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Episode 20
Let’s start it

Swara and laksh comes to a restaurant.

Swara – waise Mr maheswari what you are going to give me in the treat.

Lucky – I can’t say whatever you want you can eat because I just don’t know about your choice.

Swara – hearing this swara becomes sad.

Lucky – now what happened? Let’s go inside.

Swara – she nods in yes only and both comes inside.

The manager welcomes them as both are business tycoon.

Manager-welcome sir. Welcome mam . I’m really happy to hear about your marriage. Plz sir come inside.

Lucky – thank you. And both went.

Lucky – what will you eat.

Swara – she didn’t tell anything.

Lucky – okay baba sorry a big wala sorrrrrrrrrrrry plzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t be angry plzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Swara – but she didn’t respond to him. She was just sitting and Just see people.

Manager – sir i think mam was angry upon you.

Lucky – yes but what to do now.

Manager – sir come with me I’ll tell you.

Lucky – yes and he leaves with manager.

After sometime lucky comes with many dishes which are swara’s favourite. But when he comes he didn’t find swara anywhere. So he started to search for swara. But all went vain. So he ask the manager to show cctv footage to him. When he saw it he saw someone comes near her and then swara went with him. But he didn’t understand anything. So he rushed out and start searching for swara. The hotel staff also helped him. After searching many places lucky found swara in unconscious state near a house which was completely broken. Lucky brings her to the hotel. So finally swara regain consiouss.

Lucky – swara are you okay na who was that man and where are you went.

Swara – I don’t want to tell you anything I think we should leave and she comes outside.

Lucky – he comes running to her swara plz for the god shake tell me something.

Swara – it was none of your business let’s go to home. Waise bhi why you are asking me the question.

Lucky – damit you are my responsibility if anything happens to you then

Swara – see nothing happened so now let’s go to home and i know you are not believing in me so what’s the need to tell you.

Lucky – swara plz stop these nonsense when I didn’t trusted you plz tell me something.

Swara – plz don’t force me now I have to go home and she sits in the car.

Lucky – he also comes and drives off.

In the traffic it was very rush that day. One accident has happened so it was very much traffic so swalak waits there. Swara was feeling hungry so she bought some food from some sells man. But after eating that swara became unconscious. Seeing this lucky was shocked. But somehow he brought swara home.

Ap – what happened to swara.

Lucky – plz maa call the doctor immediately. I’m taking her to room.

Ap – yes I’m calling. And she called the doctor.

After sometime doctor came

Doctor – Mr maheswari now nothing to worry.

Lucky – but doctor what happened to her. Suddenly she became unconscious.

Doctor – you told she ate some food from a sells man rt in that food there was medicine which makes mam unconscious.

Riya – but how

Lucky- okay doctor till when shell became consiousness.

Doctor – after one to two hour but when she’ll bacame consiouss plz ate her something.

Lucky – yes doctor. And lucky and Ap leave the room.

Riya – she was sitting beside swara and she was crying only because she knows very well it was second attack on swara and again one warning for them.

Lucky – riya plz tell me frankly what’s all this. And he tell her about hotel incident.

Riya – I don’t know lucky how’ll i know I’m here only in the house na.

Lucky – riya plz if you are hiding anything plz tell ma but suddenly someone calls him. Okay riya ihave to go to office urgently plz take care of her.

Riya – okay you go.

After one hour

Swara becomes consious.

Riya – she hugs her are you fine na swara.

Swara – Yes riya I’m fine. Where is lucky. You didn’t tell him anything na.

Riya – no riya but how and what happened tell me exactly.

Swara – riya actually I’m sad so lucky went with manager to make up my mood. But when he went one person comes near me and told me that Adarsh want to talk with me. So i left with him but he take me to some other place when i asked him he gives me warning that if I’ll not stop my searching for him then very soon he’ll kill me and then i think someone from behind gave me chloroform so I bacame unconscious and then when i opened my eyes i saw lucky was with me. And then in the traffic

Riya – ya lucky told me that. Swara I’m so much afraid yaar plz we’ll not going to bring his truth I can’t put your life on risk.

Swara – no riya I’ll bring out now definitely because now i’m not going back I have to win lucky’s trust again. And this time I’ll do only one thing which will be good for all of us.

Riya – but swara it was second in fact totally three aatacks happened with you now

Swara – riya iknow that but now I’ll not leave him . And one more thing I think he has some spy here otherwise how’ll he know we are searching for him. So this time I’ll do with more care. And I promise you nothing will happen to me.

Riya – okay now you take rest I’ll bring food for you.

After sometime lucky comes back he found swara was sleeping. And riya was sitting beside her.

Lucky – riya till now she didn’t regain consiousness

Riya – no lucky after you left she was fine and before sometime only aunty feeds her now she was taking rest.

Lucky – okay riya you go I’m here.

Riya – okay come you have to do your dinner swara strictly orders me to feed you. Come quickly.

So after finishing dinner Lucky comes back to room. He goes and sit near swara.

Lucky – he careeses her face plz swara don’t go away from me. I can’t leave with out you. I know I did wrong with you but plz god protect my swara from all problems. I can’t take the risk of losing her. And he also slept beside swara.

Swara – she was listening everything she has tears in her eyes she thought baas lucky only two days more we’ll be together again now no Adarsh and none other person can come between us. And she saw someone seeing her.

Precap – swara and all family leaves to hydrabad and what’ll happen when Adarsh and swara will come face to face.

So i know now you are completely frustrated upon me but plz forgive me i promised you in the next part all misunderstanding of lucky will be clear. But plz again a big wala sorrrrrryyyyyy. And iknow it was somewhat boring rt as there is no romance no masti so again for that sorry. I’ll update it’s next part perhaps on 15th night or 16th morning. So till then take care good bye. Don’t forget to give your coments.

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