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Episode 17

Lucky calls Ap
Ap – haan lucky bolo

Lucky – Maa i forget one file in home plz send that.

Ap – yes I’ll send it.

Then lucky disconnected the call.
Riya hears this. So she comes near Ap.

Riya – aunty lucky want the file na we send swara.

Ap – no beta driver will take it.

Riya – aunty plz try to understand it was their plan they want some time na.

Ap – ya i forget it beta you see
Then she calls swara.

Swara – maa you call me.

Ap – yes swara go to luckys office and give him this file na.

Swara – okay maa. And she drives off to luckys office.
When she parked her car lucky saw her coming. He thought something. He called his PA

Lisa- sir you call me.

Lucky – ya yes come have a sit.

Lisa- yes sir and she sit.
Lucky saw swara was coming towards his cabin.

Lucky – Lisa you know today you are looking soo beautiful dear. This saree suits you.

Lisa – thanks sir.

Lucky – you know what if I’m not married i was thought to marrying you. You are so hot and our jodi will be good na.

Swara was listening everything and she was very much angry.

Lisa – but sir you are married na.

Lucky – plz call me lucky dear I’m dying to hear this word from your sweet tone.

Lisa – she was very much happy to hear this in fact she also liked lucky.

Lisa – sir then marry me.

Swara – you’ll marry my lucky haan today I’ll see you.

Lucky – of course yes Lisa I want a wife like you only kaas my mother choose you as my bride.

Lisa – okay sir actually i loved you from the day i joined here. But before i proposed you I heared about your marriage .But today whatever you told you made my day. Sir please give divorce to your wife.

Lucky – he thought oh god what i did swara listened everything now she will take my lesson i want to make her jealous just as a answer to her but. .Before he wants to tell Lisa anything swara entred.

Swara – she comes and hold Lisa ‘ s hair what you want to marry my husband. You have that much courage to thought to propose him that also in front of me I’ll not going to leave you.

Lucky – swara what are you doing?

Swara – nothing you thought you’ll do such things and I’ll react this way never and she leaves lisa. Lisa if you want then you can marry him.

Lucky – he thought oh god my plan backfires. What she is telling if lisa will say yes then no no lucky you have to stop this. Lisa go and do your work. And submit the presentation within half an hour. Otherwise I’ll throw you out of my company.

Lisa – she doesn’t understand anything and leaves cabin immediately.

Swara – today you’ll see what I’ll do with you.

Lucky – oh really it was just a trailer you see na how much she not only other girls loves me.

Swara – ya i see then she comes near him & holds his hand but not more than me Mr maheswari. Okay just get prepared for it hmm i will give

Lucky – im not afraid of you.

Swara – i know today you like na what happened at morning don’t worry it was just beginning see how you’ll fall for me. And she leaves by keeping the file there.

Lucky – what you did damit. Oh god today I’m gone.

At the time of lunch

Swara – maa I’ll take luckys tiffin.

Ap – haan beta you go.

Swara left. And then enters luckys cabin.

Lucky – you again came.

Swara – woh Mr maheswari i have to obey my patni dharm na so go and wash hand I’ll serve it.

Lucky – ya yes.

Lucky comes and sits to eat.
Lucky – what is this. It was so spicy. And none of the item i liked.

Swara – i know that you have to eat it. It was your punishment. You want to marry her right. Now eat it wait I’ll call her she’ll help you.

Lucky – no plz don’t call her again and he starts eating. First he never like the subji swara made secondly all the dish were full of oil,mirchi only.
Swara what you did how’ll i ate it.

Swara – you have to. And she starts putting food in his mouth. After two to three times okay i had taken my revenge. I’m going now. And she left.

Lucky – oh god whom i get married. He has tears in his eyes as the dishes contain so much mirchi. Lucky leave flirting. Otherwise she’ll kill you one day. But today I’ll not leave her.

Then after sometime someone knocks the door.

Lucky – yes come in.

Peon – sir swara mam gave this before she leaves. And he leaves .

Lucky – now what is in this tiffin that diaunosaurus gave me. I think i should check it. When he opens it he saw all his favourite dishes including aloo mushroom khurma then he found a letter. Mr maheswari I’m not that much bad I was angry so i gave you that food so this one is your lunch. Don’t take your angry upon it. And complete the food. And today what you eat that was only trailer so next if you saw anyone girl then…

Lucky – he smiles it means lucky leave all your flirting nature otherwise she’ll kill you. And he complete the lunch.

At evening lucky comes back

Lucky – maa where are you?

Swara – Mr maheswari maa and riya went to temple. I’m waiting for you.

Lucky – now what you want.

Swara – nothing go and get freshen up I’ll bring your snacks.

Lucky – okay. And he left to room.

After sometime swara comes there with snacks.

Lucky – give me food.

Swara – before that you have to do something for me.

Lucky – I’m not going to do anything.

Swara – okay as you wish and she left with the food.

Lucky – now where are you going give me the food.

Swara – give me a kiss.

Lucky – what are you mad? I’ll not going to give you.

Swara – oh then forget your snacks.

Lucky – okay and he comes near her you want kiss na then he drags her to the wall. He comes more close to her. Swara was breathing very heavily . lucky comes more near her and comes to kiss her but suddenly riya calls Swara.
Riya – swara where are you?

Both swalak hear this
Swara – lucky leave me take your snacks i have to go . And she went to downstairs.

Lucky – oh god what happened to me when she was near me. I can’t take of my eyes from her. Lucky you married her only to save your brother who is innocent. So now don’t think more about her keep some distance from her.

After dinner

Lucky – he comes to the
room and thinks mrs swara now you’ll see what’ll i do with you. He put a full jug of water in the bed. Now I’ll see where are you sleeps.
Swara comes after sometime and changes her dress she found lucky was doing his work in the laptop. So she comes and sit in the bed but she found it was all wet.

Swara – Mr maheswari what you did it was completely wet. Where I’ll sleep now.

Lucky – what i did ?

Swara – you put water in the bed.

Lucky – no I was working only.

Swara – ya you are working what you worked you worked so that I can’t sleep.

Lucky – okay i did that. Now sleep where you want.

Swara – she comes near him sit beside him in the soffa okay my dear husband I’ll sleep here with you in the soffa.

Lucky – what??

It ends with luckys shocking face and swaras smiling face.

Precap – swara and riya did something by which may be Adarsh ‘ s truth will be out.

Friends tell me frankly you are liking my story or not if you are not liking it then I’ll end it . And sorry for today’s episode as it was somewhat boring.

Credit to: pari

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