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Let’s start it

Swara-she was very much shocked she was crying only then suddenly her phone rings.
She saw riya was calling.

Swara- hlo riya.

Riya-what happened swara why are you crying

Swara- everything is over riya lucky didn’t love me he did all the things only to take revenge from me.

Riya-what are talking about swara which revenge?

Thenswara told everything to riya .

Riya -she was shocked and as well as angry what he did all wait you saw his brothers photo na is he really sandeep.

Swara- yes riya he was sandeep only. I’m very much sure how can I forget him. But lucky ..

Riya -okay don’t cry tomorrow youll come home for pagferra na the we’ll discuss about it.

Swara- okay riya I think someone is coming here I’ll talk you tomorrow .

Then swara saw lucky was coming in the room so she went and acted to sleep in the bed . when lucky enters he found swara sleeping but when he saw her face he clearly see that she was crying. He went to her then careeses her head and after switching off the lights he goes to soffa and slept.

Swara was acting to sleep so she knew that what lucky did with her then she also slept.

Next morning

Swara wakes up early and went to washroom and gets ready . she was wearing a pink colour saree with necklace and other accessories. She went to her mother inlaw. And takes her blessings.

Ap- are swara you wake up so early.

Swara- haan maa let’s do the pooja.

Both completed the pooja then ap ask swara

Ap- swara now you go and call lucky also you both have to go to your home.

Swara-yes maa. And she went to her room.

When she enters the room she found lucky was sleeping peacefully he was looking so innocent. She thought I know lucky you also didn’t sleep yesterday night. I know you very well you can’t see anyone crying. Then she went and call lucky.

Swara-Mr maheswari plz wake up your mother was calling you.

Lucky- plz shivansh no need to call me in swaras voice plz let me sleep. I know you loved to teasing me but plz not now I’m very much tired.

Swara- oh then its okay she thought how to wake him up then she went and brought the alaram clock and keeps it near his ear.

Lucky- (he wake up immediately and saw swara was standing infront of him. At first he was mesmerised to see her in saree. But then )what the hell are you doing.
Swara-nothing I know how to wake you up now go and take bath we have to go to my house .

Lucky-who are you to telling me this I’m not going anywhere I have an imp meeting
Swara- i know My khadoos husband you are going to ask me this anyways it was your mother told me it was not my wish so now its your wish if you are coming with me or not . I’m going . and she went to downstairs.

Lucky- what is she thinks herself but lucky just go and ready fast otherwise your mother will take your lesson today. Swara I’ll see you afterwards.

Then he went and after sometime come downstairs.

Ap- lucky you are ready na you have to go to swaras house with her.

Lucky- but maa I had an imp meeting becoz some officers were coming today and if shivansh was here I’ll go with swara but he wasn’t here so I had to go maa.

Swara- its OK maa I’ll go alone.

Ap- no swara . OK lucky you are going to office so before going to office you’ll drop her to her home and when you comes back you went to her home and come with her OK .

Lucky-( he saw swara )angrily OK maa.

Then all three of them sit for breakfast and after that swara and lucky comes outside.

Swara- Mr maheswari I want to drive the car.

Lucky- no I’ll drive.

Swara- maa plz tell him na to give me the keys becoz I never drived the car always he drive plz for today only I want to drive

Lucky- no means no

Ap- lucky its OK give her the keys.

Lucky -okay maa and he gives her the keys.
Swara- maa thankyou

And swara started driving

Lucky- I know you did all knowingly.

Swara-ofcourse my dear husband I knew that after coming some distance you are telling me to get out of the car. Just think what I’ll did that time. In the middle of the road I’m oh god if anyone kidnaps me then …

Lucky- I think you are forgeting something you are a dianosaurus. Who’ll tease you.

Swara-oh really it seems you are caring for me so sad tomorrow you told me that you hates me but today..

Lucky- oh madam don’t take it seriously um not caring for you I’m caring for those people who doesn’t know that who you are and they are going to killed by you. So I’m saving them not you. And the word caring not suits you and if it about me I never cared for you.

Swara- really but that day when I got kidnapped you are so tensed and when you found me you hugged me so tightly.

Lucky- I think I have to record my talks and I’ll give it you becoz you didn’t remember tommorow night what I told you. So I think I have to inform you once more that I never loved you damit.

Swara- okay I’m going becoz my home
comes and I know you are going to miss me so ..

Lucky-againyou are misunderstanding it so bye bye.

Swara-bye Mr maheswari. Have a good day.

And lucky left.

Precap- swara and riya planning something

Credit to: Pari

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