anything now but if you can then just try once to stop her and she also leaves.

Ap – lucky calm down till now she didn’t leave now she’ll go to our house one more chance is there so let’s go. And both of them left.

Precap – swara and riya comes downstairs with luggage. Whether lucky will be able to stop swara. Or swara will go far away from him.

Friends I know it was a big episode and you are bored also so sorry for that and thanks for your love. Keep supporting me. And don’t forget to give your coment I’ll wait for it.

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