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Swara comes and sit near lucky.

Swara – so Mr maheswari I’ll sleep here in the sofa with you.

Lucky – are you mad. No you can’t sleep here.

Swara – Yes I’ll sleep here okay tell me where’ll i sleep.

Lucky – wherever you want you can sleep but not here. Okay sleep in the ground.

Swara – no i can’t never sleep in ground. If you want you can sleep.

Lucky – why I’ll sleep it was your problem you solve it. Don’t disturb me and he slept.

Swara – what the hell now where will i sleep. And she spread the mat and sleep. But she can’t sleep.

Lucky – he saw her and thinks she can’t sleep. Okay diaunosaurus come here and sleep I’ll sleep there.

Swara – no I’ll sleep here only.

Lucky – don’t waste time come here and sleep.

Swara – but can you sleep here.

Lucky – ya i can sleep there.

Then both exchange their place. Now swara is on sofa and lucky on the mat. After sometime

Swara- she thinks lucky you told me that you don’t love me. But in your eyes i can clearly saw love for me. Okay if it wasn’t love also let it be concern. I’m very much happy that at least you cared for me. I always know that you can never hurt me. She has tears in her eyes. Lucky i promised you I’ll bring Adarsh truth out so that our misunderstanding will be clear. Don’t take it normally swara you have to work hard for it because i know you lucky you are also feeling guilty. So I’ll bring Adarsh truth out as soon as possible. Then she comes near lucky and kiss on his forehead and tells good night my dear love and she also slept.

At morning

Ap – she comes to swalak room lucky wake up beta.

Lucky – diaunosaurus plz only five minutes.

Ap – oh god till now he calls swara as diaunosaurus. Lucky wake up it’s very late.

Lucky – okay and he wake up. Maa you are here where is diaunosaurus.

Ap – i don’t know your wife you should know about her. And till now you calls her diaunosaurus. Okay I’ll send your tea. And she leaves

Lucky – Where is swara? Okay lucky get up otherwise your mother will kill you.

After sometime he saw swara was coming there with tea.

Lucky – where you went in the morning?

swara does not say anything.

Lucky – i’m asking you something.

Swara – go and take your bath I’ll bring out your dress.

Lucky – okay and he left to washroom. After sometime he comes he doesn’t found swara there. He saw his dress and wears it and then comes down .In the dining he found riya was sitting.

He comes and sit.

Lucky – good morning riya.

Riya – good morning lucky.

Lucky – what happened to your best friend. She didn’t talked or argued with me. Is everything okay.

Lucky – he thought then what happened to this diaunosaurus.
Then swara and Ap comes with breakfast .All complete their breakfast. But to lucky’s surprise swara didn’t utter a single word even.

Lucky – maa I’m going. Bye.

Ap – bye beta.

In the car
Lucky – I think something has happened. Otherwise swara is silent till now she was behaving differently.

He calls riya.
Riya – what happened lucky.

Lucky – come sit here. Plz tell me what happened to swara. Plzzzzzzzzzzzz

Riya – no nothing happened.

Lucky – I know something has happened. Tell me yaar. She was so much sad and I can’t see her like that.

Riya – what’ll you do lucky today is sumi aunty bday. So she was very much sad. Actually before years we usually visit to temple and after coming from there we both only cuts the cake. That’s it but she really missed aunty.

Lucky – okay i understand but why not we celebrate aunty’s bday as you both did. Don’t tell anything to swara about this okay you have to help me.

Riya – ya I’ll help you.

And then lucky leave for his office. After two hour he calls swara.

Swara – what happened if you need anything.

Lucky – no get ready with in 10min I’m coming to pick you.

Swara – plz lucky I don’t have mood plz you go.

Lucky – listen Mrs swara laksh maheswari you have to go with me so be ready. I’m coming.

Swara – okay and she cuts the call.

Lucky -Mrs swara laksh maheswari you’ll be sad and how can i stay silently. I’ll cheer you up. Don’t take tension tension today you will celebrate auntys bday as you did.

Then after sometime he comes home.

Lucky – you are ready swara.

Swara – ya I’m ready and both left.

Ap – where both went riya. Then riya told her everything.

Ap – it’s okay beta.

In the car

Swara – lucky where are we going.

Lucky – We are going to the temple.

Swara – temple but why?

Lucky – keep you mouth close for sometime I’ll tell you once we reach there.

Then both reach the temple.
Inside the temple when they are doing the pooja the priest ask them for whom they are doing this pooja. So lucky told sumi’s name. Hearing this swara was surprised as well as she has tears in her eyes. After completing pooja

Swara – lucky you go I’ll come after sometime. And she went to backside of the temple.

When lucky goes there he found swara was crying miserably. He goes near her and calls her

Lucky – swara

Swara- lucky you know what today is maa’s bday . When she was alive na I was waiting for her bday only because on her bday she feels me like it was my bday. When any of my friends ask me about my bday na i told them both of our bday dates. In fact they called me crazy. But we celebrate our bday so happily. But see na today is maa’s bday but she was not here. Before she was telling something more ….

Lucky – he hugged her it’s okay swara all have to go one day na . So aunty also left. I know today you are remembering her more because all the memories are in your mind only like how you enjoy on this day right. But swara she didn’t left you. If she had left you then from where you have so much courage to fight with all your problem. Tell me you always feels that she was near you only rt. I also lost my father. You know when I used to crying like you maa told me that whenever I’ll miss my papa or if I’ll remember then if i remember happy moments spent with him then it was all easy for.Just close your eyes and remember all the moment you spent with aunty. Trust me when you’ll open your eyes na you’ll found a big smile on your face.

Swara – she did it and then when she closes her eyes all moments were comes in front her. She feels that her mother was near her only. Then she opened her eyes.

Lucky – now tell me how are you feeling.

Swara – thank you I’m feeling good. But tell me how come you know that today is maa’s bday.

Lucky – I know everything okay. I’m his jamai raja. Don’t take me lightly. Okay now let’s go. I had an imp meeting so after drop you home I’ll go to office.

Swara – okay and both leaves.

That day evening

Ap – are swara till now you didn’t get ready. We have to go beta.

Swara- but where maa.

Ap – you are so many questions go and get ready.

After sometime when swara comes down Ap and riya comes near her and Ap blindfolds swaras eyes. And takes her to some place. When swara opens her eyes she found the place was decorated with her and sumi’s pic. And in a projector all their videos were shown. And then lucky comes near her

Lucky – madam how’s the surprise.

Swara – it was awesome lucky.

Lucky – okay don’t start your tears again let’s cut the cake.

Then all four cuts the cake.

It ends with swaras smiling face.

Precap – sorry but same Precap as given in previous part.

Credit to: pari

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  3. Hey d episode was nice
    I am new so can anyone tell who is riya and how swalak got married

    1. Honey actually riya and swara were best friends and laksh proposed swara and then both get married but lucky did this only to take revenge from swara as he wants to save his brother he doesn’t know that what Adarsh did with swara like how he cheated her how he take signature of her and then he takes all the properties and then because it f this swaras mother also died and swara and riya were trying to bring Adarsh truth out. Laksh believe that swara has a past but he can’t believe that that was done by his brother

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