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Okay let’s start it

After celebration all four come back to the house. Then all went to their respective rooms.

In swalak room

Swara – she was seeing only lucky and she has smiles on her face.

Lucky – what happened why are seeing me like that if I’m the next target.

Swara – which target.

Lucky – tell me frankly if you are feeling hungry.

Swara – Mr maheswari only before one hour we all completed the dinner then why I’ll feel hungry.

Lucky – then why are you seeing me like that I thought if you are hungry then you’ll eat me. As you are a diaunosaurus

Swara – no nothing like that why ‘ ll I eat you then she comes near him and sits beside him.

Lucky – now what plz don’t do anything.

Swara – she holds his hand lucky thanks for making today one of the special one. Really thank you for whatever you did.

Lucky – it’s okay now you go I’ll sleep and he went to the washroom.

Swara – she thought today I’ll not leave you and she pours all water in the sofa. Now I’ll see where are you sleep.

Lucky – he comes and found the sofa was completely wet. Swara what you did Where will i sleep.

Swara – what I did.

Lucky – you put water in the sofa.

Swara – oh that one yes i put. Remember yesterday night also you did that. Okay I’m not that much selfish like you come and sleep in the bed.

Lucky – no I’ll sleep in study room.

Swara – okay if maa will ask me then I’ll tell her about your pa lisa.

Lucky – no you are not going to do that please maa will throw me out of the house. Okay I’m coming.

Then he goes to the bed

Lucky – wait I’ll keep this pilow in the middle so that no one can go to anyone.

Swara – okay.

Lucky – when he keep all the pilows suddenly

Swara – she screams

Lucky – why are you screaming.
Swara – I think you don’t know geometry see it was unfair you took so much space.

Lucky – okay you do

Swara – okay and she keep the pilow on the middle. Just wait if someone break the rule then he/she has to do something.

Lucky – okay he or she will give treat to other one tomorrow evening.

Swara – okay.
After many time lucky slept but swara can’t sleep. When she turns she saw lucky was sleeping peacefully .she thought lucky you are so good today you make this day so special. Then she went to terrace.

She was sitting in the terrace
Then riya comes there.

Riya – swara you are here till now you didn’t sleep.

Swara – no riya I’m thinking what happened in my life.

Riya – swara forger them na you see na how lucky makes this day so beautiful. He also cared for you dear.

Swara – no riya I haven’t any complain against lucky. I know he cared for me. Iknow when time comes he’ll love me also. But see na riya what is in my fate whom I always trying to find out he was only my brother in law. As a brother lucky did that as he loves his brother. But riya when we’ll bring Adarsh truth out lucky can’t forgive himself easily. He will completely broken riya and I can’t see him like that. So its better let it be asusual. I’ll not bring his truth out.

Swara – what are you telling swara. Okay at first lucky will feel guilty but then time will heel everything. And if you are forgetting something lucky lost his trust upon you. If you want to gain it again then only one way is there that is we have to uncover Adarsh. And all people should know about his real face so that there will be no another swara who also suffers like you. And I’d it was about lucky then we are here for him we’ll take care of him.

Swara – ya you are right. I’m always there for him.

Riya – but swara what’ll we do.

Swara – riya listen first we have to check all his properties everything so that we can get some clue.

Riya – okay done we’ll do it tomorrow morning only because aunty was going to temple she’ll return at lunch time so we can find them.

Swara – okay now im going otherwise lucky will wake up.

Riya – ya good night.
Then swara left.

Riya – please god help us why you are so cruel to us. Please god swara already suffers now please don’t let her suffer. Help us so that we can bring Adarsh truth out .And she also left for sleep.

Next day morng when both swalak wake up.

Swara – Mr maheswari you came this side so you have to give me treat.

Lucky – ya I’ll give you be ready at evening. And he went to washroom.

After lucky and Ap left

Swara – riya let’s go.

Riya – ya okay

And both went to Adarsh room.
Swara – riya you find there I’ll check here.

But after searching many time both didn’t get anything.

Swara – riya we are mad that we are finding here. Obviously he will keep them safely with him only.

Riya – ya you are right but what will we do now.

Swara – only one way is there we’ll call Adarsh here.

Riya – why he’ll come.

Swara – If his mother called then he’ll come okay if he will not we all go there right.

Riya – ya right.

At evening lucky comes home.

Lucky – are you ready swara.

Swara – only five minutes Mr maheswari it was our first date after marriage.

Lucky – no mam it was not date. Get ready quickly. I’m waiting for you downstairs.

Precap – swara & lucky’s first date and some more twist.

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