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Let’s start it

Next morning

When lucky wakes up he doesn’t found swara in the bed. He was worried. Then he saw swara comes there with tea.

Lucky – swara what are you doing? You’renot well plz take rest.

Swara – she doesn’t say anything to him and only nods no and she was about to go suddenly lucky holds her hand.

Lucky – what is this swara from yesterday you’re not talking with me. Whatever i told plz don’t take it seriously yaar. I never want to anyone hurt you.

Swara – oh really you know what whatever sandeep did it break me completely but when you make me fall in love with you I’m dreaming a very happy life with you. But all was fake. Why you are telling these now . you know in the first night when a husband tells her wife that he did all the things only to break herself who had already suffered alot. What she was going through. But you know I didn’t get back always I tried my best but you never listened to me . so there is nothing to talk with you. I’ll do everything as a wife did don’t worry and she left the room.

After sometime riya comes there she saw lucky was crying very badly. So she comes near him

Riya – what happened lucky? Why are you crying.

Lucky – plz riya tell swara to forgive me. It was not easy for me to did these. You know when I saw bhai photo in swaras draw iwas shocked becoz I don’t understand whom to believe. But i check all property of bhai but there was nothing then only to keep my bhai safe I did all these.

Riya – lucky I can understand but plz give swara sometime she’ll understand it and now you go and get ready. You have to go to office your wife is making breakfast for you. Come quickly.

Lucky – hmm im coming.

Swara – she was listening everything as she was standing in the door. When riya came thanks riya.

Riya – swara plz stop it yr seem him he loves you why you are punishing both of you.

Swara – riya iknow that but I have to change his mind which was poised by Adarsh once he face the truth I’ll stop these. I’m also not happy with these. But now it was required otherwise lucky will doubt me.

Riya – okay and both left to kitchen.

A fer finishing breakfast lucky went to office. Then swara

Swara – maa I want to talk with you.

Ap – ya beta come to my room. And both left with riya.

In the room

Ap – haan beta tell me.

Swara – maa let’s go to hydrabad na iwant to bhai ya and bhabi and more ever she was pregnant. Let’s go na.

Ap – okay beta but I had to talk with lucky.

Swara – no maa plz don’t inform him let it be a surprise for lucky and bhai and bhabi . we’ll tell lucky in the airport and plz don’t tell him it was my planning.

Ap – okay baba I’ll not tell him anything.

Swara – okay maa I’ll book all tickets tomorrow only we’ll go.

Ap – okay pack the luggage.

Swara – okay maa but plz don’t inform lucky plz.

Ap – okay.

Swara – thanks maa.

In swalak room

Swara – riya our first plan is completed. You see now what’ll i do with Adarsh.

Next day morng

Ap – lucky get up we are getting late.

Lucky – what where are you going.

Ap – not only me we all will go. Now don’t ask qsn come downstairs quickly.

Lucky – okay. He thought any family picnic will be held.

In the airport

Lucky – maa where we are going.

Ap – don’t ask so many qsn follow us.

Then all sit in the plane. After some hour all reach hydrabad.

Lucky – maa we came to meet bhai.

Ap – yes beta it was nearly five months I didn’t see him and now pari has seventh month so I have follow the rituals.

Lucky – but maa what is the need to take swara with us.

Ap – who are you to ask the qsn ithink you are forgetting something I’m your mother are she didn’t see him. Pari and Adarsh didn’t came on your marriage now don’t ask more I only forced her. Let’s go to home.

And all finally reach Adarsh house.

When they enter Adarsh and pari were shocked to see Ap and lucky. Swara and riya were standing outside.

Riya – let’s go inside im waiting to see Adarsh expression.

Swara – keep some patience yaar our entry will be a grand na after all I’m his

Riya – okay dramebazz i understand.

Adarsh – maa you came what a surprise.

Ap – she hugs him then goes to pari how are you beta.

Pari – im good maa but I’m angry upon you. You didn’t come to meet me.

Ap – Actually lucky’s marriage happened and I’m so busy so ididnt get time

Pari – haan maa where is my devrani

Ap – oh god I think she was outside I’ll bring her.

Pari – Adarsh I’m dieing to see my devrani

Adarsh – same here pari who was that lucky girl.

Then swara comes there with swara and then riya also comes. Seeing swara Adarsh and pari were shocked.

Swara – she comes near pari hlo bhabi how are you.

Ap – Adarsh and pari she is swara our lucky’s wife.

Adarsh – hmm maa I had some imp classes I’ll come after sometime. And he left.

Pari – swara comes inside.

After some hour

Riya – swara you see Adarsh he was

Swara – yes riya now he’ll get all the punishment.

Riya – but what’ll you do.

Swara – just wait and watch.

In the dinner

Swara – maa I think we all should go on a family picnic and I think bhabi also need it.

Ap – good idea swara we’ll go tomorrow.

Adarsh – but maa

Ap – no but we all go to picnic tomorrow only now you all go and take rest me and swara will make all the preparation.

All left to the room.

It ends with swaras smiling face.

Precap – swara confront Adarsh and lucky knows about Adarsh truth.

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Credit to: pari

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