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Swara comes inside her house.she called riyas name.so riya comes out

Riya- swara are you okay na.and she hugs her.

Swara – ya riya I’m fine.lets go to room.

Riya – wait where is lucky?

Swara – he has some important meeting so he left.and he will come to pick me. Okay let’s go.

Riya – ya let’s go.

Swara and riya went to her room .Both sit there .For sometime both were silent.so finally riya call swara

Riya – swara I’m really sorry dear she was crying because of me only your life became like this.plz this time also I can’t save you from others plan.and how much stupid im I never tried to investigate about lucky

Swara – she caressed riyas face.no riya why are you telling sorry nothing wrong happened with me because of you. And who told you I’m not happy im happy with lucky. Because of you only I got my love.

Riya – but as your best friend I had to

Swara – no riya lucky didn’t hurt me. As a brother what he did it clearly seen that he loves his brother.if I was in his place may be im also doing the same what he did.

Riya – no don’t try to cover him up once he’ll come in front of me I’ll not going to leave him .

Swara – no riya I had already decided what to do.ill tell you.at first we have to act as normally like nothing happened you also control your anger okay.then I’ll try to get information about sandeep I mean Adarsh bhai.dont worry you’ll also gonna help me in this

Riya – but how come it was possible you are there and I’m here.

Swara – who told you that your staying here you are going to stay with me in my in laws

Riya – what are you telling im going to stay with you who will permit this.your mother in law will beat you.

Swara – no she only going to call you.

Riya – I think you are became mad why will she call me.

Swara – I think you are forgetting something I’m swara bose sry im now swara laksh maheswari I’m drama queen just wait and watch.

Then swara calls her mother in law.

AP – what happened swara are you okay na.why are you crying.

Swara – maa if ill ask you something will you give it to me.

Ap – ya of course first tell me.

Swara – maa riya was all alone here. In one night she didn’t eat anything for the first time I’m away from her na so I want to ask you if I will brought her home you’ll having any problems. Maa it was only for some days after she get habituated she’ll comeback here. Actually kaka was also not here. Soo

Ap -swara you know what i love you because of your innocence and caring nature. Actually I was thinking of this only. I thought to call you at evening to informyou this so you’ll bring her while coming back.

Swara – she show thumbs up to riya thanks maa and then she cancel the call.

Riya – what did she told.

Swara – she said yes yr im so lucky to get such an in laws.

Riya – except your husband.

Swara – no riya you know what happened yesterday’s night and then she told riya about how lucky careeses her face.

Riya – it means he cared for you. Don’t worry we’ll make him fall in love don’t worry about that.

Then both spent some quality time then swara helps riya in her packaging her luggage. At the evening lucky comes. He calls swara.

Lucky – hlo swara come outside im waiting here.

Swara – oh so cute my dear husband. You are waiting for me.

Lucky – don’t start your drama now come quickly.

Swara – ya Mr maheswari I’m coming.

After five minute swara and riya comes outside with luggage. Lucky was shocked to see so many bags.

Lucky – how much dress you are wearing swara. Still bags are here.

Swara – no my dear husband it was of riyas and two bags are only mine. As she was going to stay with us na.

Lucky – what?

Riya – she comes near lucky and makes a pout face & tells woh jijaji im your sali sahiba na so plz put my luggage in the back and your mother only invited me.

Lucky – it’s okay riya he thinks lucky you are gone these two best friend will now take revenge. And he puts the luggage inside. Swara and riya show thumbs up to each other.

Lucky – oh you both im not your driver swara come and sit in the front.

Riya – why jiju plz let her sit here na after reaching home she will yours only. Okay start driving aunty was waiting for us.

Lucky – no no not like that riya ya it’s okay and then he starts driving.

Suddenly in the mid way swara screams
Hearing her both riya and lucky were shocked.

Lucky – what happened why are you screams are you okay na.

Swara – no nothing I’m checking that if you are cared for me or not. Okay start the driving we are getting late.

Riya laughs hearing this.

Lucky – no I’m not caring for you if you are screaming like this then police will come and arrest me for..

Swara – don’t worry Mr maheswari I’m not going to leave you like this im your official wife so I’ll never face you problem.

Lucky – these doesn’t suits you. When you can blame my brother you can do anything.

Riya – okay both of guys shut up now. We have to reach home. Lucky start driving.

Finally they reached home. All were caring one luggage except lucky .

Riya – lucky hold this bag.

Lucky – no why servant are here they will take it.

Swara – in riyas ears. I’ll show him you come. All three comes inside.

In the entrance

Ap – are you all come. Riya come inside beta and swara come.

Swara – Yes maa and she drop the bag on luckys leg only

Lucky- aah hhh

Swara – what happened lucky are you okay na me and riya were leaving you came with luggage haan.

Ap – haan swara you both come lucky will bring it.

Swara – riya you go I’ll come after making a call.

Riya – okay and she smiles seeing lucky. And both Ap and riya left to room.

Swara – so Mr maheswari you are telling riya that not to hold her luggage na see now you have to take it and how’s my punch.

Lucky – oh you are telling this punch I’ll give you punch in your way only on tomorrow morning. So Mrs maheswari be ready for it. And he went but returns back.

Swara – what happened I accept the challenge.

Lucky – by the way to whom you are going to call.

Swara – oh god some burning smells were coming. So Mr maheswari it was my choice to whom ill call it was none of your business. Bye and she left to riyas room.

Next morning swara wakes up early. She found lucky was sitting in front of her. He was reading magazine.

Swara – what happened Mr maheswari today you wake up so early.

Lucky – I think you are forgetting something. I’ll give you punch today. Remember waise go and take bath riya was waiting for you in the kitchen.

Swara – ya I’m going.

When swara enters the bathroom she was little bit afraid.

Swara – why are you worried about lucky punch damit but when she started her bathing she used her face wash. But when she used it she found body lotion was inside it. Oh god he did this. She had already used it. Quickly she washed her face. Then when she was wearing her dress she found it was a hole in it.

Swara – Mr maheswari what you did give me my dress.

Lucky – what happened i think it was one of your remembering bathing rt.

Swara – I’ll not leave you first give me my dress.

So finally after many time lucky gives her a yellow colour saree.

Swara – what is this im not going to wear it.
Give me my dress.

Lucky – if you want then you can wear it otherwise come out and take your dress.

Swara – okay Mr maheswari I’m not going to. .

Lucky – talk later come quickly maa was calling you.

Precap – what is swaras plan to trouble lucky? And some more planning of swara and riya to reach to Adarsh.

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Credit to: pari

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